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Where To Bet Soccer Online


In this section I am going to cover where to bet soccer online.

First my apologies to my non North American readers for calling it “soccer”. However I receive a lot of visitors from the US and Canada, and I do feel soccer is a good global name for it. Plus under “Football” I cover the NFL, CFL etc so to call it “American Football” then cover the Canadian league just feels weird.

So this is the soccer section. Within it you will find the best places to bet soccer online. You can bet soccer at any online sportsbook however I cover the best places to bet soccer at online.

Just a few factors I consider when telling you where to bet soccer at include:

  • Sportsbook Trust
  • Deposit and Reload Bonuses
  • Best Odds
  • Player and Team Props
  • Variety of Match Bets Available
  • Variety of Competition Bets Available
  • Live Betting
  • Customer Support

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to soccer betting so let’s get into where the best sportsbooks to bet soccer are:

Where To Bet Soccer Online:

America: The best place for Americans to bet soccer online is Everygame. The reason for that is that most other sportsbooks that accept Americans only focus on American sports so their soccer betting is quite limited.

Everygame however are a sportsbook that have been around since 1998 and have always had a strong focus and base in Europe and have a strong European base. So that means that they will cover a wide variety of betting beyond the major leagues such as the Spanish LaLiga 2, or the UAE Gulf League.

The only issue is they are a bit restrictive in regard to the amount of props available and that they don’t currently offer live betting. So for Americans I would advise having two accounts. One at Everygame, and one at Bovada, who cover a lot more individual props and cover a good variety of player props. Bovada also offer live betting on soccer.

Canada: You should have an account at Sports Interaction for sure. These guys are Canadian only but have a very strong focus on soccer. They cover an incredible amount of leagues, offer live betting, futures and an excellent amount of prop bets. They also offer live betting. Again I would have two accounts – one at Sports Interaction and one at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Everywhere Else: 100% go with Bet365 Sportsbook if you want a catch-all sportsbook for soccer betting. The amount of leagues they cover is absolutely insane along with the amount of prop bets available for each match. They offer enhanced prices on select competitions, early payout offers and even the ability to create your very own personalized soccer bet. Their live betting is in my opinion the best in the business. I’ll be honest I often don’t bother chasing the best odds – out of pure convenience and user interface, I place the majority of my soccer bets at Bet365 Sportsbook. Can’t speak highly enough of them and they offer live streaming for a lot of matches too.

Soccer Props:

Both Teams To Score: The Both Teams To Score bet in soccer is one you will likely be aware of. But did you know there are many variants related to it? I cover them all here.

Clean Sheets: There are a lot of bets involving clean sheets in soccer such as both teams to get a clean sheet, one team to get a clean sheet, clean sheets in one half etc. I cover all of those in this article on soccer clean sheets.

Correct Score: The correct score bet in soccer is betting on the exact score and result in the match but there are actually quite a few variables such as correct score at half time, grouped correct score bets and more. In this article, I go into detail about everything to do with correct score bets.

Goalkeeper Saves: How many saves a keeper will make in soccer. Not too many sportsbooks offer this but there is a bit of a workaround that I cover.

Half-Time Correct Score: The same bet as above, except you are betting the correct score at the end of the first half, not the entire match.

Highest Scoring Half: bet whether the 1st half or 2nd half will have the most goals or bet that it will be a tie. I cover that and all the props related to it in this article.

Player Assists: In this article I cover where to bet player assists in soccer. What to look for, what sportsbooks cover the wide variety of props related to player assists etc.

Player Bookings: There are multiple bets you can make in regard to bookings during games. I go through all of those in this article.

Player Passes: Player passes is something you can bet on in soccer with a few variables, such as the over/under on passes and how many passes a player will make “at least”. I go into detail about player passes and all the betting options available.

Player Red Card: You can bet on whether a specific player will be sent off during a match. A high odds play which can be tough. I cover the places to bet this one here.

Player Shots: There are a lot of varieties to player shots in soccer such as shots on goal, total shots etc. I go into depth about them here and also cover where to bet player shots.

