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Where To Bet ROH Online


For years Ring of Honor was the place to go to see the very best in the world of professional wrestling. Everyone from CM Punk to Seth Rollins to Adam Cole got their starts in Ring of Honor and it was their work in this company that helped propel them to the heights that they have reached since.

AEW stars like the Young Bucks, WWE stars like Samoa Joe, and NXT hopefuls like Tommaso Ciampa can all trace their history back to Ring of Honor.

As time has went on, Ring of Honor has grown in size from a small independent company to a national company with a corporate conglomerate behind them. As they’ve grown, so has their audience and there was a time when it could be legitimately argued that they were the second biggest company in the United States behind WWE. Today, they are still one of the biggest companies in the United States and feature a good collection of talent.

With their business partner New Japan Pro Wrestling often having betting odds on major sites like 888, it’s only a matter of time before Ring of Honor is also featured on them as well. This article will get into a bit more about Ring of Honor as well as where to bet pro wrestling online today.

Where To Bet Ring of Honor:


BetOnline offer a wide variety of wrestling bets and even post odds on most weekly television shows.

In addition to pro wrestling, they also offer betting on all major sports as well as e-sports and entertainment prop bets.

Everywhere Else:

One of the best sites for fans of pro wrestling is 888.

They offer betting odds on all the major events and always offer a wide variety of props including star ratings on Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

A company like Ring of Honor is known for their high level of in-ring action so they are a perfect fit here.

What are ROH bets?

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Betting on pro wrestling is rather simple as you are just betting on who is going to win the match. The favorite in the match will have negative moneyline odds while the underdog will have postive odds.

For a ROH specific example, you might see Marty Scurll as a -200 favorite against Matt Taven at +150. If you bet Scurll, you would need to bet $200 to win $100. If you bet Taven, a $100 bet would win $150.

Common Ring of Honor Questions:

The biggest event in Ring of Honor history was their combined show with New Japan that took place in 2019. The event was called the ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard and took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The event was the largest in the company’s history with attendance of 16,534.

That show could be considered a New Japan show. For the biggest ROH-only show, it would be Supercard of Honor XII from 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The show was headlined by Kenny Omega vs. Cody Rhodes and Dalton Castle vs. Marty Scurll.

How to Bet Ring of Honor:

BetOnline: This site is very easy to navigate and you simply need to head to the main betting portion of the site and find “Wrestling” under the “Main Sports” banner on the left hand side of the page.

888: The easiest way to find the wrestling odds is by searching “Pro Wrestling” in the top portion of the site. This will take you to their “WWE/Pro Wrestling” betting odds section that hosts all of the current wrestling events that they offer.

ROH Betting Strategy:

To be successful betting on professional wrestling, you need to put your head in the mind of the company. What do they see for the future? Where do they want to go? A company like ROH is good for this as they are always looking to build for the future as their established stars may be leaving to head to WWE or AEW. It’s important to look for the “next big thing” in wrestling and bet accordingly.

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