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Where To Bet MLB Player Singles


Hitting singles is a skill, but it’s a skill that has become a lot less in the modern game of baseball. There is so much focus on hitting the long ball these days that singles is no longer a desired outcome for players.

Despite singles being at their all-time low they still make up a little over 60% of all hits. They are the most likely outcome when a player hits a ball in play so they make a pretty good betting option. Sportsbooks are now offering betting odds on MLB Player Singles. You are able to bet on whether players hit singles and that’s it. It’s a pretty fun betting market.

This one will get a bit more in-depth on how the MLB Player Singles betting market works. I’ll let you know where you can bet this one as well as how to bet it and my own strategy for betting this.

Where To Bet MLB Player Singles:

America: As of this writing, BetOnline does not offer betting odds on player singles. However, they do have a Hits betting prop as well as Total Bases. The Hits betting prop works the same way, but any sort of hit would qualify as a win.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook have a wide variety of Player Props including MLB Player Singles.

What is MLB Player Singles betting?

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The way this bet works is with a simple over/under. That number is set at 0.5 and then you can bet over or under that amount. Basically, will they get a single or not?

However, the odds vary from player to player based on their talent level. For example, let’s look at the San Francisco Giants.

Buster Posey – Over 0.5 (-120/1.83/) / Under 0.5 (-120/1.83)
Darin Ruf – Over 0.5 (+125/2.25) / Under 0.5 (-175/1.57)

In this scenario, it is basically even money on Buster Posey as he is a talented hitter. For Ruf, the over would pay more while you’d get paid a lot less on the under. The reasoning here is that he is not a hitter who is not known for his batting average.

Common MLB Player Singles Questions:

Who is the all-time leader in MLB Player Singles for a single season?

The original record of 206 singles in a single season was set in 1898 by Willie Keeler. That record would stand for 106 years before Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners broke it with 225 singles. That same season Ichiro finished with 262 hits which ended up being the all-time record for hits in a single season breaking George Sisler’s record of 257 that seas set in 1920.

Interestingly enough, Ichiro would make a second run at this record in 2007 when he finished with 203 singles. Ichiro has three seasons in the top-6 for singles in a season and four of the top ten.

How to Bet MLB Player Singles:

BetOnline: Find the game you are looking for from the list of betting odds and click the red “+” sign. This will display all of the available betting props for this game. Look for “Hits (At Least)” and all the available players will be listed here.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Head to the Baseball section of the sportsbook and under MLB there will be a section for “Player Props”. Under that link, you can find MLB Player Singles.

MLB Player Singles Betting Strategy:

This is one betting option where I am looking heavily into player batting splits and pitcher splits.

Basically, some hitters hit left or right handed pitchers much better than the opposite hand. While some pitchers have more success against right or left handed batters. The idea is to match this up to find the hitters with the best match-up of the day and bet the over on them.

You can also use this same strategy to bet the under, but I think it is a risk as all it really takes is one hit, a bloop single or grounder in the hole to cost you.

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