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Where To Bet X Factor


First started by the now famous celebrity producer Simon Cowell, ‘The X Factor’ is a British based television show dedicated to finding new musical talents with star appeal. Part of the ITV channel line-up, it uses a competition format to find stars who will go on to hopefully have successful careers of their own following the end of each series. With the competition being so high throughout the course of each series run, it therefore stands to reason that there’s money to potentially be made when betting, which we shall now look at here.

Essentially working as a televised talent show, a selection of singers audition in front of a panel of judges, many of whom have worked for a long-time in the music industry, as they fight for their chance to be recognized. This recognition can come in the form of professional coaching, and/or a record deal at the end of the series, although many artists have gone on to enjoy long-lasting careers regardless of whether or not they won. One such example is that of ‘One Direction’ who, despite finishing in third place in the seventh series, went on to become one of the most internationally recognized and successful British boy-bands of their generation.

The show has become not only a mainstay of the music industry, but a staple of British prime-time television. With a lot at stake for each of the performers, and a chance for them to make it in the world of show-business, this means there’s a lot of competition. How can you potentially profit from this then, and what can you do to ensure that your make the most of your money when betting?

Where To Bet X Factor:

America: As of yet there aren’t any bets currently available for this show, although you may be able to find something for the American version.

Canada: Here you’ll want to choose Bet365 Sportsbook as your main sportsbook for all your X Factor betting needs.

Everywhere Else: Again Bet365 Sportsbook will serve you best here, as you should find this offers all you want when betting on X Factor in the UK and internationally.

What is X Factor?

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Starting out in 2004 on the 4th of September, X Factor would take the mantle of the UK’s leading pop-music based talent show following the departure of ‘Pop-Idol’ the previous year. Other shows such as ‘Got Talent’, which was also created by Simon Cowell, would follow in its footsteps, but it would be X Factor that would become one of the leading most successful brands to date. Taking place in the United Kingdom initially, it has gone on to see its format successfully transported worldwide, with the franchise being adapted for various different international markets.

One key difference for this show is that each judge ‘mentors’ their preferred stars as the show progresses, coaching them and their song selection in the finals. This is a brief outline of how the show itself is generally laid out:

Judges: the line-up of judges, many of whom have music industry experience, select who they want to go through on the basis of musical talent and star appeal.
Public Vote: Through a mixture of phone-in votes, online voting, and mobile apps, the public have their say on who should get through at the end of each show.
Finals: The decision is made on who will win the series overall and go on to become a star.

While there are many acts and artists discovered along the way, the bets themselves largely focus on who will win each series. What are the best methods for putting all of this into play though, and what should you watch out for when placing a bet?

Common X Factor Betting Questions:

Which sort of performers should I watch out for?:

It’s best to see which performers the audience are responding well to first and foremost, as it’s them who they are performing for. If the audience aren’t on their side then it’s a good bet that they won’t get far as the series progresses, because they’re also the audience for the finished product. Keep up-to-date by paying close attention to what’s being said online and in the media generally about each of them and their personalities. A good performance is key though, as they need to be able to perform at a high level, along with what type of music the event itself attracts.

What types of bet are offered for the show?:

Firstly you’ll be presented with the ‘To Win Outright’, giving you the option of who will go through winning the series overall. Then there’s the ‘Top Group’ bet, which allows you to choose which music group will come out on top from the entire series. A bet that you can make on a regular basis later on in the series with each show,, is deciding who will be eliminated from the next round. You can also bet on which judge will win, with the ‘Winning Judge’ bet, as the public selects which judge’s acts will go through.

How to Bet on X Factor:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using the ‘English’ language tab at the top of the first page, you then want to go on and choose ‘Specials’ down the left-hand side. Here you’ll find ‘United Kingdom at the top of the new selection, which will give you all the UK bets down the middle of the page. Among these is the ‘X Factor: Celebrity’ section, giving you all the relevant bets you’ll want underneath.

X Factor Betting Strategy:

As mentioned, take the time to learn about the performers themselves, looking at their trajectory throughout the series. Typically the show has favoured a particular brand of pop-music in the past, which is something to keep in mind when placing your bet. The audience is essential in deciding the winner, so it largely comes down to them and their taste, and this is also something you need to be aware of.

Giving you a good selection of bets too, you’ll want to take full advantage of what’s on offer, creating an effective combination of bets to gain better odds. Whether it’s using the ‘Elimination’ bet each episode, or using the overall ‘To Win Outright’ wager, you should be able to tailor your experience to exactly what you want.

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