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Where To Bet Basketball Online


In this section I’m going to cover betting on the sport of basketball.

I’ll explain what basketball betting is, what options you have, what leagues are available for you to bet on and then cover the general best places to bet basketball online.

I’ll also cover the most common basketball bets and let you know a few of the rarer ones and why you should be betting them.

Let’s chat now about where to bet basketball online.

Where To Bet Basketball:

If you’re looking to bet a specific league, I recommend looking at each section above for more informed reviews however overall these are the best sportsbooks for general basketball betting.

America: Overall the best sportsbook for Americans looking to bet basketball is Bovada. They offer a deposit bonus for new signups, and go in-depth with the NBA, NCAA and WNBA. If you’re looking to bet outside of those they also offer a lot of options such as Australian and Brazilian league basketball betting.

Everywhere Else: I personally bet most basketball at Bet365 Sportsbook and I’ve bet a lot here due to the variety they offer. I’ve bet various props and various leagues here such as the NBA, the Basketball Champions League, the Australia NBL and others. I personally recommend Bet365 Sportsbook to people the most.

Where To Bet All Basketball Leagues

How to Bet Basketball Online:

Bovada: Make sure you are on the “Sports” section of Bovada then click “Basketball” on the left side. This will give you all the basic basketball lines for all upcoming games.

On the right side is a “+17 Bets” or similar link and if you click that for a specific game it will expand that section and provide a list of additonal bets you can make on that game outside of the basics.

At the top in the green bar is “All Basketball”. You can use this to filter games. if you wanted just NBA you’d click that then choose “NBA” and it would list all NBA betting options.

Note that this adds an additional dropdown “All NBA” and if you click that you can filter further – for example filtering for specific game props or for NBA Futures.

Bet365 Sportsbook: When I use Bet365 to place bets I click the “Basketball” section on the left side. Everything is here filtered by league – from NBA Game Lines to NBA Player Performances props. You’d just scroll down to find the league you want. Note that all futures – NBA or Euroleague or anything else – are all listed at the very bottom of the site under the “Futures” heading.

What Basketball Bets/Props Are There?

Basketball Deposit Bonuses

Betting on basketball is of course exactly what it sounds like – betting on the sport of basketball.

Online, you can bet on practically anything basketball related. You can bet on a specific game. You can bet on a specific quarter. You can bet on futures such as the NBA Championship. You can bet on player props within a game. You can bet on leagues such as the NBA, NCAAB, Australia WNBL, Bahrain Premier League or Chilie Puento Alto U22s!

The two most common bets in basketball are:

Betting the Point Spread. Obviously in every game, there are favourites and underdogs. It’s rare that two teams will be evenmly matched. And do you really want to bet something like $1000 to win $100 on the Golden State Warriors in any given game?

So what sportsbooks have did is came up with the point spread or handicap – to balance things out. So now instead of risking $1000 to win $100 on the Warriors, you might risk $110 to win $100 on the Warriors -10.5. That’s a point spread where the Warriors start the game negative 10.5 points meaning they have to win the game by 11 points or more to “cover the spread” and cause you to win your bet.

You can still bet on a team to win, but the most common basketball bet is the point spread bet.

Over/Unders. The other popular bet in basketball is betting the over/under. The sportsbooks come up with a line of what it thinks the total points will be from a game and then you can bet over or under that.

So in a random game between the New Orleans Pelicans and Boston Celtics, the over/under is set at 215 points. Your job is to determine if it will go over or under that. Note that usually overtime is included on these bets so betting the under on a matchup between two evenly matched teams is a riskier one.

Those are the most common basketball bets however there is a wide variety of bets you can make in a game of basketball. Just some examples include:

  • Race to 20 Points
  • Team winning margin
  • What quarter will be the highest scoring quarter
  • Over/under on a specific players points or assists or rebounds

And many more. For all of these bets check the league specific secions where I go into detail about that bet if it is available in that particular league.

Common Basketball Betting Questions:

What if the point spread is Celtics -5 and the Celtics win by exactly 5?

In that case, the bet is a “push” as it is tied. In those cases you get your money back and don’t win or lose anything. That’s why you see a lot of half points in games – because the sportsbooks don’t profit from pushes.

Basketball Betting Strategy:

My best advice for betting basketball is look outside the major leagues. I mean not to say you can’t bet the NBA or Euroleague but look for those smaller leagues where the lines aren’t as sharp. I personally made a ridiculous amount of money back in 2008-2010 when I’d bet WNBA as the lines at that time were shockingly incorrect. Even to this day I still look at leagues such as the Bahrain Premier League and study it and see lines way off and place my bets accordingly.

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