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Where To Bet EBEL Online


In this article I’m going to talk about where to bet the Austrian Hockey League, which is known as the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga and is the top hockey league in Austria. It’s known primarily as the EBEL. So if you’re looking for Where to bet the EBEL online, this is the place.

It currently features 12 teams and at most online sportsbooks it will be listed as the Austria EHL which is what I’ll refer to it for the majority of this article. It’s not to be convinced with the Euro Hockey League.

The Austria EHL currently features 12 teams – 8 of which are from Austria. There is then 1 team from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy.

The league is normally dominated by Austrian teams with only one non-Austrian team ever winning the HL which was HC Bolzano in the 2013/2014 season.

It can be quite profitable to bet the Austria EHL if you do your research however it can be tricky to bet as you also get a lot of heavy favorites.

Where To Bet Austria EHL / EBEL Online:

America: The best place for hockey for Americans is Bovada. They offer up all of the Austria EHL game lines and a very good interface with nice odds and offer a variety of different bets such as 3-way moneyline, 1st period plays and various game props like Both Teams to Score and Odd/Even Total Goals.

Everywhere Else: I personally recommend Bet365 Sportsbook which is where I bet the Austria EHL. I like them due to the amount of props they offer on each game.

How to Bet Austria EHL / EBEL Online:

Bovada: Under the “Sports” section of the site click on “Hockey” and this brings up all the hockey lines. In the top center of the page is a drop down and “Austria” is listed there. You click that and it brings up all of the games for that day and you can expand them if need be to see all the props.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Hockey” on the left sidebar and it lists the hockey leagues. You’ll probably have to scroll down a bit to the “Austria EHL” category which will list Game Lines, Props etc and all categorized well so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

What Austria EHL / EBEL Bets/Props are there?

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The most common three bets for the Austria Hockey League are the money line, game total and puck line.

Money Line: The simplest bet of all – you bet if a team will win or not. Overtime/shootout are included in this bet.

Puck Line: Also known as the handicap – it’s where the favourites will be -1.5 and the underdogs +1.5. You then add or remove that total from the score depending on what the final score is and what you bet and you have to win after that. So if you bet Graz -1.5 over Bolzano and they win 3-2, you lose the bet because after taking 1.5 away from 3, you’re left with 1.5 meaning Graz “lost” the game by only scoring 1.5 goals to Bolzanos 2.

Game Total: The over/under where the sportsbook sets a line – normally 5.5 goals – and then you have to bet whether the total goals scored in that game, including overtime, will be above or below that total.

However most online sportsbooks will offer a lot of variations on that. For example you can bet who wins the 1st period, what team will score first, whether a goal will be scored in the first 9 minutes and 30 seconds, and various other bets.

Common Austria EHL / EBEL Questions:

Is the Austria EHL the Euro Hockey League?

No. It can be a bit confusing if you are outside Europe but the EHL is the Euro Hockey League and this league is known as the EBEL however a variety of online sportsbooks will list it as the “Austria EHL” so I’ve listed it like that here to make it easier.

Has a non-Austrian team ever won the EBEL?

Yes but only once. In 2013/2014 HC Bolzano won. They defeated EC Red Bull Salbuzrg in the finals 3 games to 2.

Where To Watch EBEL Online:

You can access EBEL games online via Laloa1.TV.

Austria EHL / EBEL Betting Strategy:

I’ve had a lot of success personally betting on game totals in the EBEL. I find more often than not the line isn’t adaptive and sticks to 5.5 goals. If you study that market you can make a lot of solid wins. Also lesser bets such as 1st periods etc and who will win them and so on I’ve found have given me a lot of success. These markets don’t seem to have as sharp odds as the main ones and you can find a lot of value there.

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