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Where To Bet Goalkeeper Saves in Soccer


In this article I am going to be covering goalkeeper saves in soccer, as in where to bet the amount of saves a goalkeeper will make.

This one can be a bit tricky in that some sportsbooks don’t even offer this bet. The only online sportsbook I found that listed this bet for games on a regular basis was Bovada.

However that doesn’t mean you can’t bet it. There are ways around it which I’ll explain below.

Where To Bet Goalie Saves in Soccer

America: As mentioned, Bovada offer this option for a lot of their games. They have a lot of player props such as total tackles, total passes and of course, total saves.

They will usually offer a variety of different betting lines. For example in the FA cup final between Man Utd and Man City, you could bet on De Gea having over or under 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5 saves. The lines depend on the team. Ederson on the other side, his lines were set at over or under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5.

Everywhere Else: As mentioned, I couldn’t see any sportsbooks that offered this on a regular basis. However Bet365 Sportsbook do over the prop bet Total Shots on Target. The lines do seem similar to Goalie Saves as well, so Bet365 Sportsbook would work for that. They offer a variety of different lines where you can bet the over / under, from 1.5 all the way up to 9.5.

They also offer a “Both Teams Combined” betting option as well for total shots.

What Goalie Save Bets Are There?

As mentioned, the specific goalie save bets don’t allow you to bet on the exact amount of saves. Instead, it is based on half lines, where you bet the over or under 1.5, 2.5 etc. The odds and lines vary depending on the strength of the team.

There is also the Total Shots on Target bet which is a bit of a workaround and allows you to bet the goalie saves bet. The advantage to that is that the goalie save bets at Bovada are player specific. So if you bet De Gea to get over 2.5 saves and he gets injured 5 minutes in, he’s not getting those saves. But with Total Shots on Target, that covers you.

Of course the opposite can come into play where if you bet under 2.5, you would profit if he got injured. Not that goalie injuries are really a big factor, but always something to consider.

And as a reminder, Total Shots on Target will include shots on target even if they go into the net, so it is not a direct 1:1 correlation.

Common Goalie Save Questions:

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What Constitutes a “Shot on Target”?:

It’s a shot that either goes into the net, or would have went into the net if not stopped by either the goalkeeper or the defender. This does NOT include shots that hit the post or crossbar and didn’t go in due to that.

How to Bet Goalie Saves in Soccer

Bovada: Honestly the easiest way is to click on the match you want to bet, then do a CTRL+F for “Saves” as they have them all listed in one big list. Or you can go to their player props section where they are listed.

Bet365 Sportsbook: As mentioned, you cannot bet on goalie saves directly. However you can go under “Specials” on the game in question, and then bet on Total Shots on Target there.

Goalkeeper Saves Betting Strategy:

There’s a lot that comes into play in regard to this. You have to calculate the amount of attacks and shots a team are going to get, and then how many they are going to get on target.

Looking at similar game data can give you an idea. If a lower team in the league is playing a top team, their shots will likely be significantly lower. So you can look at games against similar opponents to get an idea. Then it’s a case of looking at how many they often get on target. Be sure to look at various games as you don’t want any random anomaly games. You can also look at shots on target data against most teams, as that sort of data generally balances out.

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