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Where To Bet Rizin FF Online


The Rizen Fighting Federation, also known as Rizin FF, is an MMA organization based in Japan.

Founded back in 2015 by Nobuyuki Sakariba, he has brought many of the highlights that made Pride so great to the modern MMA world such as Grand Prix events.

While based in Japan he has made forays into North America. There was a partnership with Bellator for example and they have had fights air on Spike TV.

Rizin runs events every couple of months and you can bet on them at online sportsbooks. Not all events have betting odds however and only a few sportsbooks offer Rizin FF betting odds.

In this article I’ll be talking about where you can bet Rizin FF online and what betting strategies to use when betting Rizin.

Where To Bet Rizin FF Online

America: The best bet for betting on Rizin is at Bovada. Another option for Americans occasionally is Bodog although they generally only go with the more notable events (such as Rizin 44 with the Floyd Mayweather fight). Bovada are one of the best online sportsbooks for betting on MMA as they offer odds on a regular basis. They may not offer odds until a couple of days before the event however there is always some solid value to be found there.

Everywhere Else: It’s a mix as to where to bet if you are outside the USA. BetOnline do accept people from Europe, Canada, Australia etc so that’s always an option. 888 can be solid and when they have odds, they are usually great. Problem is that they don’t always have odds. Another sportsbook that often has odds but not all the time is William Hill. So it’s a case of having to look around at those sportsbooks to see what odds there are.

What Rizin FF Bets Are Available Online?

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Normally when betting Rizin the only thing you can bet on are the winners of each match.

Unfortunately Rizin prop bets – even basic ones such as the over/under in rounds, or the finish of the match are not available.

Prior to every Rizin event I check to see at all the sportsbooks – even ones I usually don’t bet at. And unfortunately I never seem to see anything other than who is winning or losing the event.

Part of that is just due to lack of interest outside Japan I expect and it being restricted to the MMA hardcores (who could probably find a lot of value in the different prop bets)

So if you are looking at betting Rizin online, understand that the only thing you will be able to bet on is the outcome of each fight.

Common Rizin FF Questions:

When are Rizin FF odds listed?

Unless it is a notable event or a notable fight, there won’t be any real “futures” for Rizin. Odds are posted very shortly before the fights – probably 2-3 days.

Sometimes they won’t even list all of the fights and just the main ones. So before doing your research on who to bet, wait to see wat odds are up first.

How to Bet Rizin Online

I listed a few sportsbooks above so let’s cover them all.

Bovada: You need to click that link and register or log in. You can find “Rizin” by clicking the “MMA” link up top then sorting the odds in the pulldown menu. Rizin will be listed if it is available. It may also just be under futures so check that or search Rizin if you don’t see a specific listing for Rizin.

Bodog: Like I said you might not see Rizin odds here except for the big events. However their top bar features UFC/MMA and when you click that you can use the drop down bars to filter and see if Rizin FF is listed.

888: You can use their search bar but I find that hit and miss. I’d use the left menu bar “All Sports” and click UFC/MMA from there and all of their listings are there for all the upcoming MMA fights. It’s nice and organized.

William Hill: They have UFC/MMA listed in the top menu bar which is in alphabetical order. Click that and then there are links to each upcoming MMA event you can click on. You choose your selection and then it is added to your bet slip to the right.

Where To Watch Rizin FF Online:

All Rizin events are available to be streamed via FITE TV.

Rizin Betting Strategy:

I’ve found a solid strategy for Rizin betting is to bet against popular fighters.

Essentially look at who is much bigger in Google keyword analyzer etc. Or look for people brought in who are a big name. Darron Caldwell was one for example. He was a heavy favourite and lost to Horiguchi. A lot of sportsbooks will give the Americans heavy odds as well and so there is clear value there against many of them. Don’t just blindly bet against these however it’s a starting point for your research.

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