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Where To Bet NBA Online


On this page I’m going to talk about Where to bet the NBA Online as well as give links to specific NBA bets you can make.

Now you might think “Well I can bet the NBA anywhere” and yes you can however there are reasons as to why you should bet at specific online sportsbooks.

For example some sportsbooks offer better odds than others at times so it’s good to have account there. I mean you might not think it’s a big deal, but getting the Raptors +7.5 at one place when they’re +7 elsewhere can be huge – as it can result in a win as opposed to a push.

Some sportsbooks also offer a wide variety of betting options in the NBA and it’s good to have that. NBA can be tough to bet on when it comes to the basics so it’s nice to have a good variety of bets to make.

So let’s break down by country the best places to bet on the NBA:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet on the NBA is Bovada.

First of all just in terms of basic betting – they have a “reduced juice” section. That bet that is -110 at all the other sportsbooks? It might just be -103 at Bovada. They also offer the widest variety of betting for NBA that you can imagine.

Want to bet Nowitzki over/under points and rebounds? Or hell Nowitzki points AND rebounds combined? You can do that there.

Want to bet on the Mavericks/Nuggets 1st half result, or the Suns point spread after 6 minutes? Or what about what team scores last?

Want to bet futures like Rookie of the Year or the NBA Championship winners? Everything and more is available at Bovada, easily the best place to bet NBA Online.

United Kingdom: I personally feel Bet365 Sportsbook are the book to go with as their variety of bets plus in-play is excellent.

Everywhere Else: Honestly I’d recommend Bovada to all of you too. I mean it’s an American sport so you’re going to find the best NBA betting options at an American sportsbook right? They accept people from everywhere so in this instance I’d go with them.

Failing that I’d recommend 888 simply due to having player props – a lot of other sportsbooks such as Bet365 don’t – however Bovada is the best overall sportsbook to bet the NBA.

Where To Make Specific NBA Bets:

Basketball Deposit Bonuses

NBA Games: A nice and general article covering where to bet NBA games. Reasons for these sportsbook include odds, bets available, bonus etc.

NBA Money Line: The simplest of NBA bets – betting on who will actually win a game.

NBA Point Spreads: It’s the most basic form of betting on the NBA which is betting the NBA Point Spreads. In this article I tell you the best places to bet point spreads and why.

NBA Alternative Point Spreads: Think a team who is -3.5 is going to blow their opponents away by 10 or more? Go with the alternative NBA point spread betting. In this article I tell you where to bet those so you aren’t restricted to what Vegas says.

NBA Over/Unders:: Looking to bet NBA Game Totals? In this article I tell you the best places to bet NBA Game Totals.

NBA Alternative Game Totals: Maybe you think a game total is either way too low or way too high and want to take full advantage? You can do that by betting the alternative game total. In this article I talk about the best sportsbooks online to bet NBA alternative game totals.

NBA Team Totals: One bet I much prefer to over/unders is NBA Team Totals. How many times did I bet an over involving say the Warriors pre-2019 and lost simply because the opposition didn’t do their job? That’s where team totals come in where you can back just one offense to do their job.

NBA First Quarters:: in this article I look at betting NBA games right from the early stages – first quarters. I look at first quarter lines and what you should look for when betting NBA first quarters.

NBA Second Quarters: One thing you can do in NBA is live betting – so you can watch the first quarter and then during the break make bets on the 2nd quarter. In this article I discuss that bet and the strategy behind it and how to bet NBA 2nd quarters.

NBA Third Quarters: You’ve watched the first half of the NBA and now you feel one team is going to come out hot? Or another team is going to be a dud? Then read our article on where to bet Third Quarters in the NBA and the strategy behind it.

NBA Fourth Quarters: From a mathematical standpoint, this is a good one to look at betting when you look at all the quarters individually. You know the theme of the game and you are able to look at bench production. In this article I go into detail about the strategy behind betting NBA 4th quarters.

NBA To Win Every Quarter: Not a bet that is really offered but you can do different bets related to it that count as winning every quarter.

NBA First Half: In this article I talk about betting on NBA first halves as sportsbooks will offer point spreads etc just for the first half. This can be very profitable backing on those fast starters etc.

NBA Second Half: How about the second half? You can live bet during NBA games at certain sportsbooks and make bets on the second half. This can be very profitable knowing who bounces back, who sits back etc and I go into detail on that topic.

NBA Futures: I have a few specific articles on NBA futures listed below however if you’re a fan of NBA futures in general, this article covers that for you. It’ll list where to bet NBA futures and also go into the strategy of betting NBA futures and the value behind it.

NBA Biggest Point Lead: A fun NBA prop, and one where I think the stats geeks among us can have a lot of fun is betting the NBA Biggest Point Lead. You’d be surprised what betting trends you can find for that prop. Check out our page on where to bet the NBA biggest point lead and what to look out for in regard to it.

NBA Race to 20 Points: The NBA race to 20 points bet is a team based prop bet where you are betting on which team will get to 20 points first. In this article I cover that, where to bet the race to 20 points and what strategies to use when betting it.

NBA Winning Margin: A tough bet to make but one that can be very profitable due to the odds plus also a hell of a lot of fun. Betting on the exact winning margin for a team.

NBA Player Props: One of my personal favourite bets to make in the NBA is player props. It’s fun to research and it’s fun to watch it play out. This will cover NBA player props, explain what is available, and where to bet them.

