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Where To Bet Eurovision Song Contest


Eurovision Song Contest is an international songwriting competition that has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world. The contest sees absolutely huge attendance figures of over 100 million people. It also has a large online following with a ton of websites dedicated to the contest and a lot of discussion on Twitter. Like all really popular things, you can also bet on it!

You can really get hooked on this contest after you start watching it. I’ve even thought of trying out myself, but I had to stop practicing after my wife told me the windows weren’t insured.

For now, I’ll stick to betting on it and that’s what this article is all about. Keep reading to find out how to bet on the contest and the best place to do so.

Where To Bet Eurovision Song Contest :

America: BetOnline makes me want to sing. A great sportsbook with odds on the Eurovision Song Contest and so much more.

Canada: One of the top sportsbooks to bet on the Eurovision Song Contest is Bet365 Sportsbook. They have plenty of odds and are one of the most reliable sites online.

Everywhere Else: One of the oldest sportsbooks out there is William Hill. They’ve been covering the Eurovision Song Contest for years and show no signs of letting up.

What Eurovision Song Contest bets are there?

Outright winner: This is a bet on which country will win the contest outright. These odds will be updated throughout the contest. The earlier you bet on the winner, the better odds that you get.

Top 3 finish: This is like a show bet in horse racing. It doesn’t matter if they win, as long as they finish in the top three.

Top 10 finish: A top 10 bet has lower odds, but is still pretty hard to pick!

There are also a variety of prop bets available:

Who will receive most points from the juries in the Grand Final?

Who will receive most points from televoting in the Grand Final?

Who will finish last in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2021?

Which Balkan country gets the best result?

Which Baltic country gets the best result?

Which Nordic country gets the best result?

Which Big-5 country gets the best result? (The Big-5 are Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.)

Who will finish last in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2021?

Common Eurovision Song Contest Questions:

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What country has won the most Eurovision Song Contests?

As of 2021, there have been twenty seven different countries to win the contest. Ireland has the most total wins with seven, but they are followed closely behind by Sweden who has six wins. France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands all have five wins each.

Ireland had the most impressive run in this contest, winning three consecutive titles from 1992-1994 and then again in 1996. That set a record of four wins in five years that may never be broken.

Despite Ireland’s success, they haven’t won since 1996 so the clock is ticking on them.

Are there any countries who haven’t won the Eurovision Song Contest?

To date there have been 52 different countries to enter the contest and 25 of them are yet to win.

Portugal spent 53 years entering the contest before finally winning in 2017.

How to Bet Eurovision Song Contest:

BetOnline: Go to the “Other Sports” section and click “Entertainment”. The odds for the Eurovision Song Contest will be here.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left hand side of the page, scroll down to the “Specials” and you can find odds on the contest here.

William Hill: The odds for the Eurovision Song Contest should be plastered all over the page here, but if not – just look for the entertainment section.

Eurovision Song Contest Betting Strategy:

This is such a hard contest to pick. There are just so many dang countries!

Personally, I like to watch a little before making my ultimate picks, but if you’re looking for that early action I recommend going with the Big-5 in a top-3. Try to avoid countries who have won recently, there does seem to be some anti-recency bias there.

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