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Where To Bet NBA Biggest Point Lead


One of the most fun things about the NBA is when a team goes on a run. It can be especially fun when it’s a great team that is favored by big points that is down and then they just flip the switch and make a huge comeback and take a commanding lead. For a few moments, the team feels unstoppable and it can be breathtaking to see.

These types of runs are what defines the league and they are at the heart of the NBA Biggest Point Lead prop bet. These types of bets can be a lot of fun as you’ll often see a team favored by big points that fails to cover because their lead gets so big that they decide to rest the starters late and the other team makes a comeback. This is a way to bet against that outcome and really just bet on one team being great.

In this article, we are going to talk a little bit more about the NBA Biggest Point Lead betting pro including where to bet them, how to bet them, and more.

Where To Bet NBA Biggest Point Lead:

America: Bovada is one of the best NBA sportsbooks on the web and they have you covered when it comes to NBA Biggest Point Lead betting. They also offer a wide variety of other betting props including Player Steals, team props, and more.

Canada: Canadians are always raving about Sports Interaction and for good reason. They have some of the best NBA betting options and offer a ton of props on each game during the NBA regular season and playoffs.

Everywhere Else: One of the top sportsbooks on the web is 888 and they offer a ton of betting props for the NBA and every other sport as well.

What is NBA Biggest Point Lead bet?

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Betting on the biggest lead in an NBA games is not a bet on the final margin of victory, but the biggest lead at any point of the game.

So a team might go on a huge run in the third quarter and get a 20+ point lead and then rest their stars in the fourth quarter because the game is out of hand. The other team might make a comeback, but that won’t matter as long as they hit the number that you bet on for biggest lead in the game.

This can be presented in a couple of different ways. The main one, and most popular, is a total that is set that you have to guess it will be over or under that amount. Here’s what that might looks like:

Sacramento Kings vs. Charlotte Hornets: Largest lead in game O/U 17.5

In this scenario, you could bet over or under. Over means that at some point in the game one of those teams will have an eighteen point or more lead. An under bet would mean that no team will ever lead by more than seventeen points.

The other way to bet this would see a list of numbers that could bet on. For example:

Sacramento Kings vs. Charlotte Hornets
15.5 (-140)
16.5 (-120)
17.5 (-100)
18.5 (+120)
20.5 (+150)

Each number here has a moneyline tied to it. This is how much of your bet amount would pay off to you. So a $100 bet on a -100 line would pay $100. A $100 bet on a -120 line would pay around $83. A $100 bet on a +150 would pay $150. You are paying a premium based on how likely the sportsbook thinks that it is likely to happen.

Common NBA Biggest Point Lead Questions:

What is the largest margin of victory in an NBA game?

There are big blowouts in the NBA all the time, but then there is these ones. Blowouts so huge that a team should be embarrassed to even have shown up. I’m talking about the games where one team won by sixty or more points.

There have been six games in NBA history where one team won by 60 or more points.

Mar 22, 2018 – 61 points: Charlotte Hornets 140 Memphis Grizzlies 79
Dec 26, 1960 – 62 points: Syracuse Nationals 162 New York Knicks 100
Nov 2, 1991 – 62 points: Golden State Warriors 136 Sacramento Kings 91
Mar 19, 1972 – 63 points: Los Angeles Lakers 162 Golden State Warriors 99
Feb 27, 1998 – 65 points: Indiana Pacers 124 Portland Trail Blazers 59
Dec 17, 1991 – 68 points: Cleveland Cavaliers 149 Miami Heat 80

That 1998 game by the Blazers may be the most embarrassing of them all. The Blazers highest scoring quarter on this day was only 16 points. Isaiah Rider had an especially bad game for Portland, shooting just 5-for-15 and having a -35 plus/minus.

How to Bet NBA Biggest Point Lead:

888: Search “NBA” from the search bar and find the list of games. Click on the game that you are interested in and scroll to find the complete list of game props including the biggest point lead.

Bovada: Click “Basketball” from the list of sports and from there you’ll see a list of that day’s NBA games. Click the “+” with a number next to the game and you will be taken to a page with all of the additional betting options for the game including the biggest point lead.

Sports Interaction: From the lefthand menu on the screen, click “Basketball” and then “NBA Props” and you can find different props including biggest point lead betting options for that day’s games.

NBA Biggest Point Lead Betting Strategy:

This is one of those bets that you shouldn’t mess with in a game with a low spread. This is the type of bet that you should focus on games where a team is favored by 10+ points and then double that for the bet. So many times during the NBA season we see a heavily favored team get a huge lead early and then give it away because they know they have the game in control. I like to use this bet as a way to back a heavy favorite and sort of hedge against the inevitable bench comeback that happens late.

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