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Where To Bet Player Passes in Soccer


One interesting bet you can make in soccer / football is betting on player passes.

The betting options for player passes is fairly simple – the sportsbook will set up a number of passes that they believe will be around the number of passes that a player will make in any given match.

You then get to predict whether the pass count will be over or under that. It can be a fun bet sitting there hoping a player passes a lot, or hoping they never see the ball.

There are some slight variations on that which I will get into shortly. First, let’s cover where you can bet on player passes in soccer:

Where To Bet Player Passes in Soccer

America & Canada: You really only have one option for betting player passes in soccer, and that is BetOnline. Don’t worry that isn’t a bad thing. They offer a lot of varieties and a lot of great props. For player passes, rather than an over / under they allow you to choose a number of passes that a player will make at least. So you can choose Jorginho to have at least 75 passes at -121 odds, or you could get real risky and say at least 91 passes which are +214 odds. BetOnline also offer the ability to bet on passes that leads to goals, which is an assist.

On top of that, BetOnline also offer a variety of other great player props such as player shots, cards, and player performance doubles.

Everywhere Else: The best option for player pass props is Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer an incredible amount of player props, and when it comes to player passes offer the ability to bet on assists, as well as betting on the over/under on passes completed.

What is the Player Pass Bet in Soccer?

The player pass bet in football is very simple; you are betting on the number of completed passes that a player will make during the game.

They have certain rules in regard to how it works but it has to be an intentional pass. Passes from goal kicks and free kicks count. Throw-ins do not. Neither do crosses.

There are two key variations to player pass bets in soccer. The first as mentioned is the over/under where the sportsbook set the line of a number of passes that a player will make during that match. You then have to bet whether or not their total pass count will go over or under that amount.

The other is the “at least” line where the sportsbook sets the line of “at least” that many passes a player will make, and you bet if they will make it. You can also move the line as well to get better odds.

Sportsbooks also offer bets on player assists as well.

Common Player Passes in Soccer Questions:

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Do crosses count as passes?:

No, they do not.

How to Bet Player Passes in Soccer

BetOnline: Click on the match that you want to bet on. All of the odds are listed here and under their props section, you just have to expand the “Passes (At least)” section. There you can see the line they have set for that particular player. You can then click on the drop-down to change the amount, and the odds will automatically update to reflect that.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the football match you want to bet player passes on, and then on the menu click “Player”. All of the props are listed there such as Goalscorers, and bookings. If they have player pass markets available, they will be listed there too.

Player Passing Betting Strategy:

The first obvious thing to do is to determine what the expected result will be, and then whether it will be home or away. That way you get an idea of the flow of the match, and then you can look at that player’s stats for similar matches and see how their numbers were.

A home game against West Ham for example will see a big difference in the way a team plays compared to an away game at Anfield.

Once you get an idea of how the game is going to go, you can make the bet with more confidence as strategies for the most part will stay the same for the team.

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