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Where To Bet Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Where To Bet Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Dragon Ball franchise is a hugely popular one in the world of anime, with the fast paced action fighting series spanning back to 1984, and the Dragon Ball FighterZ video-game is proving to be no less successful. Not only has the game become a massive success though, but so has the eSport it’s spawned in its wake, which we’ll now look at in closer detail, along with all the betting opportunities it has to offer.

Originally released back in 2018, the game Dragon Ball FighterZ would come out on the PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch, making a strong impact upon its arrival. While there have been other video-games produced from the Dragon Ball Z series, this would essentially be the first to truly capture the pure adrenaline of the animated battles and fights.

Starting out in 2019 just one year after the game was first released, the first Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour would take place, and the game’s status as a top ranking eSport was secured. Bringing in players from all over the world, it was sponsored by the owners of the Dragon Ball Franchise themselves, Bandai Namco Entertainment. Gaining attention from all quarters, it’s gone on to become a huge success in its own right, and we’ll now take a closer look at how you can potentially benefit from this when betting.

Where To Bet Dragon Ball FighterZ Online:

America: Providing the most Dragon Ball FighterZ bets at any given time, BetOnline has the most on offer in North America.

Canada: For everyone across Canada, they’ll be best served by Bet365 Sportsbook, which has a wide selection of Dragon Ball FighterZ bets to choose from.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is again the best option, giving international coverage for any and all Dragon Ball FighterZ events.

Where To Make Specific Dragon Ball FighterZ Bets:

DBFZ World Tour: Beginning in 2019, the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is a global tournament sponsored by the owners of the franchise itself. It takes place worldwide and runs 8-9 months of the year. In this article I talk about where to bet it, and what betting strategies to use for betting it etc.

Street Fighter V / DBFZ Evo 2020: This is one incredible event featuring both Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball FighterZ at EVO 2020. In this article I cover where to bet it and what stratgies to use when betting.

How to Bet Dragon Ball FighterZ:

BetOnline: First you want to use the ‘Esports’ option on the navigation bar, just below the sign-in for the site itself. This will provide you with the upcoming events ‘Today’, where there’ll be matches for that particular day, with any FighterZ games that may be happening. You can then click on the ‘Outright’ option, and this will provide the upcoming events, and the ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ games will be further down, along with their odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using ‘Sports’ at the top of the page, go on and choose ‘Esports’ down the left-hand side of the next, just under ‘Darts’. Down the middle of the page now you’ll find all of the available eSports and events, and the ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ should be listed some way down alphabetically. Below each event you can open up a subsection, which will take you through to the relevant bets and odds provided, allowing you to create your own betting coupon.

What Dragon Ball FighterZ Bets/Props Are There?

With it being early days still in the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ as an eSport, there’s a somewhat limited range of bets at the moment. This will change in the future though, as more and more come to discover the eSport, with props likely based around how many rounds occur, and moves and characters used. Currently the bets tend to focus on the overall winners, with the ‘To Win Outright’ bet allowing you to pick which players will win the tournaments and games overall.

Common Dragon Ball FighterZ Questions:

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How does this differ from other fighting games?:

While games and eSports like Street Fighter may have dominated the scene in the past, these tend to approach the fighting genre in a different way. The characters in FighterZ tend to use attacks and moves that are a lot more fluid and fast-paced, making the game far quicker, which isn’t to say it’s harder, just that a different set of skills is required. Playing FighterZ you need to think and react more in the immediate moment, while in others you can think a few steps ahead.

Where To Watch Dragon Ball FighterZ Online:

There’s a number of places online where the games are freely available to watch live-streamed, with the World Tour being easily accessible on both Twitch and YouTube. Many of the games are streamed live in real-time on Twitch on the official DragonBallFighterZ channel, providing commentary for many of the games too. YouTube has a lot of the games archived available for replaying, and you can easily find many of them on the Red Bull Gaming channel.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Betting Strategy:

First and foremost you need to fully acquaint yourself with all the characters and their moves. This is easily done by watching a range of older games through YouTube, providing an overview of who will be using what throughout the tournaments. Then there’s the players, and how they handle themselves in-game, dealing with the many characters and specials.

You want to keep yourself updated at all times as to the progress of all the players, which can be done through social-media and various newsfeeds. Once you have a clearer idea of what you’re dealing with, you should then be able make more precise predictions, with far more profit potential.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.