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Where To Bet The Golden Globes Online


In this article I’ll be talking about where to bet the Golden Globes online.

The Golden Globes are a precursor to the oscars and offer awards for both movies and TV shows. This annual event takes place in January each year and will cover the movies or TV shows that were released or aired within the prior calendar year.

There are awards for a variety of achievements. Tied to motion pictures there are awards for best musical or comedy and best drama. There are awards for best director, best actor or actress in a particular genre and much more.

TV shows are also broken up like that there there are awards for drama TV shows and musical or comedy TV shows, as well as awards tied to actors and actresses in this shows.

When it comes to betting on the Golden Globes, there’s really only one online sportsbook you want an account at:

Where To Bet the Golden Globes Online

The only place you should be betting the Golden Globes at is BetOnline.

The reason for that is they offer the widest variety of betting available. While the likes of Bet365 and Bovada offer Golden Globes betting, it’s usually only offered for all the awards in the “movies” category and nothing for the TV shows.

BetOnline offer up betting odds for a much wider variety of Golden Globe awards. Along with being able to bet on all of the movies, you can bet on various awards tied to TV shows too. So if you want to bet the best TV series drama, or the best TV series musical or comedy, you’re able to do that.

They offer a wide variety of entertainment bets. I should note that it can be difficult to find the odds. What you have to do is look under “Futures” and you will see “Entertainment”. Click that and you will see a lost of all the Golden Globes bets.

But yeah this is a nice and easy one – there’s no competition. Bet the Golden Globes at BetOnline.

What Golden Globe Bets Are Available?

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In terms of the bets available, there are no really fun prop bets. Instead it’s just the ability to place bets on who will win each award.

Here is what you can bet on at the Golden Globes:

  • Bet Best Actor in a Comedy Series
  • Bet Best Actor in a Drama Series
  • Bet Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama)
  • Bet Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy)
  • Bet Best Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Bet Best Actress in a Drama Series
  • Bet Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama)
  • Bet Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy)
  • Bet Best Motion Picture (Comedy)
  • Bet Best Motion Picture (Drama)
  • Bet Best Television Series (Drama)
  • Bet Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy)

Common Golden Globe Betting Questions:

Do betting underdogs ever win at the Golden Globes?

Yes they do although it is rare. In 2018 for example, the only underdog wins were:

– Allison Janney +300 to win best supporting actress. Laurie Metcalf was favourite at -225 odds.
– Sam Rockwell +250 to win best supporting actor. Willem Dafoe was favourite at -120.
– In the Fade +700 to win best foreign language film. The Square was favourite at -150.
– This Is me +350 to win best original song in a motion picture. Remember Me was favourite at -135.

So yes there is underdog wins for sure. However more often than not the favourites win especially in the main categories. Moonlight was a slight upset in 2017, as was Isabelle Huppert.

How to Bet the Golden Globes Online

You will need an account at BetOnline. Once there and within the “Sports” section of the site, click on “Futures” on the sidebar or menu. That will expand and then you click “Entertainment” and it will list all current entertainment bets, including the Golden Globes.

You then click on whatever one to add it to your bet slip on the right, then enter the amount you wish to wager and click to place bet.

Golden Globes Betting Strategy:

If looking for underdog picks, I advise looking in the supporting columns. That’s where we see more upsets. In 2017 for example while the favourite best supporting acctress won, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was a 10-1 underdog who won best supporting role.

In the more major categories I only look at betting the 2nd favourite if the odds are very close. Even then I need a good reason to bet them. In 2019 for example I saw what I felt was a major astroturfing campaign for Eddie Murphy so I bet him.

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