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Where To Bet One Championship Online


One Championship, previously known as One FC, are one of the largest MMA promotions in the world and are based out of Singapore.

They boast a fine roster including many people who have fought in the UFC over the years. Fighters who have fought here include Eddie Alvarez, Sage Northcutt, Demetrious Johnson and Ben Askren.

ONE Championship often run multiple events per month. They have their official big shows and then smaller shows such as the ONE Hero Warrior Series and the ONE Hero Series.

The only betting available that I have seen online for ONE Championship is for their actual big events – nothing for the two series.

ONE Championship hosts events in the likes of Thailand, China and Japan. They have never hosted an event outside of Asia.

Where To Bet ONE Championship:

America: The best option for betting ONE Championship online if you are an American is 5Dimes Sportsbook. They normally will have ONE Championship odds available. I’ve noticed that sometimes they don’t list all the fights and only a few fights – but hey it is better than nothing. They also offer a wide variety of other MMA promotions you can bet on, and have a solid rewards program.

Everywhere Else: One good option is 888 however I have found they are hit and miss in regards to actually offering odds for every event. There is no consistency. So I would suggest that while you sign up at 888 – who always offer lots of great MMA props – you also have an account at 5Dimes Sportsbook just in case.

What ONE Championship Bets Are Available?

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Over the years I have seen two bets available for ONE Championship. The first is the most obvious one of course which is betting on who will win a fight.

The other option is to bet on the over/under number of rounds.

This is hot or miss depending on the card of course. Most of them it’s just bet on who will win but occasionally – when there is a lot of interest – the ability to bet on the over/under in rounds will pop up.

Of course a lot of sportsbooks are looking to cater to the gamblers in this highly competitive market.

So my suggestion would be to contact them and request they add prop bets or at least the over/under number of rounds. If they start seeing requests and then action on them, they’ll most likely start offering those odds.

Common ONE Championship Betting Questions:

Can you bet on the Hero Series or Warrior Series?:

Unfortunately, I have never seen betting odds for either the Hero Series or Warrior Series. I don’t believe you can bet on it online.

How to Bet on One Championship Online

5Dimes Sportsbook: You need an account here just to view odds. So click the sportsbooks name to the left then register if you aren’t registered yet. Once registered log in and you will be presented with a list of sports you can bet on. All of the MMA promotions are under the “Fighting” section listed over to the right of the site.

888: In the sidebar, there is a link for “All Sports”. Unfortunately UFC or MMA hasn’t made it to the quicklinks yet. So click “All Sports” then choose UFC/MMA at the top and if One Championship is able to bet at this time, it will be listed on that page.

Where To Watch One Championship Online:

In Asia, One Championship has a deal with Fox Sports Asia. They also offer the ability to view live events via their mobile app. For more details, see their app page.

One Championship Betting Strategy:

Honestly I dont have one specific betting strategy for ONE Championship. While with many promotions not named UFC, the linesmakers don’t pay as much attention, I have found they generally do when it comes to ONE Championship.

In saying that, look for betting opportunities against popular favourites that Americans know. I love the guy, but Sage Northcutt was a favourite going up against Cosmo Alexandre and that is one example where there might be a betting opportunity. Of course that’s a hindsight is 20/20 but it gives you an example. The big “names” to American audiences are the ones to look at betting against. Cosmo is a beast and that should have been much closer in odds.

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