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Where To Bet Soccer Corners


Corners betting is something that is very popular in soccer these days.

There are a wide variety of corner bets you can make. This is a general article to cover everything related to corner betting.

If you’re looking to bet corners in soccer, then the best sportsbooks are below. This is based on the variety of corner bets they have, as well as the odds, trustworthiness, and any additional props related to corner betting.

Where To Bet Corners in Soccer

America: The best online sportsbook to do corners betting if you are an American, is Bovada. They offer a wide variety of prop bets. You can bet on the total corners, and total corners in a half. All lines are over/under. You can bet on who will take the first corner, as well as a total corners handicap between both teams.

Everywhere Else: When it comes to corners betting, no-one offers more than Bet365 Sportsbook. Their selection of corner bets is incredible. From the over/under on corners, to betting exact amount of corners to a variable total corners bet.

They offer up Asian Handicap corners, first half corners, live corners betting, team corners, race to corners and so much more.

What Corner Prop Bets Are There?

Here are just a few of the corner prop bets available, and what they mean:

First Match Corner: In this one you get to bet which team will take the first corner in a match between both teams.

Corner Match Bet: This is almost like betting on goals scored, except here you are betting on corners and who will have the most corners between the two teams. Most sportsbooks will allow you bet on either team, as well as the possibility of it being a tie between them.

Corner Handicap: Rather than just betting on who will win – as you will see teams heavily favourites at times – the sportsbooks put in a handicap to even up the odds. So you may see Newcastle -2 and Norwich +2, and the odds are more closer to 50/50.

Team Corners: Where you bet on the total corners for a specific team. It doesn’t matter what the opponent does – just however many corners that specific team bets.

Corners Race: This is a race to X amount of corners. So you could bet that Newcastle will win the race to 3 corners first. Or you can bet Neither, and if neither team gets to that amount of corners, you win the bet.

Common Corners Betting Questions:

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What is multi corners in betting?

Multi-corners is a new one which is quite neat. It’s multiplication! You multiple the corners in both halves. It can lead to nightmare scenarios such as betting over 21 corners, having 18 corners in the first half, then zero in the second half. Very fun bet though – as long as there is at least one corner in a half!

What does 11.5 mean in corners betting? What is the half point?

This is to ensure there won’t be a tie. So if there are 11 corners, then the bet has went under. If there are 12 corners, then the bet has went over.

What is race to corners betting? This is where you are betting on which team will get that amount of corners first. So you could bet Newcastle will win the race to 5 corners – meaning they get 5 corners before Norwich do. These bets also usually have a “Neither” option so you could bet neither team gets 5 corners.

How to Bet Corners

Bovada: Click on the match you wish to bet corners, and scroll down. They have a Corner Props section which lists all of the related corners prop bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the match that you want to do corners betting at. They have an entire corners section at the top for each game. You click on that, and the entire list of corner prop bets – of which there are a lot – will be displayed.

Corners Betting Strategy:

There is so much to corners betting that I can’t do it justice in one quick little blurb here.

All I’ll say is that you need to focus on the data, and also look at the reasoning behind it. Are Man Utd getting more corners when they are the favourite? Is home or away affecting things? What about their opponent?

Also pay attention to injury reports and who is playing. Maybe Ronaldo is injured but if you look up the data, you will see he earns most corners and his replacement doesn’t earn as much etc.

The data is all out there for you – it’s just a case of learning how to use it.

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