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Where To Bet The Professional Fighters League Online


Initially known as the WSOF (World Series of Fighting), the Professional Fighters League is an MMA organization with a different take on things.

Rather than fights and rankings, it’s more of a league setup with standings within each weight class. It was formed in 2012 as WSOF and was rename to the Professional Fighters League in 2017.

If you’ve never watched it before it’s quite a neat setup. There is 7 regular season events and then the top eight from each weight class battle in playoffs aka a tournament. It usually concludes on the very last day of the year.

It always gets on big networks airing on NBCSN in 2018 then on ESPN in 2019. One of the highlights is the commentators or members of the broadcast team such as Randy Couture and Bas Rutten.

Where To Bet the Professional Fighters League (PFL)

There’s actually quite a few options for people to bet on the PFL. It’s been gaining in popularity. It’s offered at a few sportsbooks but there is only one online sportsbook I recommend to bet PFL at and that is BetOnline. They are an excellent sportsbook with great MMA offerings. More importantly they seem to always offer the best odds for the fights. Whether it’s a favourite that is -3400 elsewhere and -2800 here, or an underdog who is +230 elswhere but +275 here – they’re constantly offering the best odds.

They are open to everyone whether you are in America or Denmark or If No Country Matches. They offer an excellent deposit bonus and a wide variety of MMA betting options. They are the best sportsbook to bet PFL at for sure.

What PFL Bets Are There?

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Unfortunately at this time there are no prop bets for PFL. The only thing you can bet on is the straight up fighters vs fighters and back who will win. You can’t bet over/under rounds, or prop bets such as how someone will finish. Believe me I have checked every sportstbook.

This is generally due to a lack of “knowledge” from the online sportsbooks. They just don’t have the resources to dedicate to correctly setting lines for all these prop bets. Don’t worry though that’s a good thing as you’ll hear about in the betting strategy section.

Common Professional Fight League (PFL) Questions:

Where can I bet on the WSOF?:

This IS the WSOF. I get asked often what happened to the WSOF? and all they did was rebrand it to the PFL.

What’s the deal with Mike Tyson and the PFL?

At the end of 2019, the PFL were able to raise a lot more money via various funding methods. I believe it was about $50 million they raised from the likes of Kevin Hart, Tony Robbins and Ted Leonsis.

One thing they did with that money was hire Mike Tyson to be their brand ambassador and he made his debut on the New Year’s Eve show. It was a pretty great moment as Kayla Harrison won the tournament and Tyson shocked her by giving her the $1 million check.

He’s also going to be hosting a TV show called “Mike Tyson’s New Fight Game” where he previews the upcoming shows.

What Championships Is There in the PFL?

Things are different due to the WSOF being reformed into the PFL. All previous championships are now defunct.

If you’re wondering about the Championships the WSOF had, it’s broken into three categories.

The Men’s Championship had titles in the Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight divisions.

The Women’s division only had the Women’s Strawweight Championship. There was also an International Championship division that had the WSOF Canada Championship and the WSOF Global Championship. The Canada Championship was at Welterweight and the Global Championship had two separate weight class divisions – one for Heavyweight, one for Flyweight.

How to Bet the PFL Online

BetOnline: Click the link then visit their sportsbook by clicking the sports option. There you will see a sidebar and you have to expand the “Other Sports” section. This will show “Martial Arts”. You then need to expand that and click on “MMA”. This will bring up all of the MMA odds including the PFL. It states what bets the PFL are in the center. You then simply click on the bet you want to make and it’s added to your bet slip.

Nice and easy.

Where To Watch PFL Online:

The PFL airs on ESPN+ and ESPN2 in the USA, and on TSN in Canada.

PFL Betting Strategy:

Remember when I said above that the linesmakers don’t have the resources to dedicate that much to PFL, and thus they don’t do prop bets? That’s where you can take advantage by actually paying attention to the PFL and focusing on it. Get to know the fighters. Research them. Essentially outwork the linesmakers and you will find value.

I find betting favourites on parlays is the best thing to do here too if you don’t want to put in too much work. There’s a lot of fights where the winner is clearly obvious and bar a GSP/Serra type moment, they’ll win. Most cards end up seeing the favourites win practically every fight.

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