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Where To Bet NXT TV Ratings


What a world we live in. There was a time where you couldn’t even bet on wrestling or the WWE.

Now not only can you bet on wrestling and their developmental promotion, NXT, you can also bet on the TV ratings that NXT puts in on a weekly basis.

It’s a crazy world, and this is of coursed off the whole “Wednesday Night Wars” with NXT vs AEW. Sportsbooks were smart to realize that television ratings in wrestling were relevant again, just like the Monday Night Wars in the late 90s, and were quick to offer the ability to bet on various markets based on the NXT and AEW ratings.

So first let’s cover where to bet NXT TV ratings, before we discuss more about them and strategies involving betting on them.

Where To Bet NXT TV Ratings

America: Unfortunately at this time, Americans are unable to bet on NXT ratings at all. However sportsbooks do listen to people. One of the best online sportsbooks for Americans in regard to wrestling is BetOnline. I’ve contacted them before about adding the option to bet on AEW Revolution for example, and they listened to me and added odds for it. So start contacting them and maybe they will follow suit.

Everywhere Else: You can bet NXT ratings at 888. They are the only major sportsbook that cover NXT ratings as well as cover a variety of wrestling and offer more prop bets than any other company.

What NXT TV Ratings bets are there?

Ever since the “Wednesday Night Wars” began, there have been a few different bets you can make in regard to the NXT Television ratings. These are the usual bets you can make for NXT Ratings:

  • Will NXT ratings be over or under _______?
  • Will AEW do _____ more than NXT?

Initially there was the question of who would win the ratings war, but that has changed due to AEW winning the majority of the nights.

The numbers will change on a week to week basis. The most common numbers right now are:

  • Will NXT ratings be over or under 0.72 million?
  • Will AEW do 0.15 million more than NXT?

You can of course also bet on the AEW Dynamite over/under rating as well.

Common NXT Ratings Questions:

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Can you bet on NXT Demographic Ratings?

At this time no – there is no option to bet on the demographics of NXT ratings. it is just the total number that you can bet on.

What should I consider when looking to bet on the NXT ratings?

I will dive into this more in the strategy section below.

However factors include competition that night on other channels, as well as the buildup and preview of both television shows. Something as simple as a WWE Superstar appearing on NXT can be enough to give them a certain bump, and if you look at past superstars who have been scheduled to be on it, you can generally estimate the number they will bring. Charlotte Flair for example meant approximately 30,000 extra people watching.

It’s also worth studying the quarter hour ratings and breakdown found in the Wrestling Observer newsletter to get a general idea of who means what in regard to ratings.

Where can I see the TV ratings?

A historical archive of the ratings since the Wednesday Night Wars began can be found at Wikipedia. The ratings are released on a weekly basis at

How to Bet NXT Ratings Online

BetOnline: Like I said above they don’t really cover NXT ratings but you can find the wrestling section on their site. It used to be under “Game Props” however they have added a “Wrestling” section now. It’s on the sidebar and if you don’t see it, look under “Game Props” for the wrestling stuff.

888: They have a search bar where you can type “WWE” to bring up the WWE/Pro Wrestling section of their website. Otherwise click on “All Sports” and it will be listed there in alphabetical order. You simply click on the bet you want to make and it’s added to your bet slip, where you get to choose the amount you wish to wager.

NXT TV Ratings Betting Strategy:

The biggest things is understanding the demographic of NXT, and whether that is relevant to the competition that is airing on other channels.

NXT generally isn’t affected by a lot of competition. Whether it’s a big basketball game or a political debate, it really doesn’t seem to affect NXT too bad.

For them it is more about what is happening on the show. AEW is affected more by the competition, so the bet I generally like to make is based on NXTs numbers against Dynamites numbers.

Survivor returning hurt AEW for example. A big NBA game does. Newsworthy items do as well. The biggest is the holiday season or any holidays where for whatever reason, NXT fans will still tune in while AEW fans will PVR the show and watch later.

In regard to NXT ratings themselves, like I said a lot of it is about what is hyped for the show. They have a core base of about 700-750,000 that will watch on a regular basis.

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