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Where To Bet UFC 259


UFC 259 is an absolutely stacked card. It could be a long night with over 4 hours of the main card with three championship fights.

The main event is of course Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya. That one is for the Light Heavyweight title which Blachowicz currently holds.

We also have Amanda Nunes defending the Women’s Featherweight title against Megan Anderson.

Finally for the championship fights we have the Bantamweight belt up for grabs as Petr Yan defends against Aljamain Sterling.

In this article I am going to cover the best online sportsbook to bet UFC 259. This is based on a variety of metrics which include trust, best odds, best props and much more.

Where To Bet UFC 259

The best online sportsbook to bet UFC 259 at is BetOnline.

First when you look through the odds, BetOnline is right up there with some of the better odds. Such as Drew Dober at +300 or Jordan Espinsoa at -122.

When it comes to MMA, they’re also a top book too. They cover practically everything. For example this weekend they have odds up for FAC 7 and FCR 8.

Betting prop wise they have a huge variety of props per fight. You can bet on who to win, the over/under per round, if the fight will start a specific round, the method of victory and by what fighter. Whether it goes the distance or not. You can combine those too like bet Adesanya in Round 1 by KO/TKO or DQ for example.

You can also bet point spread if you think it will go to a decision. Blachowiz is +5.5 points for example at +130 odds.

There are also some good conditional bets such as you can bet Israel will win within the distance, and if the fight goes the distance then you get your bet back.

So if you are looking to bet UFC 259, head on over to BetOnline and grab the deposit bonus while you’re at it.

What UFC 259 Bets Are There?

I’m going to list the ones at BetOnline because they cover the widest variety of props.

Fight Winner: Very simple one of course. You pick the winner. Whether they win via KO, DQ, decision – as long as they win you win the bet.

Over/Under on Rounds: You can bet on the over/under in regard to how many rounds there will be. You can bet every round. Will the fight go over 1.5 rounds? Under 3.5 rounds? All of that you can bet.

Fight Starts a Round: You can bet on whether the fight will start a round or not so you can bet the fight won’t see a round 5, or that it will start round 2 etc.

Method of Victory: Various method of victory bets you can make. Will the fight go to decision? Will Israel win by unanimous decision? Will Blachowicz win by split decision? Will Israel win by KO/TKO in Round 3?

You can also combine a lot of the bets above. For the full list, check out BetOnline. They offer these prop bets for every fight!

Common UFC 259 Betting Questions:

MMA Deposit Bonuses

What are the betting odds?:

Oh god I have to type all these out? I’m just going to list the UFC 259 Betting Odds for the main card. You can see the rest at BetOnline.

  • Israel Adesanya -230 vs Jan Blachowicz +200
  • Amanda Nunes -1250 vs Megan Anderson +700
  • Petr Jan -110 vs Aljamain Sterling -110
  • Islam Makhachev -365 vs Drew Dober +300
  • Aleksandar Rakic -160 vs Thiago Santos +135

How to Bet UFC 259

Head on over to BetOnline and register an account.

It’s then super easy. In their sidebar they list main sports and you can click on Martial Arts.

You can then click on MMA and it will all be listed there. For each fight it lists the over/under and the to win odds but you can click the plus sign to expand them and see all the props. These can also be found under the MMA Props section.

Click on one and it adds it to your bet slip on the right. Put in the amount you wish to risk and it tells you how much you’ll win then click on “Place My Bet”.

UFC 259 Betting Strategy:

With a card as busy as this I think it’s best to focus on a few particular fights.

If you have any strong feelings then follow them but the undercard is where you can probably find value. I’m not going to name any particular fights as I haven’t analyzed it myself yet (due to COVID and weight issues I will wait until Saturday morning to do so) but there is quite a few undercard fights where I feel the price is off.

Pick say 3 or 4 of those and really study them and look for value. Especially the ones with closer odds. Read analysis about them etc watch their previous fights. That extra work is what can really pay off for a card like this.

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