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Where To Bet Baseball Online


In this section, we’re going to discuss betting on baseball and where to bet baseball online.

I also have pages within this section that cover the various baseball leagues you can bet on, and break down all the various bets available.

For the best baseball sportsbooks, I’m going to cover sportsbooks that are trustworthy, and have the best variety of betting options available for baseball.

If you bet baseball you know that stats is the key and pushing the small edges is the way to go. I only list books that offer good odds and a solid variety of betting options as well as cover multiple baseball leagues – not just MLB.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet Baseball Online:

America: The best sportsbook for baseball betting is Bovada. If you’re looking to bet MLB, these guys got you covered. They offer so many great lines and betting options and props and their odds are good too. They offer a deposit bonus for all new signups and they also cover other baseball leagues like the Dominican Republic LIDOM. An excellent baseball sportsbook.

Canada: A great choice for baseball betting is Sports Interaction. First a quick note – they can be great if betting against the Jays. See they’re exclusively Canadian so you get tons of casuals betting the Jays here blindly and always get better odds betting against them. Sports Interaction also offer a deposit bonus and a wide variety of great baseball props.

Everywhere Else: I have to recommend 888 who offer an excellent selection of baseball betting despite not accepting Americans. Along with MLB they offer various other leagues such as the Mexico Liga Del Pacifico and cover a wide variety of betting options in all leagues.

Promotion/League Specific Betting Guides:

How to Bet Baseball Online:

Bovada: Visit the “Sports” section and on the left click “Baseball”. All of the baseball betting options are here and you can filter them with the “All Baseball” link at the top.

Sports Interaction: In the left hand side is “Baseball”. Click that and it opens up the MLB section where you can navigate to what you want to bet. If you click “More Baseball Betting” it will bring you to all the non-MLB baseball leagues.

888: On the left side under “Sports” is “Baseball”. Click on that and all of the baseball betting options will be there. You can also type in a specific league in the search bar stretched across the middle of the site.

What Baseball Bets/Props Are There?

Baseball Deposit Bonuses
Betting on baseball at its core is making wagers that a particular outcome will occur during the baseball game – or will not occur.

Obviously the most common one is the “Money Line” which is betting a particular team will win. Another common one is the “Over/Under” or “Game Total” where you are betting the quantity of runs in a game.

Interestingly, in baseball one of the most popular bets is to do with 5 innings. Basically all of the bets you can make for a game you can make them but ONLY include the first 5 innings of a game. If you know baseball you know that this can be good because it takes out a lot of random variables that occur in the late game such as those late inning pitch hitters.

There is a wide variety of baseball betting options available for every single baseball game.

Common Baseball Betting Questions:

How does the run line work in baseball?:

It’s fairly simple – the run line is like a point spread in NFL or NBA. One team is usually favoured in baseball so a run line of 1.5 sort of balances it out. If you bet a team at -1.5 you’re betting they win by at least 2 runs as you would take 1.5 AWAY from their final total and they must still beat their opponents.

Baseball Betting Strategy:

Lessen the variance by focusing on the “first 5” bets. Statistics and math are what you need to focus on when it comes to betting on baseball. Moneyball wasn’t just a Hollywood movie. Stats and math are the way to go. That’s the only way to do it. Interestingly there are a lot of solid models out there for MLB that you could probably apply to the lesser known leagues with some slight tweaking that may work well.

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