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Where To Bet the MLB 5 Inning Moneyline


Let’s face it, betting MLB is hard. You can get the greatest start of the season by a starting pitcher, only to see the bullpen blow it in the late innings. Accounting for bullpens is one of the most difficult things to do in baseball and, luckily for us, there is a way around it.

We’re talking about 5 Inning Moneylines and how to bet them. This article will explain what exactly these unique betting lines are, where to bet them, how to bet them and our own strategy for winning them.

Where To Bet MLB 5-Inning Lines:

America: 5-Inning moneylines can always be found at Bovada along with a ton of other great betting options. They offer moneylines, runlines, over/unders, and much more on everything games. One of the great options at this site is that you can select one or both of that day’s starters and have that bet only go through if that pitcher (or pitchers) play the game.

Canada: A great place for 5-Inning Moneylines is Sports Interaction who offer it on every MLB game, every day. They also offer 5-inning totals, full game totals, game props, and much more. The key with baseball odds is having them available early in the day so you have time to properly analyze the odds. Sports Interaction is great for that as they are putting odds up early and always updating.

Everywhere Else: 5-Inning Moneylines are called “First Half MLB wagers” on Bet365 Sportsbook. While that is a weird way to say it, they are available along with a ton of other great betting options. You can bet 5-inning lines, full game runlines, and much more. They have a ton of options and are always adding more betting options across the world of sports and entertainment.

What is a 5 Inning Moneyline?

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The 5-Inning Moneyline is simple, it’s a set of odds on the winner of each game during the first five innings. It doesn’t matter what happens in the sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth inning. This is a line based on what happens during the first five innings of a game, similar to a first half line in football or basketball.

That’s the “5 Inning” part of it. The “Moneyline” part of is the odds set on each game. Not all teams are created equal in baseball so you will need to adjust the odds based on the teams, park and starting pitchers. For instance, the moneyline on the Dodgers against the Marlins might be “Dodgers -200” and the “Marlins +200”. Meaning that the Dodgers are basically a 2-to-1 favorite to win on this particular day.

If you bet $100 on the Marlins, you would win $200 if they win the first five innings. If you bet $100 on the Dodgers, you would only win $50. While still a win, it requires a higher success rate to be profitable.

Common 5 Inning Moneyline Questions:

Do games need to play to completion for a 5-Inning Moneyline bet?

You should always check the rules at the particular sportsbook that you bet at, but for most the answer to this question is no.

5-Inning wagers are official after 5 innings of play have been completed (4.5 if the home team is winning) so even if the game is rained out or suspended in the sixth inning, the bet will still settle at most sportsbooks.

What is the highest scoring inning in baseball?

In a study at Beyond the Box Score, they found that the first inning is the biggest scoring inning in baseball. While that is interesting, what I found even more interesting is what one of the lowest scoring innings was: the second inning.

The drop from the first to the second inning is huge. One would think that it’s because of a reaction to the first inning. Also, the first inning can often see the first through fourth batters while the second features the less talented fifth through sixth. Whatever the reason, it’s quite interesting and worth a click.

How To Bet MLB Five-Inning Moneylines:

Bovada: From the sportsbook, select “Baseball” from the menu, then “MLB”. The day’s games should be listed here with the 5-inning moneylines.

Sports Interaction:: From the left side of the website find “Baseball” and click that. Underneath there you should find “MLB” and the day’s games will be listed with a 5-Inning monyline option for each game.

Bet365 Sportsbook: From the homepage select “Baseball”. This will bring up a list of all the available bet types for that days games. Find find “5 Inning” or “1st Half” to bet.

5-Inning Moneyline Betting Strategy:

More than any other bet in baseball, this is the time to focus on the starting pitchers. If you usually give the starting pitchers 60% of the consideration in your bet, push that up to 80% in this one. Starting pitchers do their best work during the first two times through the order and that is exactly what the first five innings will cover. Study the starters and put all your faith in them when making a 5-Inning Moneyline wager.

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