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Where To Bet NBA Player Props


Of all of the major sports, the NBA is perhaps the one with the most interesting individual statistics. Whether it’s triple doubles, players going for big individual scoring nights or big rebounding/assist numbers, the statistics players put up on a nightly basis are what makes basketball such a great sport to watch.

What makes those statistics even more interesting to us is betting on them. Every night of the NBA season there are player props that you can bet on how much someone will score, their total rebounds, assists or a combination of it all.

In this article we’re going to show you where to bet on NBA players props, where to bet at them and most importantly, a strategy to win at betting on them.

Where To Bet NBA Player Props:

America: The best site out there for betting NBA Player Props is Bovada. Why? Take for example a game that took place during the 2017 season between the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons. If you put this game on national TV, nobody would watch it. The Magic at the time were one of the worst teams in the NBA and the Pistons are not exactly domiating the standings. For this game, this meaningless game, Bovada had 117 NBA Player Props available to bet. That’s what I like.

Canada: One of the best places to bet on NBA Player Props is Bodog. They usually offer a large selection of player props on a nightly basis with all the top games of the night covered.

Everywhere Else: 888 offer some nice NBA Player Props, mostly focusing on points and rebounds. These are available for every game on each night’s slate which is nice.

What are NBA Player Props?

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NBA Player Props are simply, betting on what a player will do in a given game. For instance, you have a player like Russell Westbrook. The 2016-2017 NBA MVP and one of the biggest statistic grabbers in the game today. On any given night you can bet on how many points he’ll have, how many rebounds, how many assists or a combination of the previous.

A typical night of betting might look like this:

  • Russell Westbrook Over/Under 30.5 Total Points
  • Russell Westbrook Over/Under 9.5 Total Assists
  • Russell Westbrook Over/Under 9.5 Total Rebounds
  • Russell Westbrook Over/Under 39.5 Total Points and Rebounds
  • Russell Westbrook Over/Under 39.5 Total Points and Assists
  • Russell Westbrook Over/Under 48.5 Total Points, Rebounds and Assists

You’ll find that the bigger stars usually have more betting options, but you’d be surprised at just how in-depth these betting props go as a typical single game in the NBA will have over 100 NBA Player Prop betting options. With even more for a playoff game or a marquee match-up.

Common NBA Player Props Questions:

How are the lines set for NBA Player Props?

Typically the lines are set by taking a look at the player’s season averages. To use our previous example, Russell Westbrook might be averaging around 30 points per game so the over/under line on the NBA player prop would be set around 30, most likely at 30.5.

Most of the time lines are set with that little half of a point (.5) at the end of them. The reason for this is simple, nobody likes a push. The sportsbooks prefer if you win or lose and most bettors prefer the same. Win or win not, there is no push when it comes to NBA Player Props.

How to Bet NBA Player Props:

Bovada: When in the “Sports” section of the site, click on “Basketball”. This lists all of the games that day. On the right side it allows you to see all the bets for each game. It’ll say “+40 bets” or similar. Click on that and it will open up all the bets available. The player props are listed near the bottom of the page.

Bodog: In the “Basketball” section of Bodog simply click the “+40 Bets” or however many bets it says beside each game and you’ll get to see all of the player props for that particular game. They are set slightly down the page.

888: On the left side under “Popular” click “NBA” or under “Sports” click “basketball”. This will list the games that day and to the left of the odds is a plus sign and a number like +101 or +102. Click that and it expands to show you all of the bets available for that particular game.

All of the props are split into sections like “Player Points”, “Player Assists” and “Player Rebounds”.

You simply expand each section to see the props for that category.

NBA Player Prop Betting Strategy:

There are two things to look for when betting on NBA Player Props: injuries and defensive statistics.

Injuries are always a big factor in betting on NBA Player Props. You have a star player with a line set at his season averages, great. Well, what if his shooting guard is out? What if his back-up is out? You have to think a bigger scoring load might fall on that particular player.

The same goes for injuries on the opposing team. You have a good point guard going against a team who is missing their starting point guard. What might happen? More points, more assists, more everything.

Defensive statistics are another great way. I’m not talking about points allowed or shooting percentages, but defensive statistics by position. You can find these online and you can see which teams give up big points or shut down players by position. For instance, take a team like the Milwaukee Bucks. As of this writing, they hold opposing small forwards to one of the lowest scoring numbers in the league. That sounds like an under bet to me unless that player is named LeBron James.

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