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Where To Bet AEW Online


All Elite Wrestling is a wrestling promotion which was founded in 2019 by Tony and Shahid Kahn. It features the likes of Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in executive roles and many are hoping that it will be the next big competitor for the WWE.

The online sportsbooks have certainly embraced it. They started offering All Elite Wrestling odds as of All Out where you could bet on the likes of Hangman Page vs Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega and the Lucha Brothers vs the Young Bucks. They were also very prompt in regard to adding odds with odds for the Lucha Brothers vs Young Bucks being added just a day after the fight was announced at Fight for the Fallen.

Assuming AEW continues to offer large events every month or so, I expect to see odds for that at all the online sportsbooks just like WWE. And just like WWE, I doubt we will see odds for their weekly TV show other than in rare circumstances such as big matches announced well in advance.

Where To Bet All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Online:

America: The only current place for Americans to bet AEW is BetOnline. No other online sportsbook that accepts Americans currently offer All Elite Wrestling betting. They offer a great deposit bonus however, and their betting odds are excellent and very fair. Quick note that at BetOnline you can find the “Wrestling” bets such as WWE and AEW under the “Game Props” tab.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook for everyone else is 888 by far. Not only do they offer a wide variety of WWE and AEW betting on the matches, but they offer a wide variety of props on the wrestling matches too – including AEW betting props! For example you can bet on the next WWE superstar to jump to AEW, if CM Punk would show up at All Out, or bet on specific props within matches such as Dave Meltzers star rating on a match or who will get the first pin attempt in a match.

Where To Make Specific AEW Bets:

AEW Dynamite: What??? AEW Dynamite isn’t good enough just to watch?? You actually need to bet on it? Well alright then. In this article I talk about where to bet on the matches taking place on AEW Dynamite as well as any props related to it.

AEW Dynamite TV Ratings: There are a variety of prop bets you can make in regard to AEW Dynamite TV ratings so I gave it its own separate article.

AEW All Out: The last big show before the TV starts was AEW All Out. In this article I explain where to bet AEW All Out, and what the best sportsbooks are as well as how to bet it.

AEW Double or Nothing: The first official AEW event was Double Or Nothing (and I was there!). I cover the betting odds and where to bet AEW Double or Nothing here.

AEW Full Gear: The last major PPV of the year for AEW; I cover where to bet AEW Full Gear and what to look for when betting.

AEW Revolution: AEW Revolution began in 2020 and takes place generally in February or March each year and is AEW’s first PPV of the year. In this article I cover where to bet AEW Revolution.

AEW Betting Props:

Daniel Bryan’s First Opponent: With Daniel Bryan rumoured to be joining AEW, you can bet on who his first opponent will be.

CM Punk’s First Opponent: With CM Punk rumoured to be joining All Elite Wrestling, one bet you could make was on who his first in-ring opponent would be and I go through the list here.

CM Punk vs Darby Allin: A fight so big it gets its own entry.

How to Bet on AEW Online

BetOnline: You can find all wrestling bets available by going to the “Wrestling” section which is listed under “Game Props” currently. I’ve noticed at times they switch it to “Futures” so if you can’t find it at “Game Props”, look there. They offer 48 hour payouts, and a wide variety of deposit options including Bitcoin and various other crypto coins.

888: One nice thing about 888 is they offer a search bar at the top so you can just type in “AEW” or “Wrestling” and get straight to the bets. In the sidebar it’s listed under “All Sports” in the category “WWE/Pro Wrestling”. They offer a wide variety of special bets incluing a bet 10 get 30 in free bets offer depending on your local currency.

What AEW Bets/Props are there?

Wrestling Deposit Bonuses

The most common one is of course who will win the match. Whether it’s a triple threat, singles match or tag team match all sportsbooks offer bets on who will win a particular matchup. Nice and simple.

A prop bet is available at 888 which allows you to bet on who will be the next person to leave WWE and go to AEW, and they’ve also ran promotions in the past such as whether CM Punk will show up at a specific show or not.

You can also generally bet on specific props within matches closer to the actual event. In a tag match for example they may offer the ability to bet on what team tags first, or if the match will end in a time limit draw and various other props.

Finally you can bet the over/under on Dave Meltzers star rating from the Wrestling Observer newsletter. We have an entire article on betting on Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings.

Common AEW Betting Questions:

What are the AEW Double or Nothing Odds?:

You could bet on the Casino Battle Royal where Adam Page was the favourite at +250 odds. In the other notable matches, Chris Jericho was +100 over Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes was a heavy favourite at -600 versus Dustin, and the Young Bucks were +165 underdogs against the Lucha Brothers.

What are the AEW All Out Betting Odds?

As of this writing(July 23rd, 2019), here they are:

  • Chris Jericho -200 vs Hangman Page +150
  • Cody Rhodes -180 vs Shawn Spears +140
  • Jon Moxley -160 vs Kenny Omega +120
  • The Dark Order -200 vs The Best Friends +150
  • Young Bucks -110 vs Lucha Brothers -130

If you are American, check out the latest odds at BetOnline. If you live outside of the USA, check the latest odds at 888 where you can also bet on props such as if CM Punk will show up at All Out or not.

Where To Watch AEW Online:

AEW Events have aired online for USA and Canada on B/R Live.

AEW Betting Strategy:

All Elite Wrestling is in its infant stages. What that means is while they have established stars, they also have people who they need to give credibility to. In saying that, they also need to build credibility for their titles.

So using All Out as an example – Chris Jericho is the favourite for the title match and in terms of title credibility plus storyline, it makes more sense for him to win there. However people like Shawn Spears and the Lucha Brothers need established, so that’s where you may want to look at when it comes to betting. That’ll all change once they are on regular TV but that’s the best strategy to use for betting on AEW currently.

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