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Where To Bet College Basketball Championship Futures


The college basketball tournament is one of the most cut throat in all of sports and the most difficult to win. The team that makes it to the Final Four and wins it all is often the best team, but can also be the most fortunate.

The tournament is one of the hardest things to pick a winner for which is what makes betting on it so profitable.

The earlier you bet on the eventual tournament winner, the better odds you can get. Of course, you have less information at that point as well.

This article will talk about college basketball championship futures including where to bet them and how to bet them.

Where To Bet College Basketball Championship Futures:

America: Bovada posts the NCAA Championship Futures shortly after the previous tournament ends and keep them updated throughout the season.

They are a solid option for Amreicans as they take NCAA Basketball betting seriously. So they will offer up a wide variety of College Basketball futures all throughout the year and may also offer up prop bets.

Canada: You can find the championship futures at Sports Interaction and they are updated throughout the year.

They are probably the best option due to line availability.

Everywhere Else: One of the top sites for sports betting on the web has you covered for NCAA futures at 888.

What are College Basketball Championship Futures?

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A college basketball championship future is a bet on who is going to win it all. The odds change as you get closer to the tournament, but they are always pretty good odds.

These are of course NCAA Basketball Futures. You can place bets on them prior to the season beginning, and then depending on how the season plays out or if there are injuries etc then the odds can of course chance.

Some sportsbooks offer e/w betting on NCAA Basketball Futures which means you still get money back if your team makes the final then loses.

Duke might be a +500 favorite meaning that a $100 bet wins $500. You only get paid if the team wins the National Championship. The conference championship and Final Four don’t matter. Only the championship.

Common NCAA College Basketball Championship Futures Questions:

What is the lowest seed to win the NCAA Championship?

In the history of the NCAA tournament, the lowest seed to win it all was the #8 seed Villanova team in 1985. They were -8 underdogs against Georgetown and ended up pulling out the win.

What is E/W Betting on NCAA Basketball Futures?

This might be complicated so I am going to be very detailed here.

Okay so e/w betting, or each-way betting, is a betting option that is popular in Europe but not really in America.

When you are at an online sportsbook that offers E/W betting for NCAA Basketball Futures, it will probably list something like this:

E/W 1/2 1-2

The “E/W 1/2” part means the odds that you will get if you bet a team to win and they place, and the “1-2” part means the place.

So let’s take Kansas prior to the NCAAB Championship 2020 Season. They are +1000 odds. If we bet $10 on them just to win, we get a return of $110, with $100 of that being profit.

If we choose the E/W option, it means we are essentially playing two bets. One for them to win the tournament, and one for them to reach the final.

So if they reach the final, the place part cashes. And the odds of that are exactly half of your bet because of the “E/W 1/2” listing. So instead of +1000 it’s +500 when it is halved, so for that part you would get $50 profit back plus your original stake of $10. Then if they go ahead and win, you also get the money for the bet you placed on winning.

So just imagine e/w betting as a second bet you are making where the team places.

“Why don’t I just place two separate bets?” I hear you asking. Well the odds are often better on a team when you do e/w betting as opposed to a separate bet of them making the final.

So if you think they will make the final but might not actually win then that’s where you should place an e/w bet.

How To Bet NCAA Basketball Championship Futures:

Bovada: Click “Basketball” from the top menu and find the drop down menu of bet types and select “Futures”.

Sports Interaction: On the left side of the page click “Basketball” and then find “NCAA Futures”.

888: From the top “Sports A-Z” click “Basketball” then find the word “Outrights” and click that. The futures will be listed here under NCAAB.

NCAA Basketball Championship Betting Strategy:

There is a reason that the top schools are always the favorites here, they win.

Over the past ten years, North Carolina has won twice (and lost once), Kentucky has won and lost, Connecticut has won twice, Villanova has won twice, Duke has won twice, and Louisville has won one. The final games see the best teams in the country again and again, do your research on them and bet your favorite.

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