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Where To Bet KOG Handicap

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The action-packed MOBA King of Glory, aka Honor of Kings, which is also commonly referenced as KOG, has a massive amount of scope when it comes to betting. With a wealth of teams taking part in the eSport’s many different events, there will be varying degrees of skill involved, but there will also be teams that tend to dominate. At this point, betting handicaps come in, which is what we’ll look at here, breaking them down seeing what they have to offer.

Similar to the use of betting handicaps in other games, KOG uses them to provide a spread across the board. The game itself plays out akin to League of Legends, in that KOG is essentially its faster cousin, with each match of Kings lasting ten minutes. It can be quicker if one team reaches thirty kills before the clock is up, and these are the elements used when betting on the game overall. Often it’s the case that there will be a best-of-three setup, and this is what you can bet on when it comes to handicaps, along with kills. Using the handicap, you can put one team at a disadvantage while giving the other a stronger head-start, choosing either the number of rounds they win or their kill tally.

With the game itself being such high stakes, though, it can be hard knowing where to start, which is what we’ll look at here. How do you know who has a winning chance, and what sort of handicap should you use when looking for a larger payout?

Where To Bet KOG Handicap:

Betting at Bovada is easily your best choice when it comes to putting down handicaps on KOG, let alone placing money on eSports games in general.

What is KOG Handicap?

Betting handicaps in KOG work just as they would any other game, in that they provide obstacles for the favorited teams and advantages for the not so favored teams. Placing a plus handicap against those favored to win means they’ve got to win one more round or score one more kill to secure you the win, while the minus means fewer games or kills for the unfavored team. All of this allows you to level out the playing when field when placing bets across the board, making for a more enticing set of odds. It also means that you can still win even if the team you’re betting on loses, gaining you a profit despite their overall lack of success.

A game’s outcome is determined through several different factors, although you need to prepare for unpredictability. These are the general considerations you need to take into account when looking at KOG handicaps and what they involve:

  • Previous Wins: this is the main factor that will define the odds, which the sportsbooks will provide, and is what you’ll work from when betting.
  • Player Lineup: usually consisting of three or five players on each team, the players’ skills will vary, along with the teams themselves depending upon the game style.
  • Heroes Used: there’s five class of heroes which the players can use, and these will also affect the general gameplay, providing clashes along the way.
  • Event Layout: it could be the later stages of a tournament, whereby it might be best-of-five rounds, or the earlier stages meaning it’s likely best-of-three.

Considering all this alongside the team’s general history is important, as they’re just some of the many factors that define the game’s outcome overall. What should you keep an eye out for when putting down money, though, and how do you know where to look for the winning signs?

Common KOG Handicap Questions:

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Why use the betting handicap in KOG?

While handicaps level the betting playing field, as mentioned previously, evening out the odds with your money, they also make it more exciting. This added tension is because when one team’s dominating, it becomes stale watching them win all the time. Using the handicap to place them at a disadvantage, you can then essentially cheer on the underdog, giving them a chance to bring in some money. You can also use the bet in conjunction with many others, allowing you to create a stable of wagers all stacked up against one another. Make sure to experiment with what’s on offer as there will be a variety of different options available depending upon the type of KOG game played.

Who are the teams to look for in KOG when placing a handicap bet?
The teams with less chance to win can surprise the opposition, especially in the early stages of a game, if they catch the opposing team off-guard. KOG is a fast-paced game, though, so the teams need to be quick to get started if they want a chance of winning. So don’t risk too much, but you could get in with a pleasant surprise early on, bringing you in a substantially large profit. It’s also a bet that can help even the score when betting on teams mismatched in terms of ability. If a team is dominating, then combine a handicap with a few other wagers to ensure things are a little more interesting when it comes to the final results.

How to Bet KOG Handicap:


First, head into the betting section of the site itself and then pick ‘King of Glory’ located just down the screen’s left side. Then you’ll have all the upcoming matches roll down the page when available, and you can select the + option beside each match. This option will then bring up all of the open bets for that single match, and you can open up the ‘Handicap Markets’ subsection, bringing up all the handicap bets.

KOG Handicap Betting Strategy:

You’ll mostly be looking at the match-up handicap for the large part, so this is what you want to focus on here. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment a little, see what profit you stand to make with some strategically placed bets across the board. Combinations are key here, as they can really up the profit potential, seeing you bringing in big money when seeing the payout.

Look for the faster teams, as KOG is a game about speed, more so than its League of Legends cousin, and it doesn’t allow much time for players to pick up the pace. When you have managed all of this, you should then be well on your way to making a bet with far more profit potential in the long-run.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.