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Where To Bet CFL Online


The Canadian Football League has been around in some form since 1958. Over the past few years we have seen coverage of the CFL extend outside of Canada with coverage on the ESPN networks in the United States, BT Sports in the UK, and coverage in other countries as well. The game continues to grow and gain popularity in and outside of Canada.

As it’s gained in popularity, so has the gambling options. The game is now easily accessible to bet on with most major sportsbooks now covering it. It’s a great sport to watch and a great sport to bet on.

In this article, we are going to go through how you can start betting on the CFL. We’ll show you where to bet it and how to bet it.

Where To Bet CFL:

America: Bovada is a great resource for betting on the CFL. They not only offer point spreads, but also offer score props, alternate lines, and more.

Canada: The best place to bet sports in Canada is Sports Interaction so, of course, the best place to bet the Canadian Football League is Canada’s best sportsbook.

Everywhere Else: One of the best places for pure betting options on the CFL is 888. They offer multiple props for every game as well as point spreads, moneylines, and totals.

What is CFL Betting?

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The CFL stands for the Canadian Football League. It is football, but there are some key differences from the NFL. A look at some of the differences between the two games:

  • The field is both longer (110 yards) and wider (65 yards), and the end zone is also deeper (20 yards).
  • Goal posts are at the front of the end zone.
  • The number of legal players on the field is higher by one for a total of 12 players.
  • The number of downs is one less than the NFL with only three downs.
  • There is also a rogue where a missed field goal or a punt that goes into the end zone and is not returned out of the end zone by the receiving team results in a point for the kicking team.
  • There are 21 weeks in the season compared to 17 in the NFL.

Those are the main differences, but there are others including the limit on the amount of non-Canadian players that each team may bring in.

CFL Bets:

CFL Grey Cup Betting: The Grey Cup is the Canadian version of the Super Bowl. In this article I explain what to look for when betting on the Grey Cup, how to bet online and where to bet the Grey Cup.

Common CFL Questions:

What makes the CFL so much different?

Honestly, it’s just the 3 downs versus 4 downs thing.

The three downs system doesn’t allow for a lot of short plays as teams have to really be aggressive with their downs as they basically have two chances to get a first down before deciding to punt. This makes the game go somewhat faster and allows for more action.

What is Happening with the CFL 2020 Season?

Unfortunately the CFL 2020 season had to be postponed due to COVID-19. This was an announcement made on June 18th, 2020.

They are still looking to potentially play a shortened season however if that is the case, it would begin in September at the earliest.

What happened with the 2020 Grey Cup?

The Grey Cup was meant to be hosted in Saskatchewan. Normally the Grey Cup is a large event with an attached festival to it. Due to COVID-19, they decided to err on the side of caution.

They have instead awarded Saskatchewan the 2022 Grey Gup as a replacement. So Saskatchewan will host it in 2022. It was already planned that Hamilton would host the 2021 Grey Cup and that will not change.

In regards to who hosts the 2020 Grey Cup – it is going to be a “win and host” model if the CFL 2020 season takes place. This means that the team who both qualifies for the final, and also has the best regular season record, will be the host of the event. Quite neat.

Are the Edmonton Eskimos changing their name?

In July 2020, a survey was sent to the Edmonton fanbase with many questions. One of those questions is about the team name and whether they should change it as some people have deemed it offensive. They have had sponsors such as Belairdirect tell them they need to change the name or they will not sponsor them.

How To Bet CFL:

Bovada: Right at the top of the page in the “Sports” section of Bovada, click “Football”. Then from the drop-down menu select “CFL” and all the upcoming games will be listed.

Sports Interaction: Right on the left-hand side of the page click “Football” and this will create a drop down menu. Right from that menu you can find “CFL Games” and “CFL Futures”.

888: The easiest way to find the CFL here is to head to the top search bar on the sportsbook and type “CFL”. It will come up immediately and you can bet from there.

CFL Betting Strategy:

A good strategy for the CFL is to bet under in games with high totals. We all like to root for points, but I think sometimes in CFL games with high totals we take for granted the three-down situation. You can be the best offense in the league and still have a hard time getting a first down in just two downs.

The numbers back this up as well, from 2005-2018 the under is 355-269-9 (56.9%) in games with totals of more than 50 points according to the Action Network.

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