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Where To Bet The English Championship Online


The English Football League Championship, or EFL Championship, is one of the highest divisions for the English Football League overall. Established as the second highest Soccer league, being just one rank below the Premier League itself, it brings in talent from all across Britain. This means that there are plenty of bets to be made, which we’ll now look at here in closer detail, along with how you can get more from your wager.

Formed in 2004, the EFL Championship would come to feature a total of twenty-four clubs participating over the course of the season. Prior to this it would be called the Football League First Division, running from 2004 to 2005, before it was transformed to the EFL. Before all this it was the Football League Second Division from 1892 to 1992, and players from across the regions have always been able to take part, such as those from Wales. Competing for the FA and EFL Cups, it celebrates the best of what England has to offer in the world of Soccer, bringing in the greatest players from all over.

This level of talent brings with it an equally increased level of stakes, which you can potentially profit from. Here we’ll look at what goes in to creating a bet like this, and how you make a more successful bet.

Where To Bet The English Championship:

America: Your best option in North America is BetOnline, with its extensive coverage of the English Championship matches.

Canada: For this you’ll want Sports Interaction for all your English Championship betting needs.

Everywhere Else: You will want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it has the most on offer at any given time.

What is The English Championship?

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Those that win the EFL Championship are promoted to the Premier League, meaning that there’s a lot of competition among the clubs. Sponsored by Sky Bet, which lends it the name of the ‘Sky Bet Championship’, there’s a lot of invested in the event. It also runs in conjunction with the FA Cup, starting in its current conception as the EFL for the 2004 to 2005 season.

Over the years many clubs have risen through the league, with Barnsley being the team that has currently spent the most time there. Here’s a brief layout of how the competition is generally structured in its present iteration:

  • Main Season: Comprised of twenty-four teams, there are forty-six games, with each club playing two matches, scoring three points for a win, one for drawing, and none for losing.
  • Championship Play-Offs: After the top two are promoted, the next top four teams from the main season also compete for a promotion, with one making it through.
  • Promotions/Relegations/Trophy: While the bottom three teams of the main season are relegated to the league below, the top two are promoted, along with the winner of the Play-offs who’s also awarded the Play-off trophy.

There’s a lot riding on this Championship, with clubs fighting to move up through the ranks and not fall down. How can you spot the winners though, potentially making yourself a more substantial sum in the process?

Common English Championship Questions:

What signs should I watch for and what type of bets are open?:

Most of the games are usually open for betting on, with many of the bets focusing on which teams will win overall. Keeping an eye out for rising talent is essential, as this can allow you to determine who will end up where, as teams and players move up through the ranks. Using handicaps can give you an advantage with the odds, such as the ‘Asian Handicap’ specific to Football, but clubs can quickly move on up. Watching the players is good, as you can find some nice and profitable surprises, which can really help you raise the stakes.

How can I watch the games?:

In the UK Sky Sports currently holds the rights to the games, broadcasting them live, along with talkSPORT who hold the national radio rights. Everyone in Canada can find them available through the DAZN network, while those in the US will be able to view the matches on ESPN and ESPN+. You should also be able to find them on Bet365 Sportsbook, being viewable in a wide-range of countries, holding the rights for most of them. There’s many international providers too, including beIN Sports in France and Monaco, as well as FOX Sports in Africa.

How to Bet The English Championship:

BetOnline: Selecting ‘Sports’ from the navigation bar at the top of the first page, you should find a range of options down the left-hand side of the next. Next you’ll want to choose ‘Soccer’ from the ‘Main Sports’ box, then ‘England’ from the list of countries, followed by ‘View Selected’. This will give you the matches from England, along with their Championship games, which you can use after registering.

Bet365 Sportsbook: After using the ‘English’ language tab on the first page, you should then find ‘Soccer’ down the left side, right underneath ‘Snooker’. Then, under ‘United Kingdom’ in the center of the page, you should find ‘England Championship’, giving you all the Championship games. You can then follow each of them through to the individual bets themselves.

The English Championship Betting Strategy:

One of the main points that you’ll want to focus on is the players themselves, as there’s plenty of rising stars that can bring about interesting bets. Combining this with the more general wagers set around predicted results, you should then be able to gain far more favorable odds. Observing the changes in club management is also essential, with this being a good indicator of which teams are ascending.

Always keep yourself up-to-date with the teams style of play, such as whether or not they are stronger on defence or attack, because this can indicate which styles will clash. Becoming more informed and conscious of what’s on offer through newsfeeds and social-media will help you to identify the winners far more precisely, making for a potentially more profitable set of wagers.

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