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Where To Bet WWE Online


With shows every week of the year and over 25 years in prime time, WWE is one of the biggest sports entertainment companies in the world. They are a part of the culture in a ton of ways and you can’t go far without seeing their influence in culture. The big events like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania bring a ton of viewers and capture the interest of a ton of viewers. These are big events and like any big event, you can bet on it.

Of course, WWE is pre-determined. That doesn’t mean that the results are common knowledge. Just because they know who will win, doesn’t mean we do. That’s why it works so well as a product. The sportsbooks have just as much of a clue as who is going to win as anyone. They attempt to scour insider newsletters and future booking plans as best they an when setting their lines, but they often don’t have a clue. This makes it a fantastic sport to bet on as there are upsets that pay big all the time.

There are numerous sportsbooks that take bets on WWE and this article is going to tell you where to find them. We’re going to tell you where to go to bet WWE, how to do it, and our strategy for doing it. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet WWE:

America/Canada: The best place to bet WWE is 5Dimes. They post WWE odds on every event of the year, not just the big ones, and always have the odds up well ahead of time.

Everywhere Else: Another sportsbook that often posts WWE odds is 888. They usually cover the big events and offer odds on all the matches.

What are WWE Bets?

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A bet on WWE is a bet on who is going to win a match at a WWE event such as Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania. The odds are typically in money odds format so a match might look something like this:

John Cena (+400) vs. The Undertaker (-350)

This match would have The Undertaker as a major favorite so you’d need to bet $350 on him to win $100.

The odds will always be listed “BY END OF TELEVISION BROADCAST” meaning if for whatever reason the results of the match are reversed on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown, it doesn’t matter. The result is based on the outcome of the match that you see on the event in question, nothing else.

Where To Make Specific WWE Bets:

WWE Props: The majority of online sportsbooks when it comes to WWE wrestling betting, only offer up who will win each match. However some sportsbooks offer up props such as on star ratings, near falls, the finish of the match and much more. In this article I go into detail about all the WWE Props available and where to bet WWE Props.

WWE Royal Rumble Betting: Looking to bet the WWE Royal Rumble? In this article I talk about the best places to bet it online. What sportsbooks have the best odds, or who offers the biggest variety and the best Royal Rumble prop bets. I also offer up Royal Rumble betting strategy and tips.

WWE Summerslam Betting: WWE Summerslam is one of WWEs biggest PPVs of the year and you can bet on it online. In this article I talk about the best places to bet WWE Summerslam online.

WWE Survivor Series: It’s WWEs annual fall PPV! Interestingly one of the PPVs with the least likely chance of an upset. Here’s my article on where to bet Survivor Series.

WWE WrestleMania Betting: The Granddaddy of them all – Wrestlemania betting is something that is normally offered at every online sportsbook simply due to its popularity. In this article I talk about where to bet Wrestlemania and where to find all the best Wrestlemania props etc to bet on.

Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman: October 31st, 2019 is the date of WWE Crown Jewel. WWE pull out all the stops for these Saudi events and they’re doing it again with the undefeated boxer Tyson Fury taking on Braun Strowman. In this article I talk about where to bet on this matchup and offer betting tips.

Common WWE Betting Questions:

Why do sportsbooks take WWE bets when it is pre-determined?

The sportsbooks often have no better idea of who is going to win than the average viewer does. Many sportsbooks often keep a max bet limit on their WWE bets to avoid being taken for too much money on a bad night for them with a lot of upsets. The more popular the event is, the more bets are placed, and often the higher limits.

How To Bet WWE:

5Dimes: While the odds will typically be posted on the front page, the best way to actually bet them is to log-in and then find “WWE” or “Pro Wrestling” from the Other Sports tab.

888: The wrestling bets are not easy to find here, unfortunately. Your best bet is to go into the search bar at the top of the page and type “WWE”.

WWE Betting Strategy:

In our betting history, we’ve found that the main event matches are often most predictable and the place to make the most money is by betting on the lower card matches such as the Intercontinental title and US title matches. The underdogs here can often pay 2/1 or 3/1 and one winner in this can cover a whole night of betting.

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