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Where To Bet MLB Player Doubles


Doubles or two-baggers are some of the more exciting hits in baseball. You have to hit the ball pretty dang hard to get to second safely. There is the stand-up double where you hit it deep or in an outfield hole where you easily get to second standing up. Or there is a double where a player uses their speed to turn a single into a double. These are some exciting hits and baseball needs more of them.

However, doubles are pretty rare in the game of baseball. They only make up about twenty percent of all hits. Even the very best players in the league top out around 50 in a season.

Because of this betting on MLB Player Doubles pays very well when you win, but it is pretty hard to pick. That said, it pays well and it can be done. This article is going to go in a bit more about MLB Player Doubles including how to bet them. Let’s take a look.

Where To Bet MLB Player Doubles:

America: BetOnline The MLB Player Doubles are not currently listed among the betting props, but they do have both Hits and Total Bases betting options.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is one of the top sportsbooks for MLB Player Props and that includes MLB Player Doubles.

What is MLB Player Doubles betting?

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The way this one works is that there is an over/under set on a player getting 0.5 doubles. Basically, you are betting if they hit one or not. For example, let’s use the Milwaukee Brewers.

Christian Yelich – Over 0.5 (+200) / Under 0.5 (-200)
Lorenzo Cain – Over 0.5 (+400) / Under 0.5 (-250)

For this example, we have two players. Yelich is one of the better hitters in the league with a higher likelihood of hitting a double. Even someone as good as him +200 to hit a double. While Lorenzo Cain is not as good as a hitter so his odds would pay out at 4-to-1 if he does it.

Both players have an under that would cost more to bet than it would pay out.

Common MLB Player Doubles Questions:

What is the MLB record for MLB Player Doubles in a single season?

This record was set in 1931 and has never been broken or really even challenged since. It was done by Earl Webb of the Boston Red Sox when he hit 67 doubles.

His season is a real outlier for his career as his next highest total was 30. Webb finished with 155 doubles in his career meaning that this one season made up 43% of his career total.

Joe Medwick hit 64 in 1936 and Hank Greenberg hit 63 in 1934, but that’s just about as close as anyone has gotten. Nick Castellanos is the closest we’ve seen in the modern day as he hit 58 in 151 games.

One big asterisk I would throw on here is Chuck Knoblauch in 1994. He had 45 doubles when the league went on strike, ending the season early. Knoblauch was on pace for 66 doubles and had a real possibility of challenging that record.

How to Bet MLB Player Doubles:

BetOnline: If you are thinking about betting on player props just head to the list of that day’s MLB games. From there, find the game you are interested in betting on and click the red “+” next to the game to see all of the available props.

Bet365 Sportsbook: All of the player props can be found by going to the Baseball section of the sportsbook. You can find the the MLB Player Doubles prop listed under “Player Props”.

MLB Player Doubles Betting Strategy:

For this bet I like to look at the weather. A lot of times for homeruns you will look for the wind blowing out or hot temperatures, but for this one I am looking for just the opposite. Winds that can kill a homerun ball and keep the ball in the park. The reason for this is that I like to focus on power hitters for this bet who are going to hit the ball hard and deep, but are possibly going to miss out on homeruns because of it.

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