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Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Earned Runs


The starting pitcher is the life blood of an MLB team. If your starter has a good day, your team typically has a good day as well. If your starter struggles, you can pretty much forget about winning. How the starting pitcher does is the key to success in Major League Baseball.

Starters have a shorter workload than ever in today’s game, but their impact is still extremely important to the game. With pitching becoming so dominant, betting on pitching has become much more prevalent. One of the betting markets that has evolved is betting lines on the amount of earned runs that a pitcher will give up during a starter. This is called MLB Pitcher Earned Runs and it can be a lot of fun to bet on.

This article is going to go a bit more in-depth about this betting market. I’ll lay out how to bet on it, where you can bet on it, and the strategy to betting on it.

Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Earned Runs:

America: Bovada doesn’t currently offer this prop on all games, but they do offer a wide variety of player and team props for each MLB game. They will have similar type bets on there.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook offers MLB Pitcher Earned Runs odds on each MLB game.

What is a MLB Pitcher Earned Runs bet?

A bet on MLB Pitcher Earned Runs is done by using a simple over/under. You would then bet if a pitcher is going to go over or under the amount of runs that is listed on the sportsbook.

For example, let’s say that the Cubs are facing the Indians with Adbert Alzolay and Shane Bieber on the mound. The odds might look something like this:

Alzolay 2.5
Bieber 1.5

Shane Bieber is the more accomplished pitcher and thus has a much smaller total. While Alzolay has a higher total. You would then choose to bet over or under on each one of these pitchers. If you bet over on Alzolay and the Indians score three runs off of him, you win. If you bet under on Bieber and the Cubs only manage one earned run off of him, you win. Yes, you can bet both!

Common MLB Pitcher Earned Runs Questions:

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What is an earned run?

An earned run is a run where the pitcher can be directly charged for that run. Meaning the run came by way of hits, walks, or homeruns.

The opposite of an earned run is an unearned run. It might be easier to understand what an earned run is if you know what an unearned run is. Basically, an unearned run is what happens when the pitcher’s team has an error that costs the team a run. The pitcher might’ve otherwise have gotten out of the inning with no runs allowed, but an unforced error by one of his teammates allows a run to score. Since this is not the pitcher’s fault, it is considered “unearned”.

How to Bet MLB Pitcher Earned Runs:

Bovada: To find all of the player and team props for a game, simply find the list of that day’s MLB games and click on the “+” sign with a number next to it. This will bring up all of the different bets for that day’s game beyond the total and moneylines.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Head to the website and click “Baseball” from the list of sports. This will pull up a list of all the betting options for the day. Find the “Player Props” area and the MLB Pitcher Earned Runs odds will be there.

MLB Pitcher Earned Runs Betting Strategy:

This is a bet where I am typically all or nothing. What I mean by that is I am only going to bet the under if I think the pitcher is elite and can get a shutout. I’m talking about the Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, Shane Bieber, and other starts of that ilk. Only the elite of the elite are worth betting the under if you ask me.

For everyone else, if I’m betting, I’m betting over.

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