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Where To Bet MLB 5-Inning Over/Unders


Game totals are a standard of sports betting and they are especially fun to bet in MLB. The MLB 5-Inning Over/Unders are always interesting based on the starting pitchers and offenses playing on each day. It’s truly an individual game and the range of outcomes from a day-to-day basis in MLB games is ridiculous.

Who will throw a gem? Will a team be able to score against an ace pitcher? Can the bullpen hold the lead? These are all things you need to consider when betting an MLB Over/Under, but with a 5-Inning over/under? You only need to worry about the starters and the first couple of times through the line up. Game totals can go from over and under in an instant in a baseball game thanks to a bad closer, but with 5-Inning Over/Unders you don’t have to worry about that.

We are going to cover everything you need to know about MLB 5-Inning Over/Unders in this article. How to bet them, where to bet them and even throw in our strategy for picking winners. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet MLB 5-Inning Over/Unders:

America: Bovada is one of the top sites for betting over/unders in MLB and they offer a full selection of 5-Inning Lines on each day’s game. This is one of the best sites for betting on baseball and they have you covered with the 5-inning totals, 5-inning runlines, and much more.

Canada: Competitive lines and an easy to navigate platform is what makes Sports Interaction one of the best sportsbooks going today. This is an outstanding sportsbook and they offer 5-Inning Over/Unders on all of the day’s MLB games as well as runlines, moneylines, and a ton of props.

Everywhere Else: Any baseball fan will feel right at home at 888. This is one of the best sportsbooks in the game and they offer 5-Inning over/unders on all of the day’s games with competitive lines on every game during the MLB season.

What are MLB 5-Inning Over/Unders?

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Over/Unders are a total set on a game of the total runs scored for both teams combined. You then can bet a side of “over” that amount or “under” that amount. So, for instance, if a game between the Yankees and Red Sox had a total of 5.5 runs for the first five innings then a score of 6 or more would be “under” and a score of 5 or less would be “under”.

These plays only are for the first five innings of the game and nothing more. It doesn’t matter what the final score of the game is, it only matters what happens within this five inning stretch of baseball.

Common 5-Inning MLB Over/Unders Questions:

Are MLB Umpires predictive for over/under bets?

The thing with MLB Umpires is that they all seem to have differing strike zones which can lead to more strikeouts for the pitchers and thus less hitting. Or the opposite and more walks. This leads us to wonder if maybe an Umpire can have a trend in one direction or another.

While an umpire might be favorable to one end or another in a given season, studies have shown when you look forward to future seasons that becomes less predictable.

Still, looking at an umpire’s trend is some data that you should take under advisement when making a pick.

How To Bet MLB Over/Unders (Game Totals):

Bovada: From the sportsbook, select “Baseball” from the menu, then “MLB”. The day’s games should be listed here with the 5-Inning lines and over/unders.

Sports Interaction:: From the left side of the website find “Baseball” and click that. Underneath there you should find “MLB” and the day’s games will be listed with all of the 5-Inning plays as well as over/unders for each one.

888: Right from the homepage find “Baseball” under the “Sports A-Z” section. Click “MLB” from there and the day’s 5-Inning Lines will be available here with the over/unders.

MLB 5-Inning Over/Unders Betting Strategy:

With 5-Inning Over/Unders I go all-in on the starting pitchers. I study everything I can about them and go with the over/under from there.

Some pitchers have bad stats, but look good through the first two times through the order. I take that into account. Some pitchers, great ones even, struggle early and I take that into account. Try to get as much information as you can and go from there. These can be beaten if you know what to look for.

Another good thing to look at here is home/road splits. There are some pitchers who really struggle when pitching away from home so that first two times through the order where they look good can suddenly become one time through the order. Conversely, there are also pitchers who perform much better at home/on the road and have a much lower ERA or FIP when working in those situations. Another important stat to look at here is lefty/righty splits. Some teams will really load up on one side to hurt a pitcher in a match-up. That might not even necessarily show up in the runs, but it can show up in the usage would could lead to a high pitch count and an early exit.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at recency stats because hot teams tend to stay hot in major league baseball. You can look at recent stats for up to the past ten games to see how teams are currently playing and if they are hot or cold of late. That makes a big difference.

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