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Where To Bet MLB Home vs Away Total Runs


The great thing about baseball is that almost every team plays every day. That is a lot of games on the slate and a lot of potential action. Betting on individual games is fun and can be profitable, but the cool thing about baseball is that you can also bet on all the games at once.

Similar to a Grand Salami, there is also a bet in baseball you can do called “MLB Home vs. Away Total Runs”. What does that mean? You can bet on all the home teams or all the away teams scoring more runs than the other. It’s a fun bet to do because you are not betting on any particular team, but all of the teams that are in action that day.

This type of bet is what we are going to be talking about today. This is a bet that not every sportsbook carries so we’ll let you know where you can find it. We are also going to explain a bit more about the bet and where you can bet it, how you can bet it and our strategy for winning it.

Where To Bet MLB Home vs. Away Total Runs:

America: Bodog offers these, but be sure to get there early as they disappear once the first game starts. The best thing you can do is get in there early and make a bet on this before the line moves or it is taken down. Bodog also offers the Grand Salami.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is one of the best places to bet on MLB during the regular season.

What is a MLB Home vs Away Total Runs Bet?

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This is a bet that is basically an accumulation of all the runs scored in that day’s games. Not who wins more games, just who scores the most runs. So, for example, the away teams could go 2-13, but still win if those two wins were huge blowouts and the rest of the games were close.

You are simply picking which will score more: the home teams or the away teams.

So what you will do is tally up the amount of runs that every home team scores, and then the amount of runs that every away team scores.

Occasionally there will be a point spread too. For example if the home teams are all strongly favoured, then it would make no sense to do a 50/50 betting odds on this prop bet. However they want there to be betting action as opposed to offering you -350 odds on the home team.

So the sportsbooks do the math and then will offer you a point spread for home vs away total runs. The home teams maybe -2.5 runs or -3.5 runs.

Some sportsbooks will even offer some alternate home vs away total runs spreads to give you a chance at winning with more of a risk. This would see a line like home teams -6.5 or away teams -1.5, but with them having positive moneyline odds attached to them.

It should be noted that it doesn’t matter where the runs come from. Let’s say there are eight games. Seven of them see the home team win 1-0 and the final game sees the away team win 9-1. That would be a win for the away team, 9-8, despite the home teams having a much better record on the night.

It’s a cumulative bet so one big game from a single team can swing this thing and that is something that happens quite often.

Common MLB Home vs. Away Total Runs Questions:

Who usually wins?

This is a pretty even thing, but home teams do have a slight advantage in this category. For the 2017 season, home teams scored 11564 against 11018 for away teams. A difference of over 500 runs, about 0.2 runs per game.

What is the difference between this and the Grand Salami?

The Grand Salami in MLB is when you are betting the total amount of runs that day. You bet over/under and so you combine both home and away runs.

What if it rains?

Typically if there is a rainout then the bet will be voided for the day and your wager will be refunded. The bet should have a note saying something like “All games must be completed for bet to have action” or something similar. This means that all the games must be played and all the games must finish. A rainout would void your bet whether you are winning or losing.

However, be sure to check your sportsbook’s rules on these bets to see what their policy is on this bet.

How To Bet MLB Home vs. Away Total Runs:

The MLB Home vs. Away Total Runs bets will be found under game props of your sportsbook’s betting section. Be sure to look early in the day as the only time to bet this is before the day’s first game starts.

Bodog: In the sports section look under Baseball which should be front and center on the top of the page. All of the baseball lines will be listed here and you can even use the filter with the menus above the odds to narrow the selection down and then you will be able to pick the props. It’s usually listed just as “Props”.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Look in the baseball section under the props section. Often it will be listed under a general “Game Props” section and you will see it there alongside the MLB Grand Salami which you can bet on too.

MLB Home vs. Away Total Runs Betting Strategy:

The home team will always be the favorite in this because the home teams simply score more runs on a per game basis. This means that the best time to bet this is on a night when the away teams are going to win. Of course, that is easier said than done.

Look for a night when a few elite teams are visiting bad teams and strike. You are looking for solid pitching match-ups and good hitting environments. Think a strong offensive team like the 2017 Astros against a bad pitching team like the 2017 Detroit Tigers.

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