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Where To Bet King of Glory Online

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Taking a look at the King of Glory, or KOG, online battle arena game, we’ll now break down how you can make the most out of this particular eSport when betting.

Run by the Chinese company Tencent, King of Glory started in 2015, and would later come to North America and Europe in 2017. Owned by the company that also holds the rights to League of Legends (through their American developer Riot Games), this is a far more fast paced version of LoL for the mobile market. Since its initial inception, it’s also become a huge eSport in its own right, bringing in players from all around the world.

Largely centered around the King Pro League, or KPL, the King of Glory eSports franchise is managed by Tencent themselves. Mainly based in China since 2015, they have started to make a move on the western markets, branching out in 2017. This has brought a whole range of different exciting bets with it, as we’ll now look at in greater detail.

Where To Bet King of Glory Online:

America: For everyone in North America, you should find that Bovada is your best choice when it comes to betting on King of Glory. Usually focusing on the ‘King Pro League’ they have the widest selection available at any given time. They’re also easy to use, with it being simple to find your way around as well.

Everywhere Else: Outside of North America internationally, the online sportsbook Bet365 Sportsbook is your best bet when it comes to KOG and eSports. Providing the widest range of props and bets, it allows the player to really customize their wagers. Not only that, but it’s also really simple to use again.

Where To Make Specific King of Glory Bets:

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KOG Handicap: Much like in the NFL, NBA etc – often there will be matchups where one team is heavily favoured. Point spreads have made their way to KOG and you can bet on handicaps in KOG games.

KOG KPL Spring Playoffs: In this article I talk about the KOG KPL Spring Playoffs, how to bet them online and the best online sportsbooks to bet the spring playoffs.

How To Bet King of Glory:

Bovada: Heading over to the ‘Sports’ section, you should find ‘E-Sports’ down the left side of the page. From here go up to the top and click on the drop-down menu titled ‘All E-Sports’, choosing ‘Other E-Sports’ underneath. There should then be ‘King of Glory’ further down the page, with such events as the ‘King Pro League’ to bet on.

Bet365 Sportsbook: From the left-hand side of the first page, you should pick the tab marked ‘Esports’, taking you into the site itself. You will then see all the games down the middle of the page and KOG should be half way down, with its various events. Underneath each league/tournament are a set of betting options that you can then select, with a total of eight for one coupon.

What King of Glory Bets/Props Are There?

Whilst the bets mainly focus on overall bets, such as general match results, there are some props like giving the ‘correct score’. The props themselves usually mark out such wagers as ‘team to draw first blood’ and ‘team to destroy the first tower’. There’s also the bets regarding map scores too, all of which you can combine for better, more profitable stakes.

Common King of Glory Betting Questions:

Can my LoL skills transfer easily?

With an extremely similar layout and format it stands to reason that many have drawn comparisons between League of Legends and KOG. Both coming through Tencent, KOG aims to capture the mobile oriented market, aiming at more of a fast paced style of play with shorter matches. This has brought it to a whole different demographic of gamers, but it still retains its roots in LoL, something which the more seasoned veteran should be able to capitalize on.

Where To Watch King of Glory Online:

Whilst it’s not so well covered for western audiences as of yet, you can get live-streams at although it’s largely in Chinese. Older games should be available through YouTube.

King of Glory Betting Strategy:

As with any team based game it’s the players individually that are instrumental to the success of their team as a whole. That’s why it’s up to you to analyze any potential weak links in the squad, whilst also predicting how they’ll fare against any opposing players. Watch online for their strengths and weaknesses, as you can look at many of their older games on YouTube.

Keep up-to-date by paying close attention to any news and announcements, most of which you can find through various English forums. These will then give you an insiders knowledge of the game and what you’ll need, allowing you to enjoy a more financially rewarding series of games.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.