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Where To Bet On The Emmy Awards


Rolling out the red carpet for the Emmy Awards has become an annual affair in the world of entertainment and show-business. Focusing on television, it’s America’s primary source for recognizing excellence on the small-screen, awarding both creators and actors for their contributions to the medium. Becoming such a huge event then, it stands to reason that there’ll be plenty of wagers to place on it, which we’ll now look at here, and how you can make your money go even further when putting down any kind of bet.

Running since 1949, it’s one of the most prestigious American ceremonies when it comes to television, looking at TV both home and abroad. A national event, the show itself is televised, with plenty of glitz and glamour leading up to it, along with a lot of speculation over the awards themselves. As one of four entertainment awards in the United States, it ranks alongside the Grammys, for music, the Tonys, for the theatre, and the Oscars, for film. This leads into the informally known acronym ‘EGOT’, which is a status few artists achieve when gaining each award during their lifetime. With Emmys in different categories too, including ‘Primetime’, ‘Sports’, and ‘News’ to name just a few, it’s also an event that makes room for a lot of variety.

Over time all this has led to a lot of competition, especially considering the many developments in television in recent years. How do you best spot the winners though, and what should you watch for when looking to put down a wager?

Where To Bet The Emmy Awards:

For this you’ll want to head on over to BetOnline, with its comprehensive list of Emmy Awards bets available both nationally across America, and internationally too.

What is The Emmy Awards?

Started by the ‘Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’, or ATAS, in 1949, the first awards ceremony would take place in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Seeking to bolster television as a viable artistic medium, it would soon be awarding those who excelled as creators and actors, growing to a national level. In time it would go on to an international level too, with it becoming a highly prestigious annual event worldwide. Known informally as an ‘Immy’ award, which is a slang term for the ‘image orthicon’ video-camera component, it would also become greatly sought after by those in the industry.
Recently the awards have progressed to begin including web television, so as to keep up with the online streaming market. Here’s a basic layout of how the Emmy categories currently stand, each with their own relevant subcategories too:

  • Primetime and Daytime Emmys: With separate awards given out for shows shown at prime-time, and for those on in the day-time, both focus on the different style of programming.
  • Sports: This focuses on sports related programs, with its own separate voting block set to find excellence in the field.
  • News and Documentary Emmys: Looking at factual programming, this awards achievements in the market of news and journalism.
  • Engineering Emmys: Awards those working to innovate TV technology itself, advancing it as a medium.
  • Regional Emmys: There’s around twenty regional chapters in total, and they aim to recognize local programming, such as regional news and shows.

The bets themselves will largely focus on the show-business related awards, featuring the best creators and artists in television. What are the winning signs then, and how do you best identify them when seeking to place a bet on the Emmys?

Common Emmy Awards Questions:

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What sort of bets are there?:

By and large you’ll find bets available for the different categories, allowing you to pick the winners for different series and shows. This will include bets such as the ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series’ for that year, along with best ‘Drama Series’ actor. Given each of the candidates, you should then also be given all of their respective odds too, allowing you to pick the ones you want. Usually this is really only available for the main categories, with the smaller categories being left out, although this may change in the future. As the television marketplace changes with the evolution of online streaming services, so to will the nature of the Emmy Awards ceremony.

What should I look for in a winner?:

There are different trends with each event, and it’s impossible to completely be sure who will win, but you can definitely have a pretty good idea. Reviews are the first place to start, heading over to sites like Rotten Tomatoes to see which shows are generating the most buzz around them. When it comes down to individual candidates themselves, you need to look at the hype surrounding an actor, and social-media is a great place for this, with Twitter being especially handy for picking up what those in the media are thinking. Sometimes it may be a surprise win from the left-field, but usually you can get some indication as to which way the winds are prevailing through the media publicity machine.

How to Bet The Emmy Awards:


First head to the ‘Sports’ option at the top of the main page, then down the left side of the page you’ll find ‘Other Sports’ with the ‘Entertainment’ tab underneath. Opening this you should then find all of the upcoming ‘Emmy Awards’ for that year, with the different categories themselves listed down the page. With the projected odds beside each candidate, you can then choose the ones you want, creating your ideal betting slip.

Emmy Awards Betting Strategy:

For the big categories it’s typically a question of popularity when it comes to to well known shows and actors. There’s many shows that repeat wins throughout their duration, returning for consecutive awards several years running. So this means its often the case that if a big name show won the previous year, it’s highly likely it’ll win again.

Looking at the categories that don’t generate quite as much buzz, such as the supporting actor categories, can be useful. These can then provide more interesting odds when it comes to betting, allowing you to find a potentially more profitable wager in the long-run.

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