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Where To Bet UFC Total Rounds


Picking winners in UFC is either really hard or really easy. For a lopsided fight, even if you pick the winner, the odds aren’t always in your favor. Sometimes you just want to put some action on the fight without betting on a winner. Either because you really don’t know or because it’s simply not worth it to bet it.

Total rounds betting is a great way to do this. You are just betting on how long the fight will go. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t matter if it goes to a decision or finishes in a knockout, the only thing that matters is how long the fight lasts. This can be a great way to bet on UFC and a way to make some money doing so.

This article is going to share a bit more about UFC totals rounds betting. I’ve gathered the best sportsbooks to bet on total rounds as well as how to bet on them. Let’s get to it.

Where To Bet UFC Total Rounds:

America: Bovada offers total rounds betting for each fight on a UFC card. They also offer the alternative total rounds if you are looking to bet on it going even shorter.

Canada: A great site for Canadians to bet is Sports Interaction. They offer some outstanding odds on UFC events including total rounds.

Everywhere Else: UFC fans should check out Bet365 Sportsbook. They present betting odds for each UFC event.

What is UFC Total Rounds betting?

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A total rounds bet is similar to an over/under in baseball or football. You aren’t betting on who wins the fight, you are betting on how long it will go. It doesn’t matter who wins. It only matters how long the fight goes.

The total is set and then you can bet over or under. If you think it last all three (or five) rounds, you bet over. If you think that it will be shorter, you bet the under.

Many sportsbooks also offer an alternative total rounds line. For example, a three round fight you would also be able to be the over/under on 1.5 rounds. For a typical fight, it might look something like this:

Over 2.5 Rounds +130
Under 2.5 Rounds -160

Over 1.5 Rounds (-160)
Under 1.5 Rounds (+130)

For this example, it looks like the fight ending in the second round is the favorite. A fight ending in the first round is rarer so that is why you get positive odds when betting it.

Common UFC Total Rounds Questions:

How many rounds are there in a UFC fight?

This can be confusing for some because UFC fights are either three of five rounds.

A three round fight is considered a “normal” fight that will take place on the under card of the show. A 5-round fight is reserved for championship bouts and main events.

No matter how many rounds the fight is, each round last five minutes with a one-minute break in between the rounds.

How to Bet UFC Total Rounds:

Bovada: Go to the sportsbook section and click “UFC/MMA” from the top menu. This will display all of the fights. Click the “+ bets” area and it will show a list of props, including the total rounds odds.

Sports Interaction: Select “MMA” from the left hand menu to display the fights. Click on the fight you are looking to bet total rounds on to see the odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Find “Boxing/MMA” from the left hand menu on the page. You will then see a listing for UFC and click “Total Rounds” to see all of the odds.

UFC Total Rounds Betting Strategy:

If I am going to bet on an under, I am definitely looking at betting on someone with some knockout power. I know that submissions can happen early as well, but I need to have that knockout as a possibility if I am going to bet on a fight to go short.

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