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Where To Bet MLB Team Props


There are a lot of things that can happen in a baseball game. Hits, runs, and homeruns! Stolen bases, strikeouts and errors! For such a simple game, there are a lot of variables as what can happen on the field. Of all of the very many variables in baseball, you can bet on almost all of those things.

I’m talking, of course, about MLB Team Props. There are so many MLB Team Props, it’s an embarrassment of riches. It’s hard to keep track of all the things that you can bet on during a game which is why we wrote this article. To help you figure it out.

We are going to cover the things you can bet on in an MLB Team Prop, where to bet them, how to bet them and our strategies for picking winners.

Where To Bet MLB Team Props:

America: Bovada is one of the best sportsbooks in the world and they have a ton of betting options for every baseball game during the season. You can bet on everything from Homeruns to 5-Inning Lines to Home vs. Away Total Runs.

Canada: Bodog is one of the best sportsbook in Canada for betting on baseball. They love a game props as well with an entire section on their site dedicated to them.

Everywhere Else: There are quite a bit of game props posted daily at 888. They post MLB a ton of options for every MLB game of the season.

What are MLB Team Props?

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There are quite a few options for MLB Team Props that you can bet on. Here’s a list of them.

Margin of Victory: These usually come in three variations:

– Win by 1-2 runs
– Win by 3-4 runs
– Win by 5 or more runs

With different moneylines attached to each. So, for instance, Yankees by 3-4 runs might be +425 while Yankees by 1-2 runs might be +255. The bigger the deficit in the game you bet on, the better odds that you can get on that game.

Total Hits, Runs and Errors: An over/under set on the amount of combined hits, runs and errors for a team. This is a fun one because it doesn’t matter how much of each individual category you get, as long you get there. So a team might only score one run, but have ten hits and two errors and that is what gets you the win.

Player Total Hits, Runs and RBIs: Similar to above, but for just one player on a team. An example would be Bryce Harper over or under, 2.5 total hits, runs and RBIs. One two-run homerun and you have yourself a win.

Player Total Strikeouts: Similar to above, but for the starting pitcher. An over/under total is set on the amount of strikeouts for that game’s starter. The better the pitcher, the higher the total. It’s always good to know the pitcher and the offense they are facing when betting on this.

Team Runs Over/Under: An over/under set for an individual team. These are always fun to bet on as you can root for just one team instead of both.

Will Player Hit a Homerun? A Yes/No betting proposition.

First to 1-5 Run: A bet you can place on which team will score the certain amount of runs first. Typically offered at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 runs.

Common MLB Team Props Questions:

Why aren’t all team props on all games?

This is always strictly at the discretion of the sportsbook so it’s hard to say why they choose what games they post these odds for. The sportsbooks are getting a lot better at post these for each game though as they have really grown in popularity. A good rule of thumb is this: the bigger the game, the more team props available to bet.

How To Bet MLB Team Props:

Whenever you are looking for MLB Team Props on a particular game, go to the sportsbook listed above and find that day’s game. Click the “+” button near the odds. It will say something like “+18” and that is the amount of props attached to this game and where you’ll be able to find all the odds.

MLB Team Props Betting Strategy:

One category that I really like is Player Hits, Runs and RBIs Totals. Take for instance the example I used above. Bryce Harper at 2.5. If he’s facing a pitcher that he has good splits against and isn’t a very quality pitcher, I’m taking that over.

One homerun counts for one hit, one run and one RBI. That’s an over and all it takes to win this. I wouldn’t do it every day, but picking my spot correctly and this can be very profitable.

Betting on margin of victory can be a good way to circumvent a bad runline. Sometimes you will see a team that is a -1.5 favorite, but the moneyline on that bet is -200 or higher. That’s not really worth it. Betting this same game and betting “to win by 3-4 runs” or “to win by 5 or more runs” ca be a great way to profit off a game like this.

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