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Where To Bet WWE Money in the Bank


The WWE Money in the Bank is a surefire way to make a new champion. The winner of the briefcase gets the instant gimmick of being a cash-in threat and they can steal the title at any time with a cash-in. It’s been a way for years that WWE establishes a new contender with wins by people like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Edge all leading to their first World title wins.

Money in the Bank as a concept was first introduced in storyline before WrestleMania 21 when Eric Bischoff announced the match. The first match was won by Edge who went on to cash-in his opportunity against John Cena in a memorable moment. The match would then become a regular part of the WrestleMania schedule until it was eventually turned into its own annual pay-per-view event.

The match started at WrestleMania, but has since evolved into its own pay-per-view. That show along with the match itself is available to bet at sportsbooks and I’m here to show you how to do it.

The Money in the Bank, along with Royal Rumble, is one of the more exciting matches in WWE to bet. The winner can often be a surprise with good odds. Not only that, but there is a good chance that the winner will go on to win the World Championship in the future and it is often that person’s first time doing so.

Where To Bet WWE Money in the Bank:

America: BetOnline is one of the top U.S. sportsbooks for betting on WWE and they have you covered for Money in the Bank.

Everywhere Else: A great place to bet WWE Money in the Bank is Mr Green. They offer odds on all the matches including the briefcase winner.

What is WWE Money in the Bank betting?

Betting on WWE is rather simple. There is a favorite and underdogs. The moneyline is set to account for that and you decide if you want to bet on them based on those odds.

For example, let’s look at the 2020 Money in the Bank match for me to explain.

AJ Styles (-125) vs Aleister Black (+200) vs Otis (+400) vs Daniel Bryan (+600) vs Baron Corbin (+800) vs Rey Mysterio (+1200)

The winner of this match ended up being Otis. If you were to have bet $100 on him, you would have won $400 as he was +400 underdog.

The favorite, AJ Styles, was -125. That would be considered negative odds so you’d have to bet $125 to win $100.

Common WWE Money in the Bank Questions:

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What upsets at WWE Money in the Bank have their been?

The Money in the Bank match itself has delivered a ton of upsets over the years. In fact, many of the winners have come at positive odds.

The two biggest upsets in this match both came in 2020. Asuka won on the women’s side at +600 while Otis was a +400 upset on the men’s side.

Can I get a list of winners and their betting odds?

Sure, here you go.

2020 Asuka +600
2020 Otis +400
2019 Bayley +195
2018 Braun Srowman +350
2018 Alexa Bliss +290
2017 Carmella -145
2017 Baron Corbin -175
2016 Dean Ambrose +225
2015 Sheamus +355
2014 John Cena -170
2014 Seth Rollins -210
2013 Damien Sandow -185
2013 Randy Orton -275

As you can see, seven of the past thirteen winners have been upsets and since 2018, they’ve all been upsets. Something to keep in mind when betting on this event.

What are the rules of the WWE Money in the Bank match?

The Money in the Bank is a ladder match where the item that needs to be retrieved is a briefcase that earns the recipient a future World title championship opportunity. The match itself is a no disqualification match with no rules enforced. The only thing that matters is retrieving the item and the match can feature other weapons or even outside interference.

The winner of the match is the person who climbs to the top of the ladder and unhooks the briefcase and maintains control of it. Inside the briefcase there is a contract for a championship match that is valid for one year after the match.

How to Bet WWE Money in the Bank:

BetOnline: The Money in the Bank betting odds will be found in “Wrestling” section on the left hand side that is listed under “Other Sports”.

Mr Green: If you look on the left hand side of the page, you will see a button for “Other Sports”. If you click that, you will find “WWE/Pro Wrestling” listed among the odds. Or you can just type “WWE” into the search bar.

WWE Money in the Bank Betting Strategy:

This show is filled with upsets over the years and this is a show where I fully expect to go with underdogs.

Picking a wrestler from the Money in the Bank match is not easy because it seems like sometimes they go with an established name and sometimes they go with a fresh one, with no rhyme or reason as to why they go with either. Try to pick the best you can here.

You have to keep in mind that the winner of this match is most likely going to be a future World champion. Figuring out who WWE sees in that light is not easy, but is a surefire way to picking a winner in this match.

I’d also look towards the tag team titles as this is a show where the underdogs have done well in that match.

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