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Where To Bet Copa America 2020


Taking place all across Argentina and Colombia, the Copa America is a celebration of Soccer organized by the CONMEBOL, or the South American Football Confederation. Initially part of an annual football tournament, it would be the first time that more than one country would hold the event since 1983. Where does your money come into this though, and how can you stand to potentially make more when placing a wager on the Copa America 2020?

Consisting of twelve teams in total, the 2020 tournament would be the first time that this style of the competition would be brought in. Set to take place every four years, it will happen on the even numbered years, with the following one being planned for 2024 in Ecuador. The football matches themselves are set across nine venues in total, with the matches being planned on a home-away schedule throughout nine cities. This also ensures that it runs in tandem with the UEFA European Championship, with the 2020 also happening in conjunction with the UEFA Euro 2020.

Becoming one of the largest Soccer events of its kind in South America, there will be a lot of talent performing throughout the tournament. What does this mean for you, though, when gambling, and how can you make the most of your bet?

Where To Bet The Copa America 2020:

America: Your best option here will be BetOnline, as it has the most coverage for the Copa America betting wise.

Canada: Giving the most options at any given time, with more bets becoming available as and when, Sports Interaction is your best choice for the Copa America 2020 here.

Everywhere Else: For all those internationally, Bet365 Sportsbook has the most bets for the Copa America tournament.

What is The Copa America 2020?

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The first event for the Copa America 2020 is set to commence on the 12th of June, running right through to July the 12th. Opening the event in Argentina, Colombia would go on to host the grand final, with it being one of the largest South American Soccer events, spread across two countries. There’s two groups, the ‘North Zone’ and the ‘South Zone’, with South American countries placed into them both, and four teams qualifying from each one.

One of the main goals of the event as a whole is to provide all Soccer fans across the South American continent an outlet to celebrate their passion for the game. This is how the event itself will generally be laid out:

  • Group Stage: All ten CONEMBOL teams participate in the tournament, being split into two groups, with two invited guest teams, as Australia and Qatar have previously appeared.
  • Knockout Stage: Consisting of the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, the winners from the previous groups compete for their place in the grand final.
  • Grand Final: The two final teams play for the title of South American champions in Colombia.

Becoming the champions requires a lot of competition in the run-up to the final, with the stakes being high. What can you look for when attempting to successfully determine the overall champions then?

Common Copa America 2020 Questions:

What sort of bets are there and what should I look out for?:

You should easily be able to find a range of bets, from being able to spread your bets across the countries, to betting on who will win outright. Combining your bets can give you better more competitive odds, while betting on which country will win allows you to make a more substantial overall wager. Keep an eye on all the teams that are entering the tournament, making sure you’re aware of their history and how they interact with one another on the field. The line-up for each team is an important factor to keep in mind, along with any changes in the management, as this can make or break any club’s potential for rising through the ranks.

Where can I view the games?:

A lot of the time the betting sites themselves will offer live coverage of the games, such as Bet365 Sportsbook, which can keep you up-to-date throughout any given match. Offering a live graphic of the game, you can make bets on the site while it’s being played, securing more favorable odds as and when they come. For those in North America, ESPN+ offers most of the matches live as and when they happen, while in Canada you can follow the games through TSN and their live-streaming of the event. If you’re in the UK you can watch it through Premier Sports online, and those in Australia can view it through beIN Sports.

How to Bet The Copa America 2020:

BetOnline: From the main page you can select ‘Soccer’ in the smaller navigation bar, found just below the main bar at the top. Next down the left-hand side of the following page, you should be able to find ‘Main Sports’, where you can choose ‘Soccer’, with ‘Other Leagues’ opening up below. Now you’ll want ‘CONMEBOL’, ticking it and clicking ‘View Selected’ up above, giving you all the ‘Copa America’ games, and you can pick which matches you want after you’ve registered.

Bet365 Sportsbook: At the main page you’ll want ‘English’ before selecting ‘Soccer’ from down the left-hand side, which can be found just underneath ‘Snooker’. Next choose ‘Outrights’ from the top, and then move down the middle of the page, opening up ‘Internationals’ from near the bottom. There’ll then be the ‘Copa America’ option, which, selecting it, will give you ‘To Win Outright’, offering the option to choose which team will win overall, along with ‘Group Betting’, allowing you to combine your predicted results.

The Copa America 2020 Betting Strategy:

As mentioned previously, you want to see who’s playing and when, keeping on top of the player line-ups at all times. Pay close attention to the tactics being used, checking on the preferred formations of specific clubs, seeing how they’ll clash with others. Management is a key point to consider too, as their approach to the game is just as important as how they play.

Keep yourself constantly updated with all news surrounding the event at any and all times, such as social-media and newsfeeds. Making a more informed and well researched bet will always increase your chances of success and profit.

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