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Where To Bet The Spanish Primera Liga


At the top of the Spanish football leagues is the Spanish Primera Liga, celebrating some of the best that Spain has to offer in the sport. Starting out in 1929, it’s so far seen a total of sixty-two teams rising through its ranks, with a high level of attendance for each of its events, and currently being the third most popular professional Soccer league worldwide. So what does this mean for you then when it comes to betting, and how can you potentially make a more substantial profit?

Sponsored by Santander, the league is overseen by the Liga de FĂștbol Profesional, or the LFP, while officially being a part of the UEFA. With twenty clubs taking part in each season, it’s a huge event, as nine teams have so far become champions of the event, including Real Madrid who has consistently been the most successful. Leading the way in Europe, it has become the top league throughout the continent, producing a high-amount of equally top quality clubs and talent. This can also be seen in its players, many of whom have gone on to receive a record number of awards, including the ‘UEFA Club Footballer of the Year’ and the ‘Men’s Player of the Year’ titles, to name just a few.

Where does your money come into all this though, and how can you expect to make the most from the talent on offer? We’ll now look at it in closer detail here, examining the event itself in greater detail and what it means for your betting.

Where To Bet The Spanish Primera Liga:

America: For this you’ll want Everygame as it has pretty extensive coverage of La Liga for all those across North America.

Canada: Picking Sports Interaction is your best option here, as it covers all Li Liga matches for the duration of the event.

Everywhere Else:Bet365 Sportsbook is what you’ll want, as it’s available internationally, providing the most options for the league at any given time.

What is The Spanish Primera Liga?

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Also known as the Spanish La Liga, the league itself is placed just above the Segunda Division, making it the highest level covering all of Spain. Initially proposed in 1927, it would take winners from Spain’s knockout tournament the Copa del Rey, becoming one of Spain’s first national Football leagues in the process. Just ten teams would take part in the 1929 Primera Division, as it would continue to grow into the event that it currently is today.

Remaining steady over the years as one of Spain’s largest leagues, La Liga has continued to attract talent, with players continually competing for the main cup. This is what the format of the league itself currently looks like:

  • Season: Lasting from August to May, the main competition uses a double round-robin format, as every club plays each other twice.
  • Scoring: It’s three points for a win and one for a draw, as clubs then have the results tallied up at the end, with the highest scoring becoming the champions.
  • Promotions and Relegations: While the three lowest teams are relegated to the Segunda Division, the top two teams from below are promoted into La Liga.

There’s so much pressure for the clubs to remain, pushing their players through the ranks, and bringing a lot of competition to the table in the process. How can you potentially identify the signs of a winning team though, and what can you look out for when doing so?

Common Spanish Primera Liga Questions:

How will I know what to look out for and what type of bets are there?:

With this being the top professional league, there’s a lot of talent on offer, making it a highly competitive market when it comes to betting. You have a choice on betting on many of the teams, or the players themselves, from overall results to simple player prop bets. Many of the big teams will tend to dominate the event generally, so it can make it more financially rewarding if you focus on who scores what and when. You also have the handicaps too, such as the ‘Asian Handicap’, which is specific to Football, allowing you to place a handicap on certain teams.

Where can I see this event?:

In Spain the two main broadcasters of La Liga are Movistar LaLiga and GOL, televising a large majority of the games weekly between them. For those in Canada and North America, the matches are broadcast live on beIN Sports, with ESPN holding the rights for much of the rest of America. The UK has it showing regularly on Premier Sports and FreeSports, making the matches widely available for most of the event. Elsewhere networks such as DAZN, Setanta and Sky have the coverage, bringing it to people internationally across the world.

How to Bet The Spanish Primera Liga:

Everygame: Selecting ‘Sportsbook’ from the top navigation bar on the first page, you can then find ‘Soccer’ down the left-hand side in the ‘Top Sports’ section. This will then open up the ‘Top Competitions’ section, with ‘Spanish LaLiga’ further on down. Using it should then open up all the available games down the middle of the page, with the specific bets available at the top, and the final results prediction open beside each match.

Bet365 Sportsbook: First you want to choose ‘English’ as your language choice, then you’ll want ‘Soccer’ down the left side of the page. Seeing ‘Spain’ down the center of the page, open it up and then select ‘Spain Primera Liga’, which will give you all of the available upcoming games now. You can then choose one of them to make specific wagers, or you can bet on which team will win outright from the bottom.

The Spanish Primera Liga Betting Strategy:

As previously mentioned, many of the big teams tend to dominate the competition at this level, which means less favorable odds for match outcomes. That’s why it’s better to focus on the handicaps and players themselves, making for some more interesting results. Get a handle on exactly who is playing and when, as this can offer you something with far more profit potential.

Spreading your bets across the board instead of focusing all your attention on a select few of the larger bets will help you here. Once you’ve researched and informed yourself of what’s being offered, you can then tailor yourself a set of wagers that will be far more appealing.

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