Penalties / Penalty Props: There are a variety of penalty-related bets you can make in soccer and I go into detail about them here.

Red Cards: Bet on a specific player to get sent off, or whether there is going to be a red card in the game. I go into detail about red card bets in this article.

Soccer Corners: There are a lot of bets related to corners in football. I go through all of them here, as well as list the best online sportsbooks to bet at – the ones with the most corner prop bets.

Soccer Goalscorers: There are a variety of bets you can make in regard to goalscorers in soccer, and I cover them all within this post.

Soccer Team Shots: In this article I cover the team shots in soccer bet including the various related bets such as team shots on target.

League / Tournament Specific Betting Guides:

Within the soccer section, I’ve got links to betting on specific competitions as some online sportsbooks excel more at certain leagues, and some sportsbooks only cover certain leagues. Here are links to those if you are looking to bet on a specific competition:

Copa America: In this article I talk about betting the great South American football tournament Copa America. A fun tournament to bet with some crazy matches at times. I talk about the best places to bet it and how to bet on Copa America online.

Danish Superliga: The top league in Denmark, home of Brian Laudrup my favourite player. Always love the Danes. In this article I cover betting on the Superliga.

English EFL Cup: Currently known as the Carabao Cup, this is the “League Cup” in England. It’s not treated with high regard by lots of the top teams and it gives the opportunity for some great betting opportunities. In this article I cover where to bet the EFL Cup and what to look for when betting it.

Euro 2021: I guess it’s not Euro 2020 anymore it’s Euro 2021. Crazy times. Anyway this is our guide to betting on Euro 2021.

English Championship: From a betting perspective one of the best leagues to bet due to the quantity of games and certain teams having shortened odds due purely to name value. I cover the best places to bet the English Championship here.

English Premier League: Looking to bet on the English Premier League? In this article I cover the best places to bet the EPL factoring in betting options available, and the prop bets available. For example bets on who will finish in the Top 4, or the quantity of wins that a team will have etc.

FIFA World Cup: Check out our World Cup section for a list of all of the best World Cup betting props, and in-depth analysis and research on bets and where to bet them.

France Ligue 1: Here’s your first tip: don’t even bother betting on PSG matches. Odds are always crap. No surprise there. In this article however I do cover France Ligue 1, and betting strategies to use when betting on it as well as the best places to bet Ligue 1 in France.

German Bundesliga: In this article I cover the best places to bet the German Bundesliga. I also factor in the other leagues in Germany to bet on, as well as all the future and prop bets available for the Bundesliga.

Italian Serie A: Looking to bet on Serie A? It can be a very profitable league to bet on due to teams having favoured odds purely due to name value such as AC Milan. In this article I cover the best online sportsbooks to bet Serie A at.

Portugese Primeira Liga: In this article I cover betting on the Portugese Primeira Liga. Where to bet it, what sportsbooks have the most prop bets for the matches and so on as well as what books are best for betting futures.

Russian Premier League: Learn where the best places to bet the Russian Premier League are and what betting strategies to use when betting it.

Scottish Premiership: The SPL of course features Rangers and Celtic and a whole bunch of other teams that don’t matter. (I’m a Rangers fan I’m allowed to say that). In this article I cover where to bet on the SPL and what to look for whne betting on it as well as suggest resources.

Spanish Primera Liga: The Spanish Primera Liga is a fun league to bet on – especially with cracks showing in Barcelona and Real Madrid in recent times. In this article I cover where the best places are when it comes to betting on the Spanish Primera Liga.

UEFA Champions League: The UEFA Champions League is an interesting league to bet on as some sportsbooks offer very basic odds on it. In this article I cover the best places to bet the UEFA Champions League with the most options – be it for the matches themselves, or futures.

UEFA Europa League: In this article I cover the best sportsbooks to bet the UEFA Europa League at. Some sportsbooks offer a wider variety of lines than others and so I cover the best sportsbooks here.

Where To Bet Soccer Props

Soccer League Betting Guide

Soccer Tournament Betting Guide

Where To Make Specific Soccer Bets:

Soon I will have articles here on where to make specific soccer bets, such as anytime goalscorer, half time/full time, corner betting and more.

