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Where To Bet Player Shots in Soccer


In this article, I will be covering Where To Bet Player Shots in soccer / football.

This is just shots – whether they are off target, or on target. If you want to bet on shots just on target, then I have an article on that: Where To Bet Player Shots on Target.

I will tell you the best online sportsbooks to bet the Where To Bet Player Shots prop at.

This is based on a combination of reasons – sportsbook trust, best odds, variety of bets in relation to this prop etc.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet Player Shots in Soccer

America: The best online sportsbook to bet player shots in soccer at for Americans is BetOnline.

They have a wide variety of prop bets related to player shots. You can bet the over/under on player shots for example, and you can also bet on shots on goal. You can bet that they will have “at least x amount of shots” with the ability to change it to get bigger odds payouts.

They also run various parlays at different odds. Picking a random game for example you could bet Harvey Barnes to have at least 1 shot on goal, and 2 shots total. Or bet on Jamie Vardy to have at least 4 shots, 1 shot on goal, and for Leicester to win.

Just an excellent amount of player shots props available at BetOnline.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook for player shots is Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer both player shots and player shots on target prop bets. With their Bet Builder, you can also combine them with various other bets within the same match.

They also have a wide variety of other player props available and that makes them very appealing. In saying that, I would also advise an account at BetOnline as both deal with different variations of this prop. BetOnline also allow you to adjust the line while Bet365 Sportsbook is limited to what line the sportsbook set.

What Player Shots Bets Are There?

The most common form of player shots bets is an over/under, The sportsbook will set a line and you have to predict if a player will have over or under that amount of shots.

It is dependent on the player. So Pogba may have his line set at 1.5 and you have to bet over or under that many shots. While Kane may have his line set at 3.5 and you have to bet over or under 3.5 shots for him.

There are multiple variations such as the “At Least” option where you can choose the number of shots a player will have at least. So if you think one player is going to have a ton of shots on net, you can bet that.

You can also bet specifically on shots on goal. Then there are various parlays and player performance doubles such as “Vardy to have 4+ shots and Leicester to Win”.

Common Player Shots Prop Bet Questions:

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How is a shot judged as a shot?:

The sportsbooks use Opta data and rely on that to be the judge of what a shot is. There are a variety of different factors that count as a shot including:

  • A shot that the goalkeeper saves
  • A shot that goes in the net
  • A shot that hits the post or bar
  • A shot that goes over or wide and does not touch another player
  • A shot that a defender clears off the line
  • A shot that would have went wide but the goalkeeper or a defender stops it

There are many more but that is an example.

How to Bet Player Shots

BetOnline: Under the sportsbook section, bring up the game that you wish to place the Player Shots prop bet at. Click on it and this will expand all the props for that match. It then depends on what you want to bet such as “Player Shots Over/Under” or “Player Shots (At Least)” or if you want to do any player performance doubles or parlays.

Either way click on the one you wish to bet and all the betting options will come up for that and you can click to add to your bet slip.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the match in which you wish to make the player shots prop bet. Then under “Player” all player props are there, including player shots and player shots on target. You can also use their bet builder to do any sort of parlays involving player shot prop bets.

Player Shots Betting Strategy:

There are many, many different ways to approach it.

One approach I have is in regard to where a player normally takes shots from, and then where their opponent concede shots from.

If Man Utd are playing Norwich, I may look at a player such as Bruno Fernandes who had 121 shots in the 2020/21 season. I will analyze where his shots come from. Does he have a lot of long range shots for example?

Assuming he does – I will then look at where Norwich normally concede shots from. If they concede a lot of long range shots I will then look at past performances of Fernandes and see if he scores more against teams with similar stats.

Basically all the data is there to make a calculated bet based purely on the numbers.

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