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Where To Bet The English Premier League Online


Known as simply the Premier League within the England, the English Premier League, or EPL, is the top level for all of those playing within the English football league system. Regarded as one of the most prestigious and sought after leagues, it’s world renowned for attracting Soccer talent, with all the best teams and players there. It also sees a vast number of bets being made in and around its many matches, which is what we shall now look at here.

Starting out on the 20th of February in 1992, it’s aim was to re-energise English football, bringing back a love and passion for the game. Becoming part of the UEFA confederation in time, it’s managed to do this over the years, ever since its first inception, now becoming a firm fixture within England’s national football schedule. Formed by those in the Football League First Division, it would seek to distance itself from the original Football League, which was first started in 1888. Taking the leagues and football talent in a new and exciting direction, it’s proven itself to be a huge success, quickly becoming one of the most viewed Soccer tournaments worldwide.

With this success has come an increased amount of competition, and an equally high-level of stakes. How do you best navigate this when making any kind of bet though, and what should you look out for when making a wager?

Where To Bet The English Premier League:

America: Offering up-to-date live betting odds, Bovada has what you’ll want in North America, providing all round coverage of all the England Premier League bets.

Canada: For this you’ll want Sports Interaction as they have an excellent selection of betting options for the EPL

Everywhere Else: This would be Bet365 Sportsbook, as it provides extensive betting coverage of all the matches.

What English Premier League Bets Are There?

There is an incredible variety of bets that you can make on the EPL.

First of all there is futures. Not just who will win the EPL or who will get relegated but you can place bets such as “Who will win the EPL if Liverpool or Man City aren’t factored in?”. There is also various player prop futures you can make such as who the EPL Top Goalscorer will be.

For matches themselves, you can bet on the likes of anytime scorecast, corners, time of first corner, man of the match, player with most goals, over/unders, alternate handicaps etc etc with absolutely hundreds of betting options available.

What is The English Premier League?

Taking place between August to May of the following year, the league season itself occurs over an extended period of time, with most games being played on Saturdays. So far forty-nine clubs have taken part since the league first began, as six of them have gone on to achieve the main title. Within the league itself twenty clubs will take part at any given time, as the teams battle it out to move up through the ranks and not get relegated.

Set at second place in the UEFA league ranking at this time, it’s one of the most prestigious European organisations of its kind. This is what the current English premier league system generally looks like:

  • Season: In a round-robin system, every club will play each other twice, with one game being at their home-ground, and the other being played away at the opposing team’s.
  • Points: The teams are awarded three points for each win they gain, two points for a draw, and no points are given to a loss.
  • Promotion/relegation: With the Championship league just below, the bottom three performing teams are sent down, as the top two teams below are moved up.

Constantly pushing to move up, the teams fight to maintain their place, securing a spot in the top of the UK national football rankings. What should you look for when making a bet of your own though, and how do you get more from your money when doing so?

Common English Premier League Questions:

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What type of EPL bets are on offer?:

First of all you’ll be presented with the ‘Full-Time Results’, along with the ‘Enhanced Prices’, which will give you a chance to bet on the overall final score of any given game. Then there’s the ‘Double Chance’, which gives you the option of placing a single bet on two outcomes, such as ‘draw’ and ‘final score’. You can also bet on what you think the score will be at half-time, along with who will score how many goals and when. Handicaps are also available, such as the ‘Asian Handicap’, which allows you to place a handicap on the teams who’ve performed better in the past. Finally there’s the props and margins, letting you custom tailor your bet to something you feel more comfortable with.

How can I watch the games?:

There are many providers such as Sky Sports which offer coverage of the games, along with Amazon Prime who feature a large share too. You can see the highlights on the BBC with their weekly ‘Match of the Day’ program that recaps the scores, along with the major moments of the games. BT Sport is also available for official coverage, allowing you to see the majority of the games across all of the various platforms. For those outside of the UK there are a number of regional providers, such as SuperSport, Sky Sports again, and DAZN, all depending on where you are.

How to Bet The English Premier League:

Bovada: Just below the main navigation bar at the top of the first page, you’ll find the ‘Soccer’ tab in the smaller list there. This takes you through to the ‘All Soccer’ roll-down menu, which you can use to select ‘England Premier League’ further down. You should now find all the bets open down the center of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using the ‘English’ language tab from the first landing page, go on and select ‘Soccer’ on the left-hand side just below ‘Snooker’. This will give you all the football related sections down the middle of the page now, with ‘England Premier League’ being right underneath ‘United Kingdom’ near the top. Now you should have all the relevant upcoming matches and times down the page center, linking you to the bets available for them.

English Premier League Betting Strategy:

Teams are continually rising and falling through the ranks, with few clubs being a mainstay within the league line-up. Given the odds for those that constantly win being less favorable, it’s difficult to know where to turn when placing a bet. This is why it’s best to watch the up-and-coming clubs, with teams such as Bournemouth FC suddenly rising up from the lower divisions. Watching their progress, you can see bets with far more promise in them, constantly keeping an eye on any changes in management and playing styles.

Making bets across the board, you can find new and unique combinations to put down. Once you have researched the clubs and what’s on offer you can increase your odds of success greatly.

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