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Where To Bet Red Cards in Soccer


Always a fun bet with some great odds available – betting on a red card in a soccer match.

This is betting whether or not a player will be sent off. They can receive two yellows as that results in a red, or a straight up red card.

You can also bet on player bookings as well.

Note that red card bets usually only include 90 minutes. Any red card bets after the match is over will not cont.

The most common red card bet is whether or not there will be a red card in the match. You can bet “Yes” or “No”. You can then also up the ante by picking a particular player to be sent off.

Let’s cover where to bet red cards:

Where To Bet Red Cards in Soccer

America: The best sportsbook for bets involving a red card for Americans is Bovada. They offer the option of betting “Yes” or “No” in regards to whether there will be a red card. They also allow you to bet a specific player who will have a red card. Finally, they also offer some fun pre-built parlays involving a red card such as “Both Teams to Score in First Half, 6 First Half Corners and a red card awarded”. Bovada also have a good variety of bets related to bookings.

Everywhere Else: The best option for all non-Americans is Bet365 Sportsbook who offer the ability to bet whether or not there will be a red card, as well as bet on what player will receive a red card. They also offer a variety of bets related to cards such as time of first card, how many cards in the first 10 minutes, 1st player booked, Asian handicap cards, both teams to receive cards and more.

What Red Card Bets in Soccer Are There?

There are unfortunately only two bets related to red cards in soccer.

The first one is whether or not there will be a red card in a match. The odds for that are usually “Yes” at high odds such as 6.00 or 7.00, and then “No” at 1.10 odds. The odds can change depending on the match and the players involved. An Old Firm match will not see the same odds as a Crystal Palace vs Wolves match for example.

The other red card bet available is betting on whether a specific player will get a red card. You cannot bet on a player NOT getting a red card, but just bet that they will get a red card.

As a variable on that, you can also bet whether or not a player will get a card. Whether it is yellow or red, and who the first to receive a card will be.

Common Red Card in Soccer Questions:

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Do two yellow cards count as a red?

Yes, they do because if a player receives two yellow cards, they then instantly receive a red card and that will count.

What if a player gets sent off after the final whistle has gone?

Most sportsbooks will not count that as a red card. It is usually just a red card within 90 minutes (plus injury time) so this will likely be a loss, although it depends on the sportsbook.

How to Bet Red Cards in Soccer

Bovada: Click on the match you want to bet on and there is a big page of odds. Look for “Card Props” under the navigational menu and this will bring up all card prop bets, such as will there be a sending off and who will receive a red card.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the match you want to bet the red card prop on, then click on the “Cards” menu and that will bring up all card bets including the red card bets available.

Red Cards in Soccer Betting Strategy:

The first thing you should do is look up referee data, and look for those card-happy refs. Look at when they issue a red card as well. If they like to stamp their authority on a game with a lot of yellow cards followed by a red, then that is something to keep an eye out for.

Don’t focus too much on specific players – at least not in the top leagues such as the English Premier League. Consistent red cards are quite rare. In the 2020/21 season, only one player received multiple red cards, and in the season after that only two players did.

But look for leagues where you do see more consistency. Serie A for example. And look at the situations the players get red cards in if it’s derby games etc.

The red card bets are high odds for a reason though – they are very tough to come in, especially now we’re passed the era of the likes of Roy Keane etc.

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