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Where To Bet League of Legends Online


In this article I’m going to cover the popular eSports game, League of Legends. I’m going to go into detail on where to bet LoL online and how to bet it online.

For those unaware, League of Legends is an online multiplayer game. It’s a battle arena game that was initially released in 2009 and is one of the most popular eSports games.

It has various regional competitions all over the world and these always culiminate in the League of Legends World Championship, which takes place every year. In 2017, the LoL World Championship was so popular that it had 60 million viewers, and the prize pool was over $4,000,000 USD.

Let’s discuss where to bet LoL online:

Where To Bet League of Legends Online:

America: The best place to bet LoL online for Americans is Bovada. They have a solid selection of options available with various match bets and options such as the region of winner. The only issue with them is they can be a bit slow with the betting props and adding them. However they are generally good at offering bets to get action. For example the Mid Season Invitiational 2018 saw LCK as a big favourite so they offered options such as “Betting without LCK” to allow you bet who would win if LCK weren’t there.

Everywhere Else: Easily Bet365 Sportsbook who have become one of the best online sportsbooks for esports betting. They offer an extremely organised website, and cover everything related to LOL. Along with futures such as the World Championships you can bet on the EU masters, the Spring Playoffs and more. Each tournament they offer a wide variety of betting props beyond the basics – such as the team to draw first blood, or the team to score the most kills. My personal favourite when it comes to eSports betting.

Where To Make Specific League of Legend Bets:

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LoL Correct Map Score: A tricky one to bet but one where there can be real value – betting on the correct map score. Like if one team will win 2-1 etc.

LoL To Win Outright: The most common type of bet in League of Legends – betting on what team will win their match outright.

LoL Match Winner 2-Way: In this article I discuss what the LoL Match Winner 2-Way bet is, where to bet it and the best strategy for it.

LoL Region Winner: In this article I cover the bet you can make on various LoL Tournaments “Region of Winner” and where to bet it online, how it works and what to look for when placing that bet.

LoL Team vs Field: A very common type of bet involving a strong team is betting them against the field, which are the rest of the opponents.

LoL Map Barons: League of Legends offers a map barons bet that you can bet on. There are multiple bets related to it such as which team kills the Baron first or how many are killed. I cover the best places to bet LoL Map Baron props here.

LoL Map Winner: Certain teams will perform better on particular maps. This is where the real data analysis and strategy comes in. Read the article to learn where to bet the LoL Map Winner and more information in regard to that particular bet.

LoL Not To Lose A Map: If you think a team is strong enough that they will win every map you can bet on that with this betting prop for League of Legends.

LOL Kill Handicap: In this article I explain what LOL Kill Handicap Betting is, and where to bet it as well as offering strategy.

LOL Team to Score the Most Kills: This prop bet is for betting on which team in a LOL tournament will score the most kills.

LOL Race to Number of Kills: Slightly different bet to the above one. This is where the sportsbooks set a number of kills and you have to bet what team will get to that number first.

LOL Team to Slay the First Baron: Being the most powerful neutral monster there is on the Summoner’s Rift map in League of Legends, Baron Nashor, or the Baron, will give a huge advantage to the team of anyone who kills it. This article goes into detail about this particular bet and provides strategy on it.

LOL Team To Slay The First Dragon: An essential component of the Summoner’s Rift map in League of Legends are the Dragons, as this gives players an advantage if they kill one. In this article I go in depth on where to bet what team will slay the first dragon.

LOL Team to Destroy the First Tower: One prop bet you can make in LOL is for the team to destroy the first tower and I go into detail in this article on where to bet that and what to look for when making that bet.

LoL Total Maps Over/Under: This is a good bet to make when it is two tight teams playing against each other. You can bet on the over/under on the total maps it will take to declare a winner. Read this article for betting strategies and where to bet on League of Legends Total Maps Over/Under.

LoL To Finish Bottom: Not the most positive bet in the world but for League of Legends you can bet on who will finish bottom in a group. In this article I talk about where to bet on who will finish bottom in League of Legends, as well as betting strategies to apply.

LoL To Win At Least 1 Map: Always a fun bet to make – betting that one team, generally a weaker team, will win at least one map. Whether it be due to them just being good on that map, or complacency expected by their opponents.

LoL Total Towers Destroyed: With this type of bet you are betting on the over/under on the total amount of towers destroyed in a match.

Where To Bet League of Legends Tournaments:

EU Masters: The European Masters is one of the biggest eSports tournaments and features all the best teams in Europe.

LoL CK: the League of Legends Champions Korea, or LoL CK for short, is the top professional LoL tournament within South Korea. In this article I cover where to bet the LoL CK, the best places to bet it and what strategies to use when betting the LoL CK.

LEC Spring: In this article I cover the Spring Season of the LEC. Where to bet it, where to watch it, what you can bet on and how to bet it.

LPL Spring Playoffs: The Tencent League of Legends Pro League offers playoffs leading up to the big tournament and in this article I talk about how to bet on the LPL Spring Playoffs.

Mid-Season Invitational: In this article I go into detail as to where to bet the League of Legends MSI or Mid-Season Invitiational. This tournament is hosted by Riot Games and has been going since 2015.

LOL MSI Play-In: If you want to make it to the Mid-Season Invitational it’s a long hard road including the play-in. In this article I provide betting advice in regard to the LOL MSI Play-In and what to look for.

LoL LLA: This is the League of Legends Latin American League. In this article I talk about where to bet the highest professional ranking league for Hispanic America, and provide betting strategy for it.

LOL TCL: The Turkish Championship League is one of Turkeys foremost LOL Tournaments with Summer and Winter seasons, and runs all year long pretty much. In this article I cover where to bet the LoL TCL.

World Championships: The biggest LOL tournaments are the World Championships and in this article I talk about where to bet the LOL World Championships and what betting strategy to use.

LOL LVP SuperLiga: The LOL LVP SuperLiga began in 2011 and is one of the biggest sporting events out there. They last fourteen weeks and are great to watch. In this article I talk about where to bet the LoL LVP Superliga.

How to Bet League of Legends Online:

Bovada: Visit the “Sports” section of the site and then click on eSports on the left. Now things are a bit messy here so what you want to do is use the navigation bar at the top – the green bar – and click to filter to League of Legends. There you’ll get to see all LoL bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Very simple – click “eSports” on the left and then it covers all eSports. No option to filter to just LoL but that’s okay – it’s all very well organized and broken up into a particular tournament or league. So it’s very easy to navigate and all of the bets for that particular tournament are listed.

What League of Legends Bets/Props Are There?

When you are betting on LoL, you’re generally betting on the outcome of particular match-ups. For each match, you’re betting who will win. Simple as that.

However sportsbooks usually offer a wide variety of different props for each match to add more betting action. Instead of betting who will win a match, you could bet what team will draw first blood. Or what team will slay the first dragon or baron. Or even bet the correct map score.

There’s a wide variety of prop bets available for each League of Legends match-up.

Common League of Legends Betting Questions:

What sportsbooks will keep first blood in play until the beginning of the game?

It varies. I’ve seen 888 keep it open until the 2nd ban phase, and I’ve seen it kept open on Bet365 Sportsbook at times but it does seem to vary based on the tournament.

Where To Watch LoL Online:


LoL Betting Strategy:

I’ve always felt the best strategy is to really get to know the teams. Watch their previous match-ups, understand who is playing, then get an idea of their general strategy. Then use the various betting markets at your disposal to take advantage. Don’t focus on who is goign to win the match – look at the other betting options and see how one might suit up to a teams strategy.

Knowing the teams is the way to success for betting on LoL.

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