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Where To Bet UFC (eSport)

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One of the largest organizations for American mixed martial arts, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is known around the world. This is also the case for its video-game counterpart, as EA Sports UFC would become a highly regarded franchise, along with its own successful eSports scene. Here we’ll break this down in finer detail, and what you should look for when betting on the UFC Esport fighting scene.

The first UFC officially licensed tie-in game would come out back in 2014 and it’s been a regular fixture since then. Continually being updated through new releases, it’s available across multiple platforms, with officially licensed fighters brought onto the roster. Prior to EA Sports managing the title it was THQ, but now Electronic Arts run it completely, and it’s become a fully fledged international professional eSport. Reaching a huge level of popularity online and off, it shows up in a number of different official championship leagues and events.

Running alongside a variety of other real-world sports that are also transferring into the world of eSports, UFC is fast becoming a prime example of the genre. Constantly geared towards realism, it manages to capture all the excitement of fighting in the ring, getting right to the heart of being up there in front of a live crowd. With so much on offer then, what should you look out for when placing a bet on a UFC eSport title match, and how can you best spot the winners from the losers when putting down your money?

Where To Bet UFC Esport Online:

Covering UFC as an eSport, Bovada has regular international coverage for most matches and events, being available around the world.

What UFC Esport Bets/Props Are There?

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With two players facing off against one another, it stands to reason that you’re first going to find the overall winner bets. These will be what you’re initially presented with as you look into the match itself, with varying odds depending on the different games and players. Altering this with the options of over/under as well, you can tailor it to just how you want, along with betting on the tournaments and events in general.

You’ll have the chance to put down special markets, or props, such as ‘knockout by’, which focuses on whether it’ll be a kick or punch that’ll KO them. Then there’s tallying up the strikes themselves, as you can alter who’ll get the most, as well as who gets the most significant strikes. Combining these it’s possible for you to effectively pace out your bets for the duration of an entire fight, using everything to its full advantage.

How to Bet UFC Esport:

Going straight to the betting section, you’ll find a regularly updated interface, along with ‘All Games’ down the left side. As you then scroll down the list of games alphabetically, you’ll see ‘UFC’ and whichever version number the game’s currently on. The available games are then updated in real-time with ‘Next To Go’, and there may also be some options for betting on ‘Outright’ at the top.

Common UFC Esport Questions:

How is this similar to betting on the UFC in real-time?:

When it comes to the players themselves there’s going to be an obvious difference in the gameplay set-up and how it’s handled. The betting itself, though, will look fairly similar, in that you get to place money on the overall winner, predicting who will successfully come out on top. A noticeable difference will be when it comes to the props, as there’s room for more specifically defined bets with the eSport special markets.

Where To Watch UFC Esport Online:

Many of the games will be shown on YouTube, including some of the players streaming the games themselves, with it getting picked up by more channels as it becomes increasingly popular. Twitch is another platform where it’s building a stronger profile, with its player base growing with each new release of the game. Sometimes it’s the case that the sportsbooks will stream the matches too, along with a live feed from the leagues and tournaments themselves.

UFC Esport Betting Strategy:

Working in much the same way as a real game of UFC would, there’s little difference here in terms of betting for the onlooker. It’s still considerable though, as UFC as an eSport allows for a lot more precise counting when it comes to different props, as scores and tallies are counted. This means you can fine tune your bets with a certain degree of precision, mixing up some of the smaller bets.

Check out the playing styles beforehand, as many of the players may opt for a more aggressive stance, as well as being a bit brash and constantly taunting, which could easily clash with someone far more reserved. Once you have a clearer idea of the line-up you should be able to effectively place a far more informed and potentially successful bet.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.