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Where To Bet Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley


Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is the next upcoming fight featuring one of the Paul brothers, and is scheduled for August 29th, 2021.

Jake Paul comes into this one hot off his TKO victory over Ben Askren. “The Problem Child” went to 3-0 with that victory.

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley left the UFC earlier this year and has signed up to take on Jake Paul. He suffered four straight losses prior to leaving UFC, against the likes of Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns.

Where To Bet Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

For these shows, the best online sportsbook to bet a fight is always BetOnline.

This is a sportsbook that has a lot of fun with it all. They will not just list betting odds on who will win; they’ll cover an incredible variety of betting props.

Some of them will be serious; some will be more casual. For Mayweather vs Paul for example you could bet on whether Logan said “Bitch” or “Money” first, or what the weight difference would be. Then you could make serious bets on whether the fight would go the distance, who would get knocked down first etc.

Their odds are always excellent too. So no matter what you are looking to bet – BetOnline is the best option.

What Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Bets Are There?

You can of course bet on the winner of the fight. Jake Paul is -195 and Tyron Woodley is +165.

Props are all fighting related. You can bet the winner and by method of victory. So you could bet Jake Paul by KO, TKO or DQ, or a draw.

You can bet what round Paul will finish Woodley in, or what round Woodley will finish Paul in. You can bet if it will go the distance or not.

Common Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Questions:

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When is Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley happening?

Sunday, August 29th.

What are the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Betting Odds?:

On July 12th, Woodley was -105 and Paul was-125. The week of the fight, August 24th, Woodley +165 and Paul -195.

How to Bet Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul

At BetOnline, you may have to visit two different sections of the website. It’s all listed under “Boxing” but they often have just the regular props and to win odds under “Bouts”. Then you will have to check also “Boxing Exhibition” and potentially even “Boxing Props”.

When you see a bet you like, you click on it and then click “Straight Bet” on your bet slip and you can place the bet there.

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul Betting Strategy:

At this time I have no Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul betting tips. I will have something closer to fight time. My initial thoughts are that unlike Askren; this isn’t a cash grab for Tyron. He has a lot of things he wants to do and being able to win this fight would really help raise his stock while losing would hinder that. So it makes me lean towards Tyron at this time although I will see how things get closer to the time.

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