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Where To Bet Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour

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Bringing all the excitement of 2D fighters, Dragon Ball FighterZ is an action packed game filled with screen exploding special moves. Taking off from the ever popular Dragon Ball Z anime franchise, its many characters fight their way through countless battles, which has in turn become a huge eSport all of its very own. With such a large audience comes an equally large roster of talent, but how do you pick a winner when betting and what should you look for?

With the game itself originally coming out back in 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ would quickly make good on its name, being inspired by the long-running highly popular Dragon Ball series. Just one year later the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour would come out, as in 2019 players from around the world would come together to celebrate the game and all it had to offer. Sponsored by the owners of the franchise themselves, Bandai Namco Entertainment oversees a number of tournaments taking place worldwide throughout the year. Partnering with Red Bull too, the event takes place worldwide, running from around eight to nine months, culminating in the World Championship at the end of it all.

Given that there’s so much talent on offer, it stands to reason that the stakes are high in the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Where does your money best come in then, and how can you potentially make a profit from any wagers made?

Where To Bet Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour:

America: For all those in North America, they’ll want BetOnline when it comes to betting on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour.

Canada: Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it extensively covers the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour all across Canada.

Everywhere Else: Internationally, Bet365 Sportsbook again has the most bets to choose from when it comes to the World Tour.

What is Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour?

Organized by Bandai themselves, the tournament sees a total of sixteen players participating in the finals, as they take place around mid February of the following year. It’s a tier one event, seeing professional players involved, as the finals happen over just a few short days offline in front of a live audience. Typically beginning in June, they run throughout the year, into the February of the following one, all in the search for the final world champion.

Offering a prize-pool of $80,000 shared out accordingly between the top finalists, the stakes are definitely high. This is how the event itself is currently formatted at this present time:

  • Main Tournament: Using a Double Elimination format, the matches use a best-of-three set-up all the way through to the finals.
  • Qualifiers: The Last Chance Qualifiers offer players another final opportunity to make it through to the finals.
  • World Finals: With a best-of-five approach to all the matches, the final players from the seven saga events, and four last chance qualifiers, all compete for the top place.

The title of Grand Champion is a prestigious one, with everyone seeking to claim this in the final matches. Who will win though, and how can you best identify those championship potential players from the start?

Common Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Betting Questions:

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What sort of bets and players can I look out for?:

FighterZ is a game with two players facing off against one another, which means that just one emerges victorious. This leaves many of the bets centered around the overall outcome of the matches, as you can bet on who will win each one. With it still being relatively early in its lifespan as an eSport, Dragon Ball FighterZ bets largely revolve around who will win the tournament outright, although this could change in time. There’s many exciting new players emerging on the horizon, and the skills that the game requires are constantly being honed and refined, which means interesting opportunities will open up as it evolves.

Where can I see the games?:

First of all you should be able to see a full schedule of all the upcoming games with any related video over at Then there’s Twitch which live-streams most of, if not all of the games through the official DragonBallFighterZ channel, along with many of the older games being archived there too. You can also catch older matches through YouTube, with the Red Bull Gaming channel making plenty of them readily available. Many streams are featured with different commentaries, so you’ll probably need to look around, although the chats and social-media feeds can help you too.

How to Bet Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour:

BetOnline: Using ‘Esports’, which you can find in the navigation bar at the top of the landing page right below the signing in box, will then take you through to the eSports themselves. First you’ll see the matches and events for ‘Today’, with all the games for that day down the middle of the page. You can then move over to ‘Outright’, which has all the upcoming events, where you can find ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour’ some way down, including all the player odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: At the top of the first page there’s ‘Sports’, followed by ‘Esports’ down the left side of the next, right underneath ‘Darts’. There’s a lot of events down the page center now, providing you with all the upcoming eSports and events that they have available. Moving down alphabetically to ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ – World Tour’, you can open up the subsections underneath with all the relevant bets, allowing you to create your ideal betting slip.

Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Betting Strategy:

As a fighting game, FighterZ tends to differ in its fast-paced and hyper-kinetic style, which really plays off of the tone of the original show. This means that the players themselves need to be extremely quick witted when it comes to responding to what’s going on on-screen. You need to pay close attention to detail as, whilst it’s a superficially easy highly accessible game, there’s also an extremely high skill-cap.

Watching older games through Twitch and YouTube is the best place to start, as this can give you some indication as to who’s getting ahead. Then there’s social-media and newsfeeds allowing you to know who is playing when, and with what characters, letting you push your money even further, making the bets you want to make.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.