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Where To Bet MLB Team Over/Unders


A lot of times in baseball, the match-ups are one sided. One team has an ace pitcher on the mound while the other one has a gas can that is going to give up some major runs. You can’t pick a side on the total because one side is definitely going to score some runs while the other might get shut out. What do you do?

Simple, bet the team over/unders. The rules of over/unders are the same, but reserved to one team. So if Clayton Kershaw is facing the Rays, you can take the under on the Rays and the Rays alone. It’s beautiful really.

In this article we are going to break down the ins and outs of team over/unders. I’m going to break down how the work, where you can bet them online, how to bet them and my own strategy for picking winners.

Where To Bet MLB Team Over/Unders:

America: Bovada offers team over/unders as well as a large selection of game props like total team hits, runs and errors over/unders.

Canada: You can find MLB team over/unders at Bodog with multiple betting options on each game.

Everywhere Else: One of the top books to bet baseball is 888. They offer team over/unders as well as total runs odd/even which is a popular play.

What are MLB Team Over/Unders?

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MLB Team Over/Unders are when you bet on the total number of runs that a single team will score in any given game. A total is set and you have to pick whether you think that it will go over or under that total.

For example, let’s say the Red Sox are facing the Rays with David Price on the mound. The over/under for the Rays might be 3 runs. If you were interested in that line, you would pick whether you think they would score over three or under three.

Common MLB Team Over/Under Questions:

Does it matter if a game goes to extra innings?

To you, it does. To the sportsbook, it doesn’t.

Meaning that the final score is the final score no matter how many extra innings are played. If the game goes over three runs, it doesn’t matter if you played 9 or 19 innings.

How To Bet MLB Team/Over Unders:

The way to bet MLB Team Over/Unders is the same at all the sportsbook we listed. Go to your preferred book and find the game. There will be a button that says, for example, “+24 bets” or “+24”. Click on that and you will be taken to the more in-depth betting options for that particular game including team over/unders.

MLB Team Over/Unders Betting Strategy:

Like most things in baseball, you want to look at the pitching. A guy with a higher ERA is not likely to last deep into the game and will get to the bullpen earlier. That can mean more runs.

Meanwhile, a stud starter like Max Scherzer might be more likely to go deep and only need an inning or two from his bullpen. That helps.

Variants To A MLB Team Over/Unders: