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Where To Bet NBA Team To Win Each Quarter


The NBA game is so interesting from one quarter to the next. It is very rare that the things that work in the first quarter will work in the fourth quarter and vice versa. The flow of a game from quarter to quarter is always an adventure and makes an NBA game worth watching til the end.

Betting on teams to win the each quarter is a unique way of betting. While you can’t bet on a team to win every quarter like you can in the NFL, you can still bet on each individual quarter. Sportsbooks offer betting lines on each quarter of the game and the odds on them are always very reasonable.

In this article I am going to get a bit more into the betting market for NBA Team To Win Each Quarter. I will get into the best sportsbooks to make these bets, how to bet them, and much more. Keep reading to start betting on NBA quarters.

Where To Bet NBA Team To Win Each Quarter:

America: BetOnline is a sportsbook that has many great NBA promotions and contests. They have a large selection of NBA props and quarter betting opportunities.

Canada: The sportsbook at Sports Interaction has plenty of betting options for every NBA game of the season. They offer moneylines on NBA quarters.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a sportsbook with many NBA options. They have a variety of betting options related to NBA quarter betting.

What is NBA Team To Win Each Quarter?

You can bet on the moneyline for every quarter of the game. The way that it works is basically as a three-way bet. You can bet on one team, the other team, or a tie.

For example, let’s take a look at a game between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. In this game, the Knicks are a slight favorite at -1.

First Quarter Moneyline: Atlanta (-105) / Tie (+1100) / New York (-118)

Ties happen, but they are pretty rare just because of how scoring works in the NBA so that is the big underdog here. The Knicks winning is a very small favorite to win because they are a small favorite to the win the game outright. While the Hawks are almost at even money.

These lines are available for all four quarters of the game at most sportsbooks.

Other quarter related bets include:

– Quarter Spread
– Quarter Totals
– Quarter Moneyline
– Quarter Race to 20
– Quarter Team Totals

Common NBA Team To Win Each Quarter Questions:

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What is the NBA record for the most points in the first quarter?

The record for points in the first quarter was 50 points for a long time. Five teams had done it, the Nuggets making up for three of those five, but that record was eventually broken in 2019 when the Golden State Warriors scored 51 in the first quarter against the Denver Nuggets.

Golden State did this by shooting an insane fifty-four percent from three-point land. Their big three of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant combined for 89 points and 18-of-28 shooting from three-point land. It should go without saying, but the Warriors pretty handily won the first quarter moneyline in this game.

This record should stand for some time, but you never know with the amount of three-point shooting and talented three-point shooters in the league right now.

How to Bet NBA Team To Win Each Quarter:

BetOnline: Click on basketball on the left hand side of the page. Then click NBA and you will see all of the day’s games. Click on the game you are thinking of and click on it to see all of the available betting options, including quarter bets.

Sports Interaction: When you are on the main page of the sportsbook, click Basketball on the left hand side and then NBA. From there you will be displayed a list of games. Click on the game you are looking to bet and you will see a list of all of the available props. The quarter moneylines will be listed within.

Bet365 Sportsbook: The easiest way to find these is by heading to the basketball section. NBA will be listed here and below it you can find a wide variety of props. The quarter props will be found in this area. You can also bet quarter bets while a game is in-play.

NBA Team To Win Each Quarter Betting Strategy:

A lot of people might tell you to take a look at the first quarter, but that’s my personal preference. The first quarter is when you are going to see the starting units of both teams, the best against the best. That makes the first quarter a lot more even than other quarters of the game might end up being.

I personally look at the second quarters and then study the bench units of each team. There are many teams in basketball that play better when these second units are in and others that simply can’t put it together. That is the time when I think this bet is most winnable. Do your homework on stats sites and choose wisely.

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