NBA Player Points: Details about betting on NBA player points specifically, how it works and where to bet them as well as strategy for betting player points.

NBA Player vs Player Points: One of my favourite bets where you are betting on a player vs player and who will get the most points in a game. From a casual perspective one of the most entertaining bets to make.

NBA Player Assists: In this article I cover where to bet NBA Player Assists and what to look for when you are betting that.

NBA Player Rebounds: Player rebounds are a good NBA player prop to make as there isn’t much variance with them. The numbers are generally static so if you can figure out what makes the difference, you can do well with them. In this article I cover betting NBA player rebounds.

NBA Triple Doubles: You can bet on a triple double essentially in the NBA. It is a total of the points, rebounds and assists. So it doesn’t have to truly be a triple double. It’s the total of the three categories combined. For all the details see this article.

NBA Playoffs Betting:

NBA Playoffs Series Winner: The most common bet in NBA playoff betting – you predict which team will win the series. Doesn’t matter how many games it takes or how they do it – as long as they win and progress.

NBA Playoffs Series Game Spread: Despite the playoffs being the best of the best, the NBA still has a lot of lopsided matchups. If you bet the Warriors to win their series for example it may be a $1500 bet to get $100 back. Quite the risk. Much like the point spreads in games, you can bet game spreads over the series for example Warriors -2.5 etc for much better odds and more value. In this article I go into all the detail about that.

NBA Playoffs Total Games Played: This bet allows you to predict how long a series will go. Think it’s going to be a 7 game series but not sure who will win that crucial Game 7? This article goes into detail about that bet.

NBA Playoffs Correct Series Score: Want to bet on a team to sweep? Or for a Gentlemans sweep? Or think home court will rule all and a team will win 4-3? In this article I go into detail about betting the correct series score.

NBA Playoffs Where Will Series Be Decided: Home vs road advantage can be a big factor in the NBA depending on the team. One bet the sportsbooks offer is the ability to predict WHERE a series will end. Can be a good bet to make if you feel a team is much better on their home court and I provide details and analysis of this bet in this article.

NBA Futures Betting:

NBA Draft: Who doesn’t love the NBA Draft? I’m a fan of it but I much prefer loading up on various prop bets to get maximum enjoyment out of it. I cover the best online sportsbooks for NBA Draft Prop bets here.

NBA All Star Weekend: An overview of NBA All Star Weekend, and the best places to bet it in general. I also have specific articles on the NBA All Star Game, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and the NBA 3 Point Contest and where to bet that.

NBA Rookie of the Year: Want to bet who will win the NBA Rookie of the Year award? This article covers that and where the best place to bet it online is as well as covers betting strategy for Rookie of the Year betting in the NBA.

NBA Regular Season MVP: In this article I cover where to bet the NBA Regular Season MVP, as well as offering up betting strategies in regard to that particular bet.

NBA Division Winner: In this article I talk about where to bet the NBA Division Winner as well as how to bet it and what strategies to use.

NBA Finals Matchup: A fun bet which usually has great value – betting which two teams will make it to the NBA Finals.

NBA Conference Winner: Think the NBA Finals bet is a bit too risky but like one team in the East or West? Bet on the NBA conference winner.

NBA Championship Winner: From prior to the season beginning to all the way to the final game in the Championship, you can bet who will actually win the NBA Championship.

How to Bet NBA Online:

Bovada: “Basketball” will be easy to click right from the top of the page. From there it will display all of the current NBA odds.

You can also click on any game for a large variety of props related to that game.

Also all NBA futures are listed under the “Futures” pulldown menu in this section.

What NBA Bets/Props Are There?

Betting on NBA is betting on the outcome of games, or of events within that game.

However the most popular form of NBA betting is NOT betting who will win a game – it’s who will cover the point spread followed by over/unders, also known as game totals.

Very rarely are two teams evenly matched in the NBA so Vegas comes up with a point spread – essentially a handicap. For example Raptors at home versus the Hawks may be expected to win by 6-10 points so you’ll see a point spread stating Raptors -7. If you bet the Raptors -7 you’re betting that if you take 7 points away from their final score, they’ll still win the game.

You CAN bet on the money lines in NBA which is betting who will win but if you are betting favourites, the odds are never that great and the return of money is not good compared to what you are risking.

There is many more bets to the NBA than just that however for example bets on particular quarters or halves. You can also bet NBA futures such as who will win Regular Season MVP or the NBA Championship.

And there is also player props where you can bet various props on a player ie: amount of total points they will get in a game.

Common NBA Betting Questions:

What does ATS mean?:

Against The Spread. How a team does against the point spread.

For example, a team may have won their last 5 games but only be listed as “2-3 ATS”. What that means is that while they have won all 5 games, they have only covered the point spread in 2 of those 5 games. Not that NBA teams actually focus on the point spread or anything – but it can be good to see who is covering more than usual etc and assist you in making betting decisions.

Where To Watch NBA Online:

The best option is the NBA League Pass. While it costs money it’s a great service and very easy to use and is high quality.

NBA Betting Strategy:

Be careful of those double point spreads. That’s where the game is expected to have a dominant result and you need the team to win by like 13 points. Those are real crap shoots in the NBA.

If betting the “over” look for games where you think it will be a very close game. This means both teams will be pushing hard to get the win and doing their best to score while there’s also the chance of overtime. While it’s luck you’re relying on there, there’s no better feeling than needing 3-4 more points in a game and having it go to overtime.

Where To Bet All Basketball Leagues

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