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Where To Bet Boxing Online


In this section I am going to cover where to bet boxing online.

Now every online sportsbook offers boxing, however there are some online sportsbooks that are quite simply better than others when it comes to boxing.

Whether it’s just general trust factor, or the boxing bets and props that they offer. Or even the ability to do live betting if you think a favourite is on the ropes.

Most sportsbooks will offer betting odds on who will win a match however there are some that go beyond that where you can bet on if it will go the distance, what round the fight will end in, etc.

Then there are sportsbooks that go beyond just betting odds on any given match. Sportsbooks that offer odds such as ability to bet on the Golden Contract Featherweights.

And of course we want sportsbooks who cover boxing matches featuring Youtube stars like Logan Paul right? I mean I’ve been a boxing fan for over 30 years but I still quite enjoy watching those guys go at it. It’s like a less exploitive version of Bumfights.

Let’s talk about the best online sportsbooks to bet boxing at:

Where To Bet Boxing Online:

America: The best place for Americans to bet boxing online is Bovada. They offer a solid selection of boxing matches and one thing I like is that they also offer various boxing futures. So if you want to bet on that Tyson Fury fight that is a few months out, you’re able to do it here. They’re a solid sportsbook and one thing I appreciate is that they have boxing in a separate category, as opposed to sportsbooks who lump it in with MMA. Makes it less confusing.

Everywhere Else: I’ve got to go with 888 who offer such a wide selection of boxing bets. They cover the upcoming fights in the IFB, WBO, WBA and WBC with various prop bets on each such as method of finish, or what round a fighter will win in. They also cover upcoming fights and also unconfirmed fights which I think is cool. So as soon as there is even a rumour of a fight, they’ll throw up odds for it. Often if you know your boxing, you can get some decent value on those too.

Where To Make Specific Boxing Bets:

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Fresh off his victory over Ben Askren, Jake Paul takes on the much better Tyron Woodley. Here I cover the best online sportsbooks to bet Paul vs Woodley at and explain why they are the best.

Past Fights:

Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort: We live in the best timeline.

Ben Askren vs Jake Paul: I cover the best sportsbooks to bet Askren vs Paul at as well as what prop bets to look for and what strategies to go with.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Betting on the winners of these type of fights make no sense. It’s best to look for prop bets instead where there can be some value. I cover the best sportsbooks in terms of prop bets for this fight.

Jose Canseco vs Billy Football: Yes it’s happening – a baseball legend is fighting a website intern. You better believe I am both watching and betting on this one.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.: Find the best sportsbooks to bet this epic exhibition match and who I think will win or what to bet on.

How to Bet Boxing Online

Bovada: When in the sports section, click on “All Sports”. It’s sorted in alphabetical order and you can click on boxing. For each fight there is a number to the right of it which lists the amount of bets available on it. You can click on that to expand the bets within that fight.

888: In the left hand side click “All Sports” then choose “Boxing”. This then presents a nice and easy list broken down by section of all the upcoming fights. It will list the basic odds for each fighter to win and a draw option as well, and you just click on a fight to see the amount of props available.

Promotion Specific Betting Guides:

(Coming Soon)

What Boxing Bets Are There?

Boxing Deposit Bonuses
The most basic boxing bet you can make is “who will win a fight”. You usually have the option of betting on it in a 3 way where the draw is involved.

Sportsbooks will also usually offer a “Draw No Bet” option which means you can bet on a fighter to win and if it is a draw, you get your stake returned.

You can also bet on the over/under rounds or if it will go the distance.

The sportsbooks mentioned above will go a step further – allowing you to bet on the winning method such as one fighter to win on points or by KO/TKO/DQ. You can even bet on what round a fighter will win in. Some sportsbooks even offer round group betting so rather than betting round 1, you can bet “round 1-3” a fighter will win in.

Common Boxing Betting Questions:

Where Can I Bet On KSI vs Logan Paul?:

I wrote a specific article on the best places to bet on Logan Paul vs KSI which you can read here.

Where To Watch Boxing Online:

This obviously varies country to country. DAZN are becoming one of the bigger names when it comes to covering boxing fights depending on the fight of course. Living in Canada, I use them a lot and they are excellent. The UK boxing always messes me up timezone wise as I am often out, but able to watch it streaming on my phone at a pub or whatever no problem.

Sky Sports Box Office covers a lot of fights in the UK.

Boxing Betting Strategy:

Personally I think a lot of boxing betting strategy should be focused on the undercard. The main fights are covered to death and we often have very heavy favourites. However on the undercard you can often find some value.

Look for odds that are quite close and then look closely at the fighters there. The boxing undercard is where the money is to be made.

Also when it comes to the main fights, don’t overthink yourself. Also 100% do not bet on huge favourites such as 1/100 etc.

And I hate to say it but sometimes look at betting on underdogs if you think it “makes sense” from a money perspective. ie: money in the rematch, rubber match etc. For example betting against Anthony Joshua in Ruiz vs Joshua II was probably a very silly bet.

Variants To Betting on Boxing

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