How to Bet Soccer Online

Everygame: Their interface isn’t the best to be fair. You’ll find “Soccer” on the left hand side then when you click that it lists the upcoming games in the middle. You can use the left side to filter by competition. Then also click on each match to see the bets specific to that match. If you wish to live bet you need to click the “Live Betting” option although as of this writing they are currently revamping the live betting section and nothing is available.

Bovada: In the “Sports” section, “Soccer” is one of the featured sports listed at the top. Click that and well – it’s going to be a mess unfortunately. They will offer live betting odds righ tat the top and then a lot of scrolling down. What you need to do is use the menu bars above the bets to filter by the competition you wish to bet. Then you can click on each match to expand. I will warn you that initially, soccer betting will be frustrating here.

Sports Interaction: On the left hand side is the soccer option and they will also list the most popular betting options within that category when you expand on it. They also have a live soccer betting option within that. For actual betting just click on the competition you wish to bet. They cover a wide variety. Then it will list the match odds and you can click the “+ _bets” section at the bottom right of each match to expand that and see the amount of bets available per match.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left side is “Soccer”. Click that and the soccer section opens up and it will list everything available first by country, then when you expand that by competition. Click on a competition and you then get presented with match bets you can make. You can also siwtch at the top to “Teams”, “Outrights” and “Tables” for additional bets.

What Soccer Bets /Props Are There?

Soccer Deposit Bonuses
Soccer is the most bet on sport in the world, so there is an absolutely insane amount of bets available.

The most common bet you can make is a 3-way bet where you are betting that one team will win, or that it will be a draw.

However sportsbooks offer literally over a hundred different betting options. Here are just a few examples of things you can bet on in a soccer match:

  • The correct score
  • If both teams will score or not
  • First, Last and Anytime Goalscorer
  • The Asian Handicap
  • Winning Margin
  • If a specific player will get booked or sent off
  • If there will be a red card
  • Time of first card
  • Who gets the most corners
  • Over/under on corners
  • If a team will win from behind
  • If there will be an own goal

And so much more. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So many bets available.

Common Soccer Betting Questions:

How can I bet on soccer and win?

I’ve got a soccer betting strategy below. Have a quick look at that for a brief idea to get started on winning at soccer.

Where can I bet on Euro 2020?

Any of the above sportsbooks are the best places to bet Euro 2020.

Where To Watch Soccer Online:

There are too many options to list of course ha. Depends really on the country. If you are looking for a sportsbook that offers live streaming options of a lot of different leagues, I personally use Bet365 Sportsbook.

Soccer Betting Strategy:

There is obviously a lot of soccer betting strategies you can use to try and win at soccer.

My own personal methods are (1) focusing on minor leagues and (2) focusing on various prop bets.

So focusing on the Scottish Division 1 or the French NationaL League for example. You’ll see a lot of even odds in those or odds made up based primarily on the basics involving each teams. If you dive into them you can really get an advantage over the sportsbooks when it comes to these sort of leagues. Learn what players are important for each team etc. Understand each teams tactics and so on.

I also think focusing on prop bets is a smart move too such as corners or card betting. Please note that there’s a lot more to it than the basics. Just because Liverpool average 11 corners per game and Watford average 5, doesn’t mean that Liverpool will automatically have more corners than them. There is a lot to consider when it comes to that. Similar when it comes to over/under. Start watching the games with a strong focus on corners and why they happen and how the game script affects it. That’s the best way to start with any sort of prop bet like that.

Same thing with card betting. Just because a team averages 3 yellow cards a game doesn’t mean much by itself. Look at the data – when are they getting those cards? When they’re winning and defending and wasting time? When they’re losing and getting frustrated? All things you need to consider.

Live betting is a great option too. Look for those teams who are good at scoring late and look at backing them. Teams such as Glasgow Celtic over the years have been good for that. If a team is beating them or even drawing with them, you will see that team park the bus however Celtic have been good at breaking teams like that down.

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