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Where To Bet Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul


On February 20th, 2021 Floyd Mayweather Jr. was scheduled to box against Logan Paul in an exhibition match. On January 29th, the fight was announced that it was postponed.

If you are wondering why Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul was postponed, the reasoning was “COVID and other things”. There is no news about when it will take place yet.

It’s billed as a “Super Exhibition” and features the 50-0 Floyd Mayweather, who we last saw dismantling UFC’s Conor McGregor, return to the ring to take on Youtube star Logan Paul.

This may sound ludicrous but over the last couple of years, Youtubers getting into boxing has been very popular and has been a huge hit.

Logan Paul has been involved in two fights so far. He battled against rapper KSI and the two went to a draw. Logan then fought him again and lost. The first match was an amateur event and the second was a professional event.

You will of course be able to be on Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul. The issue is that it’s not worth betting on the winner of the fight unless you want to take the biggest risk over on Floyd – or attempt to win the lottery by betting on Logan.

So it’s best to look for sportsbooks that offer prop bets. This allows you to bet money on the event for fun and hey – maybe you’ll have an advantage and be able to take money from the sportsbook.

Where To Bet Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

The best place is BetOnline. We learned this when it came to the Mike Tyson fight recently; they are one of the best in terms of getting the odds up fast, and also offering the biggest variety of props.

BetOnline are completely trustworthy and have been around for decades. I personally bet with them a lot (they often have the best odds bar none for NHL) and offer a good selection of bets.

I mean within hours of Floyd Mayweather announcing the fight on his Instagram, they had a variety of prop bets up.

So go check out BetOnline and see what prop bets there is. I will keep adding them to this page along with odds but for the latest ones, check out BetOnline.

What Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Prop Bets Are There?

Currently you can bet on the following prop bets:

  • Who will be the first to bleed? Logan Paul is -450 while Floyd Mayweather is +275.
  • Will Logan Paul be knocked down? You can bet “Yes” at -250 or “No” at +170.
  • Will the Fight go the Distance? You can bet if it will go all the way to the end or not. Yes is +150 and No is -200.

All of these are available at BetOnline.

Common Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Questions:

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Will this fight count on Floyds record?

No it will not. As it is an exhibition match it won’t count on his record. You may think that means it is more likely that Floyd loses however bear in mind he is very proud of his record and will take this very seriously.

Will the weight and size difference be a factor here?:

If there was real skill involved damn right. However just go check out Oscar De La Hoya vs Shaq to see how the height and weight advantage worked there. Granted neither were taking it seriously but it shouldn’t be a factor at all here.

How to Bet Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

BetOnline: Listed in their sidebar is “Other Sports”. Expand that and you will see the Boxing link. You can then choose Boxing Bouts if you wish to bet on the winner or Boxing Props for the prop bets.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Betting Strategy:

Many might think that it’s not even worth betting on this one however based on Floyds fights against Tensin and Conor McGregor – he’s going to be taking this very seriously. There are not going to be any shenanigans and the dude is 50-0 for a reason; he’s an incredible boxer. The fight against Conor for example let’s be honest; he could have finished that at any time.

I think it will be similar to that. Floyd will do what he does best which will be to not let Logan hit him and have Logan gas himself out. Then take over and take the fight. So betting that it won’t go to a decision etc is the best way to go.